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Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine will be dropping in for a visit next week. Jimmy called me and explained that after losing 80-plus pounds while gaining 16 pounds of muscle, he could use a major smackdown in a disc golf tournament to prevent his ego from getting all puffed up. I accepted the job.

To make sure Jimmy doesn’t accidentally beat me and thus undermine the purpose of the visit, I’m going to populate our pastures with several blacksnakes. Blacksnakes are harmless, but you wouldn’t know it from Jimmy’s reaction to them. During one of our rounds last summer, Jimmy reached down to retrieve a disc that happened to have landed a few inches from a blacksnake. I whirled around at the sound of the ear-piercing yell (which prompted all birds within a square mile to take flight) just in time to see Jimmy jumping far higher than ought to be possible for a man of his size (at the time). In fact, I’m convinced that if someone could hypnotize Jimmy into believing there are snakes on basketball courts, he could play in the NBA. He’d not only be capable of dunking, he’d be in danger of banging his head on the scoreboard.

Anyway, while Jimmy’s in town, we’re going to have a meet-up (a meat-up?) at a local steak house.  I’ll be there along with Chareva and the girls, and of course Jimmy and Christine.   Jimmy will probably give his talk on nutritional ketosis at some point. Any of you Fat Heads or LLLVC fans who live in the Nashville area are invited to attend. Here are the details:

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013 – 4:00-6:00PM
Logan’s Restaurant
7087 Bakers Bridge Ave.
Franklin, TN 37067

If you can make it, please let Jimmy know.  He’s handling the logistics.  Here are the instructions from his blog:

If you plan on attending either the Indianapolis or the Nashville events, then please RSVP via e-mail with the city of the event you are attending in the subject line to no later than Saturday, July 20, 2013 so we can have an accurate count of who all is coming.

I apologize for not making the announcement sooner. Time flies, and I forgot the date was coming up so soon.

Hope to see you there.


9 thoughts on “Nashville Area Meet-Up

  1. Live Free or Diet

    Hmm. A 10-hour drive one way. Sorry, I don’t think the wife will put up with that.
    Have fun y’all!

    I wouldn’t make that drive for a two-hour meetup either.

  2. Lyndsey

    Gosh, it would be a 4 hour drive for me….I’ll seriously consider it….

    Some good music, a good audiobook, it’ll feel like nothing.

  3. labrat

    So sad. I was supposed to be in Memphis for a wedding today, from there we were going to do a few days in Nashville. Sigh. It didn’t happen. 🙁

    Would have loved to have met you two.

    Next time, then.

  4. Eugene

    Dear Fathead.

    I do not doubt what you say in your movie is true which is excellent by the way. I find everything you say to be supported by many reliable sources. And I try living by them now.

    I just wonder about fruits.
    In the movie you say you eat a high fat diet including fresh fruits. Aren’t fruits high in carbs and fruitsugar as well. And does this effect the LDL in the blood the same way as bread/pasta does (making LDL smaller so it can enter cracks in arteries)?

    I just bought a can of vitamin C out of scare so I can bypass the fruitsugars from lemons and oranges. Although I love fcitrus-ruits. It might be a stupid question. But I’m not as smart a fathead like you.


    I eat the low-sugar fruits, mostly berries. You can get vitamin C from plenty of other foods, including peppers and green vegetables.

  5. Robb

    I think we need video comparison of Jimmy’s reaction to being surprised by a snake vs Tom’s reaction to being surprised by a wasp. 😉

    Jimmy wins that comparison. He yelled and jumped, but he didn’t scream like a girl.

  6. The Older Brother


    You’re not really telling snake stories on someone else, are you?!?


    Hey, I seem to have a snake story in my archives that doesn’t involve me, but does involve a close relative.

  7. Howard

    I wish I could be there, but the way things worked out for us this year, spending 4 days on the road just wasn’t going to happen. And I dislike the goons in the TSA enough that I don’t fly unless there is no reasonable alternative. I’m even contemplating driving to FL for the 2014 LC Cruise.

    Please convey my regrets to those folks lucky enough to get to the party.

    …maybe next year, I can be among them. I’ll bring my fiddle!


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