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Here’s another documentary currently in production that could use some support from Fat Heads and anyone else interested in getting the message out into the world:

I’m delighted to see more films like this being produced.  As I’ve been saying for years, my goal isn’t to get the USDA to change its recommendations (which won’t happen); my goal is to make those recommendations irrelevant.  Films like Carb Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat can go a long way towards convincing people to ignore the USDA.

Their kickstarter campaign ends in two days.  Any donation, be it $50 or $5, would certainly help.


13 thoughts on ““Carb-Loaded” Documentary

  1. Timothy R

    This looks like it is going to be a very informative and entertaining film. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. I hope the message gets out because the health crisis they speak of is real.

  2. Firebird

    I have been involved in a couple of Kickstarter campaigns and that is one of the better presentations that I have seen.

  3. Julie

    Alright Tom! I’ve been watching this kickstarter project for weeks, hoping it would be able to get up to its goal. Shortly after you posted a link to it, it jumped right over the line! Now that’s using your celebrity for good 🙂

    I’m so thrilled to see more and more documentaries out there talking about these issues. For a long time, it seemed like all there was were things like Supersize Me and Forks Over Knives, and the only one voicing a different opinion was Fathead (thanks, by the way). Hopefully people will start catching on, and good science will triumph over bad science and old assumptions.

    Well, I don’t know if it was my post that pushed them over, but I’m happy either way. I agree; we need more films like this to provide alternatives to all the vegan-pushing films out there.

    1. Justin B

      I totally agree. For quite a while, I always had to preface my recommendations for Fat Head and Science for Smart People with something like “and no, this isn’t the only person who believes this, its just a really good starter course”.

  4. Phyllis Mueller

    Just returned from a shopping trip to my local Whole Foods, where I was horrified to find a display of Kerrygold reduced-fat, lower-sodium butter. Arrggh! Is nothing sacred?

    That’s criminal.

    1. Marilyn

      Marketing, marketing, marketing. It appears that with the original version the cream is churned until the butter reaches about 82% butterfat, and the new “healthier” low-fat version is churned a shorter time — until the butter reaches about 60% butterfat. Those numbers varied a bit from one web site to another, but the bottom line is that the new stuff contains less butter and more buttermilk — more water for your money. And, of course, that makes it more “spreadable.” The new stuff has 80 calories/tablespoon. The old stuff had 100 or 110, again depending on the web page I checked.

      Assuming one subscribes to the notion that 3500 calories = a pound, you can only eat 32 tablespoons of the old stuff at 110 calories per tablespoon before you gain one pound, but you can eat a whole 44 tablespoons of the new stuff before gaining a pound. Big woop!

      1. Rae

        Well… that still sounds better than some “light” butters that I’ve seen that are cut with canola oil. Yuck!

    2. Walter Bushell

      Why would anyone want reduced fat butter!?

      Anyway salt free butter is good for many recipes and especially coffee. Butt not low fat butter.

  5. Mike G

    I was surprised to see that Marion Nestle was being interviewed. I was under the impression she was in the “low fat diet” camp, but perhaps I am mistaken. If she was in that camp, and has since “converted,” that is a good thing indeed. Thanks for the link, Tom – I went there immediately and contributed. I’ll send the link on to my friends as well.

    Perhaps she’s changed her mind, or perhaps she’s in the film to talk about how much sugar people consume these days — I know she’s against that.

  6. pressdog

    I just donated. Thanks for alerting me. I feel like a missionary helping carry the truth into a hostile world. Pass the bacon.

    I appreciate your support for their efforts. The more films like this that are produced, the less hostile the world will be towards the message.

  7. Testy Tim

    Tom, thanks for the post on this. After reading your post, I contributed to this project with 6 hours to spare! The only other Kickstarter project I contributed to is Cereal Killers, and I contributed to that one, too. I hope someday I can contribute to a Fat Head related Kickstarter project.

    I appreciate that. When we get around to finishing our book/DVD combination for parents and kids, we’ll probably have a Kickstarter campaign for the production costs.


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