Fat Head Kids’ Club: Interview With Jimmy Moore

When Jimmy Moore was here last month, the girls announced that they’d like to interview him for an episode of Fat Head Kids’ Club.  I told them good interviewers prepare their questions ahead of time and choose a topic, so if they wrote up a list of questions, we’d tape the interview.  They decided to ask Jimmy what it’s like to be a fat kid and what advice he’d offer to kids who are fat or want to avoid becoming fat.  Here’s the interview, edited together.


20 thoughts on “Fat Head Kids’ Club: Interview With Jimmy Moore

  1. bill

    I especially like how the stovepipe comes out
    of Jimmy’s head.

    It’s a great show, though. Would be great to
    have other kids see it. Hope it gets wide

    We wanted Jimmy to wear a stovepipe hat.

  2. Firebird

    Another good job by the girls. I wonder if Jimmy misspoke when he referred to stevia as an “artificial sweetener”, or does he believe it is?

    Now that you mention it, yes, I guess he misspoke. Didn’t occur to me when he said it, but no harm done.

    1. paulc

      he considers it to be “artificial” because of all the chemical processes that have to be performed to extract it.

      1. Walter Bushell


        We despise “vegetable oils” (actually non tropical seed oils) partially under the same rubric.

  3. Kathy in Texas

    I can only imagine how proud you are of those girls! And doesn’t Jimmy look good – glad to see that.

    Thank you. I am proud.

  4. Lori

    I’m sad to hear that Jimmy was so unhappy as a kid. I would add, though, that things can turn on a dime when you’re young, for better or worse. I was like that weird girl in The Breakfast Club, and turned out all right. My golden boy nephew, OTOH…let’s just say being an adult hasn’t suited him as well as being a kid.

    Jimmy had a miserable childhood, complete with a broken family, lots of taunting from other kids, and a violently abusive stepfather. It’s a testament to the human spirit that he’s the gentle, happy, caring man he’s turned out to be.

  5. JasonG

    I wish your daughter’s videos would be shown in schools. The common-sense advice would trump the food pyramid or my-food-plate that advertises in classrooms. No more brain washing from the USDA.

    Maybe someday. Much of what’s going into their videos will also go into the kids’ book/DVD.

    1. Mike G

      I will be showing excerpts from Fat Head to my students this year, as I have done over the past few years. My students “get it”, although the adults around here have a difficult time with the science. I’ll be spreading the science to other teachers in my area at a workshop next month, so it should be an interesting experience.
      And Tom, thanks again for your film and this blog! My students enjoyed reading your post on school lunches last year, and I’ll be assigning more of your posts this year. Keep up the good work!

      I’m happy to be part of the curriculum.

  6. Ramona

    Love the Fat Head Kids’ Club!! Tom, you have such a talented family. I’m so glad that you’re working on a kids book/DVD. Awesome!

    Thank you, Ramona. They’re having fun.

  7. Rae

    What cool kids! And I love that Jimmy had to explain Little Debbies to them!

    I was pleased they didn’t know what Little Debbies are. We don’t buy junk like that at home, but some teachers in their school believe special occasions require sugary treats. And there are too many special occasions.

  8. Dave Jaffe

    Tom, your girls are the cutest, smartest, sharpest children-persons on the Internet. And they are far better informed interviewers than such lame journalists as Dan Rather, David Frost and Edward R. Murrow. Well done, young ladies!

    That’s why they’d never make it in journalism.

  9. Ann Patterson

    Beautifully and thoughtfully done! Hate to think that Jimmy had to suffer in his youth. The silver lining is the amazing person he has become gifted with the willingness, openness and generosity to help the rest of us. Just ordered his new book, Cholesterol Clarity, and can’t wait to read it! TY for sharing. Ann

    If I hadn’t been a fat kid and a fat adult, there would be no Fat Head and no constant stream of emails from people thanking me for changing their lives. I imagine Jimmy views his years as a fat guy the same way.

  10. Tim Malloroy

    Just found this through a twitter.

    I must say, this is a big parenting win. Congratulations to you on such fine little ones and congratulations to them for a wonderful show!!!

    Thank you.


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