28 thoughts on “A Victory For Bacon

  1. Joyce

    Anyone notice that the anti-baconites looked old, grumpy and mean-spirited? They could use a good dose of sat fat. The bacon lovers were joyous and smiling and very positive. Sorry, I’ve posted enough today…need to go fry me up some bacon! …and I’m smiling too!

    I hope your neighbors don’t complain about the bacon aroma.

  2. Amy Dungan

    Yay! I’m gonna go make some bacon to celebrate…. and hope the neighbors don’t think I’m repainting the living room.

    Next up in San Francisco: paint store opens in Haight-Ashbury district; neighbors complain of bacon smell.

  3. tess

    now, BURNT bacon is nasty, but i trust they’re not overcooking it…. (how annoyed i get when my husband or a restaurant turns the thick-sliced stuff into shoe-leather!)

  4. Firebird

    I guess some of those “neighbors” might have been holdovers from the 60s. Back then they didn’t seem to mind the smell of pot and body odor from all those love ins.

    Of course they didn’t mind. They were high.

  5. Bonnie

    FYI – the version of this story that showed up in my RSS reader links to a clip about the Zimmerman trial. Couldn’t figure out what that had to do with bacon…..

    That’s rather odd.

  6. Cathy

    Thanks for posting that. I wonder if the cranky neighbors would have complained about a vegetarian curry restaurant. Curry is a pretty strong smell. The vegetarians in my office feign nausea if I’m heating meat for lunch, but they heat up some pretty strong-smelling veggie stuff of their own. Some of it is unidentifiable, but pretty gnarly smelling. Different rules for the holy, I guess.

    It could be that the bacon smell really was overpowering, but I also wondered if some people just didn’t like knowing meat was being cooked nearby.

    1. Marilyn

      I happen to really like the curry smell of vegetarian fare, but if I didn’t, I could as justifiably complain about that as someone else could about the smell of bacon.

  7. Lori

    The only annoyance I can see here is being hungry, smelling the bacon, and not being able to find where it’s coming from.

    Sad to say, but I love the smell of paint, too.

    Please, if you get the urge to sniff paint, go sniff some bacon instead.

  8. AndreaLynnette

    Reminds me of when the rich guys who wanted to live the “quiet, country life” moved in next to a farm, then started complaining about the noise and smells coming from it….

    When I lived in Chicago, some people who lived near Wrigley Field complained about the noise, the crowds of people walking around after games, etc. I was thinking, “Seriously? Did you somehow miss that big ol’ ballpark when you moved into this neighborhood?”

    1. Marilyn

      Happens all the time. People build homes near airports, and then force regulations for “noise abatement.”

  9. Steve

    It’s not just vegs that are anti-bacon. A few of the more fanatical paleo snobs think bacon is not pure enough to put in their temples. Not to mention the fossils that are still trying to do low fat.

  10. steve

    post should be titled “a victory for clean air”…. bacon restaurant = awesome… stench from bacon restaurant = not awesome… this is an example of government at its best… a neighborhood has its quality of life restored when a local proprietor is forced to stop spewing its garbage into the commons… the owner was simply too cheap to buy a proper filtration unit (aka, scrubber) and avoid this mess in the first place… pretty standard stuff for people who aren’t clueless about the restaurant business (or the neighbors next to that business)… thanks for posting this.

    It’s an amusing story for us bacon fans, but yes: if the smell was overpowering, the owner should have done something about it in the first place.

  11. Don in Arkansas

    The complainers looked like a bunch of old, hippie, vegetabletarians. They need a little bacon to cheer them up. If they would sell their places for cheap, I’d move out there.

  12. Tom Welsh

    What was that about “bacon and sugar” combining to produce nasty smells? Who mentioned sugar??

    Could be sugar-cured bacon.

  13. Jes

    Oh, and I’m low carb, but you don’t hear me complaining about the overwhelming smell of brownies in Hershey, PA do you? 😀

    When I worked in downtown Chicago, there was still a factory nearby that made chocolate candies. I liked the smell, if not the chocolate.

  14. Justin B

    Wait a minute… a news piece about bacon that didn’t ONCE mention cholesterol or artery clogging? Even as an attempted joke? That’s the biggest victory of all this to me.

    I hadn’t thought of that.


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