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All those nice birthday wishes here on the blog, bunches more on Facebook and in emails, plus a few more of those “your documentary changed my life” emails in the past couple of weeks … very nice.

But just so you don’t think it’s all kisses and hugs and holding hands and singing Kumbiya around here, I thought I’d share one of “those” emails.  I received this one on my birthday:

You are an idiot! Please stop trying to “un-educate” people about food that is cancer causing, environment rapping and destroying, slave making, and propaganda filled. You are the problem with American Society, eating right from the evil corporate hands that feed you. Keep your undereducated, moronic opinions to your self and stop spending lies that could persuade people to continue hurting them selves and giving money to the very CEO’s providing the means of pain and suffering.

you disgust me,


Heh-heh-heh … can’t please everyone.

Now I’m off to set up the disc-golf course for my birthday shindig.  I don’t plan on rapping the environment (or jazzing it or even rock ‘n’ rolling it) or enslaving anyone in the process, but the day is young.


64 thoughts on “One of ‘Those’ Letters

  1. Kathy in Texas

    What’s that saying about keeping your mouth shut and having folks think you’re an idiot, as opposed to opening it and proving you’re one. Marja seems to be one who loves to prove a point.

  2. Andre

    Because of course the gentle people as charitative institutions like Monsanto, Pfizer, P&G and Unilever all only want what’s best for all of us, their own interests never play any part in what they say or do…

  3. Jeff

    Wait a sec – she accused you of eating from the evil corporate hand that feeds you? How stupid can she be? Taking the analogy literally, does she think you eat “corporate” food?

    I’d also like to know how your opinion on statins (that they make lots of corporations money and mask but don’t solve a problem [hope my assessment of your opinion is accurate]) is feeding into the evil corporations. If anything, that pisses the pharmaceuticals off.

    The stupid, it hurts. Since you write some code:

    var letterWriter = new LetterWriter { Name = “Marja”, Stupid = true };

    if (letterWriter.Stupid == true) {

    Have a great shindig. Oh, and have fun enslaving people! Wish I was there to join in! 😉

    The slaves should be arriving soon and bringing liquor.

    1. zach

      If Marja had only watched just fathead and never read any of Tom’s stuff, then she probably sees him as protecting McDonald’s. Hence the corporate stuff.
      Course we all know better. But the more important point, its my choice if I want to order burger, fries, and stacks of pizza.

  4. Jeanne

    I can’t figure out what you are doing that provoked that rant. It seems that you are doing the opposite of what she’s complaining about.

    I said it’s not McDonald’s fault people are fat. That enrages some people.

    1. mm

      You’re right, Tom. To borrow a saying from commentators, you’ve enraged Team OUTRAGE
      At least, in the keto-drunken stupor I assume you’re in when you write these things, you didn’t hurt the feelings of the For The Children people.

      Team Outrage is a good label. I’ve noticed that some people only seem happy when they’re righteously indignant.

  5. Steve

    I is confused again, are we to just stop eating entirely, or are the CEO’s of companies like Kraft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Mills, Kellog’s, Mars, Unilever, J&J, P&G, Nestle somehow good citizens all of a sudden? Or does the emailer own stock in Pfizer, Roche, AstraZenica, Merck & Co., Bayer, or Bristol-Meyers?

    On the other hand I can kinda see her point, I mean who could be more evil than those grass-fed ranchers?

    You’re a horrible, horrible person Tom, and I thank you dearly for that!


    I wonder how many soy burgers she buys from mega-corporations.

  6. Steve G

    Oh dear, I guess I’ll stop supporting those farmers that grass feed their cows and instead start buying processed vegan foods so that I can stop supporting the evil corporations that want to enslave me. Additionally, I’ll start supporting mono crop agriculture because it in now way harms
    the environment.

  7. robert

    That’s clearly a case of severely imbalanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in whatever ‘Marja’ is eating.

    And I bet ‘Marja’ doesn’t eat a lot of butter either. It’s hard to be grumpy while you’re ‘on butter’ 🙂

  8. Cary L

    And please don’t forget to stop spending lies as well. (By the way, how many lies do I need to spend to buy a nice steak dinner?)

  9. Dave

    Let me guess. Marja is one of those plant-based-diet people who believes T. Colin Campbell when he says animal proteins cause cancer. (We know it’s not true. Refined sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils are far more likely candidates when it comes to promoting cancer.)

    The vegan doctors all recommend such extremely restrictive and unappealing diets, not to mention time consuming to prepare, their advice will never be accepted by the vast majority of Americans. So, if you’re the average Joe or Jill who has been told that meat kills, and you want to try being mostly vegan, what are you going to eat? After trying a few ‘vegan’ recipes, and throwing out the unappetizing result (no fat, no sugar, remember?), you’re likely to buy processed ‘vegan’ foods from evil food corporations that are low fat and full of hearthealthywholegrains.

    As far as the environmental destruction goes, I like the work that Allan Savory is doing. Eat meat and save the planet. Oh, and by the way, Kellogg’s (an evil food corporation if there ever was one) has sponsored an article by James McWilliams on Slate attempting to discredit Savory.

    1. Walter Bushell

      They can scream all the want, Americans and everyone else is not even going to eat whole grains if they can help it. Traditional countries everywhere have rejected them. Whole wheat bread in the supermarket is mostly refined whole wheat probably died^W dyed brown to give the appearance, but not the substance.

      I used to eat brown rice, but I am a well known loon.

    2. DDJ

      Doctors are aware that a low-carb (/no carb) diet is one of the best ways to treat cancer. Cancer eats sugar. It’s not even refuted. The reason that doctors won’t prescribe such a diet to patients is that they think it’s unreasonable.

      Sadly, it doesn’t seem to matter how much we “know.”

  10. Erica

    Must be a vegan. Rabid spewing of angry diatribe, and misspellings, too. Of course, that could be a phone’s autocorrect fail. My phone does it to me all the time.

    Have a wonderful celebration, Tom. I know you won’t let that letter get you down.

    Didn’t get me down at all. I enjoyed a good laugh, though.

  11. Jillian

    Ha! Gotta love it when people try to “educate” you about being “uneducated” and then misspell several words in the process of their rant. I don’t know, I think the environment needs a good rapping. I bet it would have a nice flow. Hope you enjoy your birthday party!

    My thoughts exactly. I once had a lipophobic doctor send me a hate-filled email in which he called me an idiot several times while managing to misspell a dozen words and demonstrate that he couldn’t pass a middle-school grammar test. I highlighted the many errors in my reply and told him nothing cracks me up like being called an idiot by an idiot.

  12. Galina L.

    I bet vegan’s letters have some entertainment value. Their arrogance is quite amusing. I am glad that paleo-movement provided a healthy alternative to their un-natural delusions about healthy human diets.

  13. Lynda

    Hello Tom… for every one of those crazy haters, I bet there are hundreds like me out there who will be eternally grateful for the lightbulb moment you gave us with Fat Head. You were the very first person who I ever heard giving the low carb message and it changed our (my husband and I) lives forever.

    I have a blog and have been writing about dieting for over ten years – the last two or three years it has been all low carb/Primal. I get the odd hater and have been severely bad mouthed on other blogs but the positive comments I get for spreading the word far outweighs that. We love what you do Tom, you are one of the voices of reason in an increasingly insane world.

    One of the “your film changed my life” emails would cancel out a hundred of the hate emails anyway. But of course, the fact of the matter is that I receive a hundred thank-you emails for every one of these. I just laugh off the hate emails. Irrational people amuse me.

  14. mlantenac

    As Arthur Jones the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines used to say, “smile and walk away; you are talking to a fool.”

    Okay, maybe the smile could be optional….

  15. Ed

    “You are the problem with American Society, eating right from the evil corporate hands that feed you.” Ahh. Another happy Monsanto GMO consumer I see.

  16. Rae Ford

    It’s almost comical how desperately people will cling to an idea that they believe makes them morally superior. Even in the presence of undeniable proof, they just stand firm and start shouting more loudly and insanely.

  17. Walter Bushell

    Probably you are spreading heresy against his Holy Book, perhaps by Dr Campbell. Or perhaps he gets paid for that; he certainly writes like a hack.

  18. scott

    Rapping the environment? Trust me I don’t think rap would be good for the environment, maybe some smooth jazz, but never rap.

  19. Barb

    Oh my, where does one begin? I have so many questions.
    How do you “un-educate” people?
    What would you use to fill food with “propaganda”?
    If I am a confirmed Fathead, must I eat out of evil corporate hands, or may I please use a plate?
    What’s the exchange rate if I plan to spend lies?
    Is the greengrocer’s apostrophe in “CEO’s” a hallmark of veganism?

    More likely a hallmark of not mastering middle-school grammar.

  20. J. B. Rainsberger

    You can’t please everyone, but you changed my life. Fat Head reached me just at exactly the right time for me. Thank you again. It was a team effort, to be sure, but your work catalysed it.

    Should you find yourself coming to Summerside, PEI, Canada, for a nice summer vacation, please find me and tell me. You pay for nothing.

    I appreciate that.

    1. Leanne

      Take him up on that offer, Tom – PEI is beautiful in the summer, and the lobster and fish chowders are scrumptious!

      Someday, perhaps.

  21. LaurieLM

    High-animal-fat-and-protein-and-cholesterol food for thought to you. Allan Savory’s ‘TED’ talk is marvelous. A little OT, but reminded of Savory in Dave’s earlier comment.
    Many birthday wishes and blessings and years of returns of the day rapping to you Tom!

  22. TJ Huber

    Birthday greetings from the farm in Columbia. Hope it doesn’t rain too much on you, although we could use some water. Start “rapping” with enthusiasm but stop “spending lies” and enjoy your golf outing. The idea of “slaves” serving alcohol is great, I am sorry it hadn’t occurred to me before.

  23. Jill

    Tom – your brand of idiocy appeals to me!;)

    Please continue your particularly illuminating idiocy and may others continue to benefit from this idiocy!

  24. Firebird7478

    Spending lies? Since when did lies replace the American Dollar (or is that being redundant)?

    Heh-heh … now that you mention it …

  25. Vicky

    Sounds to me like a case of wheat brain if I ever saw one, that is, if there is a brain at all. I really enjoy your perspectives and the great information that you share. Hope your birthday was happy and wishing you many more.

  26. Dominique (That's What Domi Said)

    She’s probably just bitter that Obamacare won’t cover her health issues (caused, of course, by her “heart healthy” vegan diet that lacks slavery, lies, and solid nutrition), and taking out her anger on you. I’d consider that a victory…but frustrating liberals with the truth is always a victory in my book.

    1. tracker

      “””Her holiday dinner spread this year will likely include a Tofurky – which is a vegetarian substitute for turkey made with wheat protein and tofu…”””

      Because wheat protein and tofu are about as close to nature as you can get… er, wait.

      “””It’s been great,” Alisa said of being a vegan. “We have spread the word to many of our friends who have given up meat and dairy as well and they also say they feel like whole new people.”””

      That’s because their bodies are devouring their own muscle mass, including their hearts. I feel sad for that couple’s children. The damage they are doing to them is horrible, and probably permanent. Adults can often compensate for deficiencies, but children can’t.

  27. TMA

    That email you got is just bizarre, in addition to being wrong. It is the lowfat low cholesterol diet, not LCHF, that leads people to eating processed “foods” made by the bigtime food companies. Those are the foods that didn’t exist 20 years ago and that come out of boxes and bags with lists of 30 ingredients. Eating LCHF you can eat things like meat, cheese, eggs, butter, cream, nuts, vegetables… not exactly frankenfoods, and not exactly the types of foods that get dreamt up in corporate meetings. Of all the criticisms to levy, that is just totally tone deaf.

    By the way Tom, did you ever write a follow-up to the post from a couple months ago when your fasting blood sugar had gone up and you were thinking it was due to going off the diet for a few days? I’d be curious to know if your numbers have gone back to where they were.

    Thanks as always for the insight!

    Fasting blood sugar and triglycerides were back to normal (95 glucose, 70 trigs) on my follow-up lab test, so yes, it was the wedding-weekend indulgence. My cholesterol dropped from 245 to 230, which I know the doctor will say is still too high, but of course I disagree on that one.

  28. Martí

    This is the critique that eternally annoys me of your documentary. For some reason saying that its not McDonald’s fault your unhealthy, but rather you choosing to eat unhealthily at McDonalds that makes you unwell translates to people as saying “MCDONALDS IS HEALTHY, FILL YOUR GULLET WITH EVERYTHING ON THEIR MENU!!!!!!!!” If I’m honest the first time I watched Fat Head I was purposefully watching it to be highly skeptical/negative and I didn’t even draw that conclusion (in my defense Netflix’s description of your documentary wasn’t entirely accurate). Definitely glad I took a second round through to appreciate all the info you gathered.

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done and keep doing what you’re doing, you’ve really improved mine and my family’s lives! 🙂

    I guess people miss that part where I say specifically “A fast food diet is not a good diet.”

  29. Cyborcat

    Sadly, some people just can’t see beyond the idea that you’re “defending” McDonalds, and they fly off the handle before really hearing you out.

    Well, it’s like this: They think people are stupid and McDonald’s is taking advantage of them, therefore the government needs to step in and protect the stupid people by restricting their freedom to make their own choices, or McDonald’s freedom to sell its products, or both. So if someone like me says people aren’t stupid and we have no business taking away anyone’s economic freedom “for their own good,” they don’t see it as defending freedom and personal responsibility. They see it as defending McDonald’s.

  30. Michael Cohen

    Bill Maher opined that one of the reasons that the Romney team lost the last election was that they were living “In the Bubble”. The vegan bubble is even more profound and insular. The bubble is buttressed by an interlocking web of beliefs that we all know well.
    Animal food causes, heart disease, cancer and anything else bad. Man has evolved as an herbivore. Plant eating will save the environment, on an on. Basically the vegan lifestyle is nutritionally, morally, ecologically superior to an lifestyle that includes animal foods, i.e. the rest of humanity. In the bubble they bounce these myths back and forth between each other until they reach a laser like intensity. Inside the bubble these ideas are reasonable. When a vegan sticks their head outside the bubble and starts babbling, they merely sound insane. To them animal foods are fundamentally evil, to the rest of the world if they are lucky enough to get them, they are merely lunch. There is no room for dissent in the vegan bubble. Inconvenient questions and observations (no reproducing part of humanity naturally eats or ever ate this way) are ignored. Real threats to the bubble are attacked, verbally and often physically. Many of the ideas you present in Fathead are real threats to the vegan bubble for they show the pillars supporting the vegan bubble for what they really are, myths. “It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” Its no wonder that they start squawking and bouncing around like Donald Duck on acid. Clearly you are a shill for the “Meat and Dairy Lobby”. If you really want to see what it is like when a vampire is suddenly confronted with a crucifix, just mention these three words to a vegan…Weston A. Price. BTW Happy BDay Many more

    Donald Duck on acid … LOL.

  31. Rebecca Foxworth

    “Evil corporate hand that feeds you”?
    I’d be curious to see a picture of what’s in your fridge and pantry right now.
    I’d bet money that there’s not a whole lot of corporate anything in there, unless you’ve given up that fresh, whole food thing and forgotten to inform us.

    Maybe you should get a few ADM soy products so you can avoid those “evil corporate hands”, too?

    Well, I’m pretty sure the ketchup and mustard have corporate logos on the bottles, but other than condiments, the fridge contains single-ingredient whole foods.


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