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Here’s a holiday treat I’ll share before turning the blog over to The Older Brother for the upcoming week.  It’s eggnog I make for the girls.  (I’ve been known to enjoy a bit of it too.)

Our chickens haven’t been producing many eggs lately, so we used pasteurized eggs.  Otherwise the raw yolks would worry me.  That may be an unfounded fear, but I’d rather be cautious when feeding my kids.

Anyway, the recipe:

  • 4 eggs yolks
  • 3/4 cup cream
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla
  • Dash of nutmeg or pumpkin spice
  • Sweeten to taste.  For me, that works out to 1/4 tsp. liquid Stevia.

Mix it up and serve.  Given the ingredients, this pretty much a meal in glass.

The girl with the eggnog mustache approved of the latest batch.


33 thoughts on “Holiday Treat

  1. Beverly

    I do a similar one this time of year (I use coconut milk because I have trouble with dairy), and it makes a great breakfast. Since I work in retail I burn an absurd amount of energy around Christmas and one of these fuels an entire workday sometimes. Also quite tasty with espresso early in the day.

  2. Kathy from Maine

    Certainly looks easy. Most recipes call for cooking it on the stove.

    My mother used to do this for my sister when she was little. Apparently she wouldn’t eat much protein, so my mother would always mix up an egg in her milk.

    I often thrown a raw egg yolk or two in my protein shakes and never had a problem. I once looked for pasteurized eggs in Maine, and couldn’t find any. There’s a big company in New Hampshire that sells pasteurized eggs in grocery stores, but not in Maine yet.

    Oh, and you forgot the dark rum for your own serving.

    I’ve heard it’s not really necessary to use pasteurized eggs. I’m just being cautious.

  3. Live Free Or Diet

    Stevia and I don’t get along. I’ll just have to try it with “Blue Stuff” or “Yellow Stuff.” I don’t use much sweetener anyway.

  4. Sizzlechest

    It sounds like an eggnog without the egg whites (whisked) and alcohol. I read that pasteurized egg whites are harder to beat into a foam, so you’ll need some cream of tartar.

  5. Chuck

    I made a batch several years ago, but it was a raw recipe too. At the time I didn’t like the idea of that. I was watching Emeril one night and he showed how to temper your eggs if you don’t want them raw. Basically you heat your milk on the stove then slowly add some of the hot milk to the egg mixture while stirring (like adding oil to homemade mayo) to bring them up to temperature, then add the egg mix back into the pot with the milk. This cooks the eggs and when done right will not scramble them. I don’t like the store bought kind, but the homemade stuff is good. Yours looks super simple and easy. I think I will have to try it.

    Now if you could figure out to market that you could be the next Slimfast, only yours would work. 1-2 eggnogs a day plus one sensible meal.

    I like that idea. The Eggnog Diet.

  6. Kathy in Texas

    “Given the ingredients, this is pretty much a meal in a glass.”

    If this is one serving, it certainly is a “meal in a glass”!!! It makes bulletproof coffee sound like a light beverage.

  7. Forever Vegan

    Ugh, what a diary infused nightmare this concoction is. All of the cows and chickens that suffered all so you could have this lasty fat in a glass drink. This will make your wife smell even more! Thick, creamy, dairy products mixed with egg will cause some disgusting emissions from both your colons.

    Again, you disgust me.

    Oh, and you’re not a comedian. Just because you performed on a fatty cruise ship and night clubs for baby boomers like yourself, doesn’t make you one. You’re balding, have a snarky, ugly smile, and you aren’t funny one bit.

    -Vegans forever

    Look, you’ll never get me to admit this concoction was infused with diaries. Nobody in our family even keeps a diary. Sara did for awhile, but she gave up, and we elected not to blend the pages into our eggnog.

    We did torture as many chickens and cows as possible, however. Nothing really to do with the eggnog … we just took a cattle prod outside and shocked the critters while enjoying the eggnog we made with ingredients from the grocery store.

    For the record, the most disgusting emissions that ever came from my colon resulted from a bowl of vegetarian chili.

    1. Alex

      I think you should start selling scratch’n’sniff Chareva calendars.

      LOL. I don’t know if she’d agree to that one.

    2. Elle

      I find that bear spray is better for needlessly torturing animals. Sure, some may say it lacks that personal, individual touch, but the much larger area of effect means you can be done with itty, bitty, fuzzy animal tormenting in time for a second helping of eggnog.

      Or you know, just have some of that vegetarian chili and go wait near the chicken coop. Or canary cages.

      Any ideas of what Lasty Fat is? Has my eggnog recipe been missing something?

      No, I’m still wondering about that lasty fat. I presume it’s the chemical opposite of firsty fat, but I’ll have to ask an organic chemist.

    3. Pam

      I laughed till I had tears in my eyes, Tom. But you aren’t one bit funny b/c you are not a comedian. LOL Ha ha ha ha

      Trust me, everyone who’s worked as a comedian for a living knows that comedy is subjective and there will always be a person or two in the room who doesn’t laugh, even if everyone else does. When one of those people takes it upon himself to walk up and say, “Well, I don’t think you’re funny,” we may respond politely, but what we’re thinking is: I so don’t give a @#$%.

      Especially if the person is a vegan … as in:

      Q: How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb?
      A: That’s NOT FUNNY, you @#$%ing murderer!

    4. Rae

      Nothing brings the gas like vegan food! It’s the most fun a vegan ever gets to have.

      Thanks for the recipe, Tom. I haven’t had anything like eggnog since I was a vegan (“Silk nog”…shudder) but it’s time to fix that. Mmm… diary-infused lasty fat, here I come!

      Silk nog? As in soy egg nog? Ugh.

      1. Pierson

        Hi, Durianrider!

        Not unless Durianrider moved to Illinois.

        Vegan Forever has posted under other monikers as well. I guess some people think I can’t read an IP address.

    5. cave horse

      I hope you’re getting paid well for your cognitive infiltration, because you aren’t very good at it. To be effective, trolling has to be as subtle as possible.

  8. Walter

    For an evening snack, I often beat up an egg with fork, add 1/4C half&half, 1/2C cream (adjust proportions for richness), 1tsp vanilla, 1-2 packets Sweet N Low or sugar, nutmeg. I suspect 3/4C cream would be an improvement and still less than 700 calories using saccharine.

    I have been making French Silk Chocolate pies with raw eggs for years. Mom always added an egg to the blender when making her banana shakes.

  9. Cameron hidalgo

    This reminds me of when I worked in a school kitchen. We could order in cartons of shelled eggs. They came in whole, yolk and white, varieties. But whenever I want some pasteurized eggs for a recipe, I can’t seem to find a carton at the grocery store. why crack 80 eggs for a party’s worth of eggnog when you can just pour in 5cups

  10. Elle

    You can take the egg whites and whipe them into a medium-stiff foam and mix that in with egg nog. It both fortifies and lightens the drink.

    I’m pretty cavalier when it comes to raw eggs with me and my husband, but I use pastureized-in-the-shell when making egg nog for my older in-laws and young nephews. Have to be cautious with those delicate immune systems.

    Also, this year I’m trying this recipe. Not sutiable for young’uns though:
    (There’s quite a bit of sugar -2 cups- in it, but Christmas is just once a year and all the booze is likely to make it self-limiting)

    I’d best not serve that version to the girls. I believe that would violate a law or two.

  11. Joe

    Since we’re talking about jokes and being funny (I think you’re hilarious btw.) Here’s one you might enjoy:

    Why did the Libertarian cross the road?

    None of your $&@$ business. Am I being detained?

    Good one. I like these too.

    How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
    None. The market will fix it.

    How many Democrats does it take to change a light bulb?
    Twenty workers, eight managers and a government regulator, but at least they all have a job.

  12. Pierson

    Tom, when you say ‘pasteurized yolks’. do you mean that they’re boiled first?

    I’m not sure of the process. When you crack them, they just look like eggs.

  13. Gabby

    1 egg
    2 tbsp butter or coconut oil
    1 cup boiling water

    Start the blender with egg and butter. Add boiling water. Perfect MILK substitute. Possibilities are endless. Add sweetener and nutmeg for eggnog flavor. A tsp of instant coffee (or substitute fresh brewed coffee for boiling water) makes an awesome frothy latte. Cocoa powder and sweetener makes the best hot cocoa. Tea and spices for chai….

    For those of us who have trouble with dairy. Add an extra yolk to make it creamier. Talk about slimfast contender!

  14. Thai Pham

    With regards to raw eggs, it’s good to be cautious, considering there are two ways for eggs to be infected with Salmonella: Contamination of the egg on the surface of its outer shell and second, spread from the inside. The former occurs after the egg has been laid, most commonly by coming into contact with feces containing Salmonella bacteria. The latter can occur if the egg develops in the reproductive tract of a Salmonella-infected hen (

    With regards to the vegans posting, maybe they are just angry that they are not getting all the essential amino acids that is not normally produced within our own bodies unless we eat foods with protein.

    1. Sizzlechest

      I have no plans to go off my keto diet, but one day before I die, I *will* try a pop tart with butter on it. Thank you “Family Guy” for the idea.

  15. Kerry

    As soon as December 1st hit, my kids have been clamoring for eggnog. This sounds quick and easy and I’m always looking for ways to add lasty fat into their diet. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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