Let The Games Begin

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Two years ago, Jimmy Moore had never played disc golf.  Then I introduced him to the game during a visit, and he became a monster.  We played multiple rounds per day during the summer 2012 drought, with temperatures pushing and occasionally exceeding 100 degrees.

It was raining this morning as I was nursing my coffee to wake up.  I looked outside and saw this:

Yup, that’s Jimmy practicing in the rain so he can make good on his threat to whomp me.  He hasn’t yet, but the week is just getting started.

Tom: -5
Jimmy: -2
Christine: even par

1:30 PM
Tom: -8
Jimmy: -3
Christine: -3

2:30 PM
Tom: -2
Jimmy: -1

4:10 PM
Tom: -7
Jimmy: -4

5:30 PM
Tom:  -7
Jimmy: -4

(Nice action shot, Christine.)


10 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Indeed. I’ve played my course hundreds of times and have learned the angles, but Jimmy refused to accept any par adjustments. He wants to beat me straight up, and he’s gotten close.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      There are seven baskets out there, but we play them from different angles and it ends being 18 holes. Only #1 and #10 are exactly the same. You can get a sense of the layout in this video:

  1. Dan

    I miss disc golf, I moved to a town that has no course and the closest course I can find is a 3 hour trek.. quite a change from having 5 courses in town and one that is a 5 minute walk away.

    We have a couple of them within a 20-minute drive, but I still haven’t played them. It’s too convenient to step out my own door and start playing.


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