A friend of mine sent a link to this video, which is supposed to (I think) promote veganism.  I say supposed to and (I think) because if I wanted to produce a video that made vegans look like idiots, this might be it.  My immediate reaction was along the lines of “If these people think this is an effective promo for veganism, their brains are seriously deficient in fatty acids.”

I mean, what’s the takeaway message here? That cows are perverted and creepy, so we shouldn’t drink their milk?

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  1. Paladin13 says:

    Vegan porn and imbecility rolled into one video.

  2. Merlin says:

    Apparently, if you eat a vegan diet, you do not appear in focus when filmed…

  3. LaurieLM says:

    Please forgive me for commenting a second time on this, because I just must. I fail to see how an anti-cow’s milk video equates to and directly leads to the conclusion to ‘go vegan’. There’s a lot of tasty, meaty food in between no milk and vegan- pork, sheep, goat, fowl, bugs, worms, fish, shellfish, hagfish, wild game, eggs, venison…. just to list a few.
    Many hundreds of millions, or a cool one or two billion, of people worldwide lose production of lactase after about the age of 2 and can’t comfortably digest milk anyway, but that doesn’t condemn them to brain and personality dissolving veganism. There’s more than only plants and cows around and about for us to enjoy and thrive upon.
    Oh well, as has been said here before, I think I read these here, ‘you cannot reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason into’, and, ‘you are welcome to your own opinions, but not your own facts’. (Sorry to belabor this ‘video’).

    You also can’t reason with unreasonable people.

    • Cameron Baum says:

      You also get people who are allergic to eating chicken, and even traces can kill them.

      It all lies in two things: time and genetics. THe longer we habe jad with a particular food type, the better we adapt and adjust to it. Chickens were domesticated in India, and populations who have long amd strong connection with raisimg cattle, they have the best tolerance to drinking milk.

      If Monsanto went bankrupt next week, and then give it 20,000 years, I am certain you would have groups of people who.can handle reasonably well eating wheat.

      Here is an interesting fact: Oriental groups are less able to cope with alcohol. You need two enzymes to break down alcohol. They have the first, but not the second.

      Another interesting detail is that people have between 1-4% Neanderthal DNA. Asian groups interbred with a different sub-species, and thus have different Neanderthal DNA. Pure black Africans have none of that.

      I wonder, given all this diversity in our genetics, if we are all different sub-species of Homo Sapiens, and can currently interbreed still. I personally love this idea, because it shows how wonderful evolution is. No one group is superior, all groups exist, because of Natural Selection working over a long period means that we have groups able to survive and cope in particular areas.

  4. cTo says:

    wth? WTH!?!??! I mean, *WE* get a lot of calcium from fresh leafy green veggies too, but you don’t see us running around making furry-pr0n videos about it!

  5. Misty says:

    The video was pretty dumb but I couldn’t help but notice how pasty these two look. They certainly lack sufficient collagen!

  6. zoe harcombe says:

    I assume the sickly looking woman in the video is NOT eating over a kilo of spinach daily, which is what you’d need just to get 1000mg of calcium. Actually, make that 1.5kg to get the phosphorus that works in partnership with calcium. She may also NOT be eating 3.3kg of mushrooms grown in sunshine, with a fat delivery mechanism (veg oil I guess), to get the US RDA of 15mcg of vitamin D. And that’s just the bone nutrients! I don’t think there’s any debate that she’s missing some of the mind B vitamins! 😉

    She certainly didn’t look healthy to me.

  7. Meanwhile, just read about how Sam Simon, age 58 — co-creator of The Simpsons — is giving all of his money away, and has been a long-time supporter of PETA and like causes. He is, of course, a vegan.

    quote from article:

    “Veganism is an answer for almost every problem facing the world in terms of hunger and climate change. It helps people’s health.”

    He’s giving the rest of his wealth away now because he will dying within the next several months — due to colon cancer.


    Holy crap. When he gets to heaven, he and Steve Jobs can trade diet and health advice.

  8. hausfrau says:

    It’s a weird, funny little video but people really do believe this stuff. This is a post on an FB page where people swap natural remedies and diet information for kids. “Lauren asks: My 13 month LO is vegetarian, she is always hungry and I feel like we are over feeding her, she always stops when she is full, but I am wondering about serving sizes for each meal, and what I should include so she is getting all the right nutrients, right now her meals consist of veggies and fruit, beans and wheat. Cheese is once or twice a day, and I was giving her eggs for breakfast every morning but I read those are better to give weekly? –Megan R.”
    This is so sad. We all know why her child is ravenously hungry. I resisted the urge to post back on the site because no one wants that kind of information unless they specifically ask for it (especially vegetarians/vegans).

    Ugh. Poor kid.

  9. scott says:

    To think you settled for Chareva when you could have had a hot mama like the woman in this video. Lol I really wouldn’t be shocked if someone mentioned that this woman is only 25 years old.

  10. scott says:

    I like when she says at the end, i’m calling the police ,yes i’m sure they could use a couple of laughs.

  11. Robert Ingram says:

    Wow. Whatever gave birth to that thing wearing the cow suit must be very proud.

  12. Jon says:

    I could not finish this after “you know you wanna have a suck”.
    First off, both of them were filmed in front of a green screen. Wouldn’t it make more sense to film in a grassy area or something?
    Secondly, the woman keeps leaning out of focus. Who was behind the camera that couldn’t see that?
    Thirdly, they probably weren’t in the same room at all during the filming, since their reactions and lines don’t seem to match up in the slightest.
    And then there’s everything else about this video that make it so very awful that I don’t need to bother mentioning.

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