22 thoughts on “Weekend Bonus: Fat Head Kids’ Club

  1. Cyborcat

    Okay, the previous ones were cute and entertaining, but I literally LOL’d at this one. Good stuff

    Also, I half-expected Alana to go, “Caaandy gram!” at some point.

    If I’d thought of that, she would have.

    1. Bill C.

      I thought the same thing! LOL “Land shark”

      Land Shark occurred to me, but I figured nobody under age 40 or so would get the reference.

  2. Denise Cripps

    The girls are becoming SO professional! You might end up back in LA after all — with a couple of little starlets 🙂 Thanks again for the excellent information presented perfectly for all ages!

    Bite your tongue. I’ll never move back to L.A.

  3. Heather

    Oh my goodness, they are so pretty and talented! 🙂

    I think so, but I recognize I may be biased.

    1. Firebird

      Studies suggest that not only is a low carb diet unhealthy for you, but it may also turn you into a proud, biased father. 😉

      And there’s no known cure.

  4. Lori

    Cute and clever! Any chance of a video on food affecting mood, brain function and energy? I was a thin kid, but with blood sugar that was probably all over the place. My mental state was all over the place, too.

    We plan to keep doing these, so that will probably end up on the list.

  5. Nads

    It’s not coming up on my ipad this time. Are they on youtube as well?

    Yes, their videos are on the FatHeadMovie channel on YouTube. It’s a YouTube video embedded in the post.

  6. Michael Fox

    Wow, have to agree, this one is hilarious. Our triplets absolutely loved it and I agree the girls got talent!! Keep up the good work, there are so few resources for kids and mine are certainly soaking it up!! Let me know if you need some more starlets ha ha.

    Thank you, Michael. The girls certainly had some fun with this one.

  7. Beowulf

    Great! I love how your girls are making some challenging metabolic concepts easier for kids to understand.

    We want kids to understand this stuff. When kids buy into the idea, giving up sugar isn’t all about Mom and Dad saying no.

  8. Kynykya211

    “I don’t think that pancreas is wearing any clothes.”

    This made me spew my tea all over my monitor and keyboard.
    Well worth the clean-up though.
    Your kids are awesome, I look forward to their future releases.

    Thank you. I hope they keep up their enthusiasm for the project.

  9. Karen T

    They knocked it out of the park with this one! Now I have the giggles too 🙂

    I got the giggles myself when they started improvising on what Sara would be doing when Alana rang the doorbell.

  10. LisaW

    Your girls are doing a great job! Let’s hope they influence a lot of kids out there in Youtube land!

    Thank you. That’s our hope.

  11. Erica

    This really was the best. They’re hitting their stride. And you even included a gag reel, of sorts. Loved it!

    Thank you.

  12. cTo

    I am a 30-year-old adult whose sense of humor usually runs to the jaded, cynical, and macabre, and these girls are literally making me laugh out loud at points.

    I appreciate that. I got a good chuckle out of Alana’s improvised delivery hat. I didn’t see that one coming.

  13. Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People

    I’ve got a suggestion for another role-play: One daughter is the “super” for the building that is your body, does maintenance, pays the bills, etc. But the tenants are a nightmare.

    * “Brain” in 5A likes the temperature hot.
    * “Muscle” in 2C sometimes runs a lot of appliances, but sometimes goes on vacation for weeks.

    The super (metabolism) can add insulation, buy more heating oil, etc. etc. etc. And everything the super does causes the tenants to change their behavior.

    I’ve been working on a script for something like this in my head for a while, but it would probably work better coming from them than from me.

    I appreciate the suggestion.


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