Long Weekend

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I received this email this morning:

Dear Tom:

I recently discovered your blog and I’ve become addicted to your insights, intelligence, humanity, humor and excellent writing style. I have a request: Will you please abandon your revenue producing job, your labor-of-love side projects, and your wife and children should it become necessary, to devote yourself full time to your blog so there is something new every single day when I log on? I know this sounds selfish on my part but I can’t describe the disappointment I experience when I see the same lead story. I’ve now taken to trolling YouTube to catch bits and pieces of your work (love the how to read clinical studies from the low carb cruise).

This request may be due to my heightened predatory nature now that I’ve gone primal. Nevertheless I sincerely thank you for your efforts to inform us about the disastrous nutritional path most Americans are wandering down, unaware, due to their grain fogged brains, that there is a better way to health and well being.

Heh-heh-heh.  I thought that would make a good introduction to a post explaining that I’m taking the rest of the week off.  I’ll be watching the fireworks with Chareva and the girls (I hope — the forecast is for thunderstorms), taping another episode of Fat Head Kids’ Club, and finishing (again, I hope) a side programming project.

I agree with the writer that this whole making-a-living thing is annoying, but that’s life as a middle-aged husband/father/provider.  Perhaps someday a book or film project take care of that situation.

While I’m on my mini-vacation, you might enjoy watching this lecture by a doctor with diabetes who saw the light on diet and health.

Happy Fourth of July



13 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. Beowulf

    I’m so glad your girls are doing the Fat Head Kids’ Club videos. I just recommended them to a friend of mine since she’s already teaching her 8-year-old that bread = sugar. Let’s get ’em healthier while they’re young!

    My thoughts exactly.

  2. Nads

    We don’t want to be too demanding, but if you could just get one member of you family to post something every day, that would be dandy. 🙂

    I suppose if I recruit The Older Brother and his sons, we could just about swing it.

  3. Ghost

    Have a great time with your family!

    Love the blog, it’s one of the things I automatically type when I’m looking for inspiration or just something to read! 😀

  4. Pat

    Bread = sugar. Easy to demonstrate. Take a small bite of bread, chew well with lots of saliva, keep chewing, let it sit in the mouth, don’t swallow. After a minute or two it will start to taste sweet. Where did the sugar come from? Saliva has amylase, an enzyme that starts digestion before your food even reaches your stomach, and it breaks down the starch to sugar. Most people don’t notice this because they swallow too soon fro much sugar to have been produced.

    Kids of all ages (3-93) tend to find this is neat. And it certainly makes the point .-)

    Dr. Richard Bernstein has demonstrated that with glucose strips. Chew a little bread, insert glucose strip into the mouth, it comes out purple.

  5. Erik

    Thanks for the Tim Noakes link. For a doctor, it looks like there’s many good quality, publicly available talks.

    Have a good vacation with your family.

    Anyone who wants an education on this stuff get get it free online.

  6. Walter Bushell

    You don’t have to have saliva, bread at least in America it comes with plenty already. It’s already disgustingly sweet. Europeans refer to our bread as cake.

  7. Austin Pitts

    2 primal thumbs up for that letter! I love seeing new articles since everything posted seems to interest me.

  8. Jim

    I envision a television series that you host. It would be investigative in nature but also fun. Much like the Dr. Know tv show that Dr. Paul Trotman hosted on Discovery Health Channel. It sort of debunked common medical myths. Honestly it wouldn’t be much different from Fat Head. Perhaps then you could get rid of that pesky day job and focus on what you love to do.

    The idea that evolved into Fat Head was for a TV series titled In Defense of Common Sense.

    1. Kyth

      I guess you could just have each episode follow and debunk one of Morgan Spurlock’s. It could be called ’30 stretched-out-to-fit-my-personal-belief-system days: What’s really going on here?’.

      Naw, I’d want a pithy title.


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