Greetings, fellow Fat Heads.

A few weeks ago, The Oldest Son found a great low-carb pizza recipe.  We already had a couple of recipes, but after this one, I don’t think we’ll be going back.  The other ones we had kept were really good, but we had to eat them with utensils.  With this one, the only way you know you aren’t holding a “real” slice of pizza in your hand is that, as mentioned in his write-up, you get full after a few slices, instead of going into that “I’m stuffed — give me another!” gluten-induced spiral.

He told Tom about it, and Tom suggested he write it up to share with all of you.  I have to say, for a guy who never liked reading or writing for fun, he did a pretty good job.  Be sure to try this at home, kids.


The Older Brother


An odd thing happened for the first time in a long time:

… Leftover pizza!

Part of this is because I rarely eat pizza, but mostly because it is incredibly filling (and healthy), so I highly recommend trying it even if you aren’t suffering from the new obesity disease… I hear that’s going around.

To give credit where it’s due, I am basing this recipe on one I found at  A friend and I then made a couple modifications. Go ahead and buy a few bags of mozzarella — you will be making more of this very soon.

The Crust:

1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella
¾ cup almond flour
2 tbs cream cheese
1 egg
Garlic salt
Parchment paper and cookie sheet


-put  mozzarella & cream cheese in a medium size  microwaveable bowl

After making some keto recipes, I found it best to cube up the cream cheese before melting with other cheeses

-Microwave for 1 min, stir and then another 30 sec, stir (very hot!)

-Stir in egg &  almond flour

-Wet hands and spread “dough” thin on parchment paper. It should spread evenly with dough-like consistency (if “stringy” then your cheese has hardened too much—just put it back in the microwave for maybe another 20 seconds)

-Dock (poke rows of holes) with a fork to avoid bubbling

-Sprinkle with garlic salt

-Put in 425 degree oven

-After about 8 minutes, check it and poke holes where any large bubbles may be.

-continue cooking for a total 12-14 min, or until slightly brown on top.

It should look like this:

Here is what I do for the toppings:

[Keep in mind that the toppings only cook long enough for the cheese to melt. Therefore, any meats you add need to be fully cooked.]

Before you begin making your crust, place the sausage on medium-low heat in a cast iron pan. I prefer ground Salciccia sausage—it is similar to Italian sausage. Do not stir too much or you will end up with taco meat consistency. After a few minutes you may need to use a baster to get excess water/grease out, but not too much. You want fully cooked, dime-sized sausages.

Put the sausage in a separate bowl, keeping the grease to sauté your veggies in!

Add a thin layer of pizza sauce, your desired amount of meats, veggies, cheese, and then sprinkle on oregano and basil. I prefer a lot of mozzarella and a handful of cheddar.

This is a double batch which filled up a cookie sheet and five hungry adults. (I would normally space the sausage better, but I was rushing making three at once.)

Although higher in carbs, due to the extra sauce, my next attempt will be my “Achilles heel”: Chicago style (deep dish) pizza.

Hope you enjoy it.  In the meantime…



— The Older Brother’s Oldest Son

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  1. […] My daughter and I have tried many low carb pizza recipes. The cream cheese was good but too cheesy and had to eat with a fork, not our idea of pizza. The flax crust was good, but WAY too much flax and my IBS went into overdrive. Oops! So, we discovered by word of mouth the Fat Head pizza crust. It is AMAZING. Here is a link for the recipe, as I did not create it, got it here:… […]

  2. ClamDigger says:

    This looks scrumptious, can’t wait to make it…for which I bought 8 oz cream cheese just two hours ago. Had been making pizza crust with egg, mozzarella, Italine herbs, and nothing else, a recipe I found at SparkPeople. Very tasty but have to eat it with a fork. I hope this recipe becomes my go-to; we haven’t had “normal” pizza for 7 years (low-carbing) but perhaps it can be one of our regulars again. Thanks!

  3. ClamDigger says:

    Oops. Italian.

  4. Anita says:

    We were having a big chef salad with steak, instead of ham, but were “craving” some garlic bread to have with our salad. i made this crust, but put butter and garlic on it. WE LOVED IT!

    It completely filled my bread craving and I know I shall be making this and variations of this every week. Thank you!

    • Laurie Rosen says:

      Making garlic bread out of it? Brilliant! I’ll have to remember this. I’m just getting back to better eating after eating gluten free and high carb junk this month due to school. This pizza is going to save me! 🙂

  5. Melissa Kirk says:

    This recipe is perfect!!! We actually don’t use a microwave but in a small stainless steel sauce pan over very low heat and constant stirring… It comes out perfect! This recipe Lamont’s tastes better the second day and since it’s so filling you will have left overs for the second day! :-)) love it! Thank you!!!!

  6. Judy Cabrero says:

    How many carbs per slice,size?

  7. Jared says:

    Hey love this recipie just wanted to share tht I found adding Italian seasoning to the almond flour it will remove any sweetness from the almond flour makes it taste just like regular pizza crust

  8. Gayla says:

    Wow, this was awesome! Nice and firm, so you can actually hold it like regular pizza. I think next time I make it, I’ll try spraying a top sheet of parchment paper with Pam to cover the crust and roll it out with a rolling pin. Mine only made a 10 x 8 oval. But it was so much better than the cauliflower crust!

    • Gayla says:

      Just made it again, but I didn’t have any cream cheese, so I substituted half & half and a little oil. It worked! I also rolled it with a rolling pin sprayed with Pam. It was not nearly as messy and I got a rounder shape that way.

  9. Bob Niland says:

    We make this often, and since I just referenced it on another blog, let me add here what I mentioned there:

    Pre-grated cheese, including mozzarella, are often treated with natamycin (an anti-fungal) or similar antimicrobials. Check with your microbiome on whether or not this is a super swell idea.

    Grated cheeses often also have flow (anticaking) agents which can represent a wide variety of hazards.

    We usually end up buying the moz by the ball, and grating it during prep. This issue, of course, arises in almost any recipe calling for finely divided ingredients.

  10. Kim Mitchell says:

    I absolutely love this pizza! It’s easy to make and tastes delicious! I just need to calculate the net carbs. I got 10 slices from it.

  11. Hi there! Since there are a lot of different almond flours on the market, would you mind suggesting one? Thank you in advance!

  12. Darlene says:

    Delicious my family loved this pizza.

  13. Would this work if I made it ahead and froze or kept it in the fridge until ready to use? I woudld wait until using to add sauce and toppings. Thoughts?

  14. Glenys says:

    Could you use this dough to make a Stromboli or would it fall apart when wrapping up?

  15. Crystal says:

    I am starting KETO and one of my all time favorite foods is pizza! So I am trying out recipies and came across this. I was pleasantly surprised. I almost forgot that it was low-carb. So delicious!

  16. Peter Lefebvre says:

    I probably missed a comment here, but has anyone baked the crust, added toppings, and put it back in the oven, while oven was cooling? Or has anyone baked the crust with the toppings?

  17. mike says:


  18. Eve says:

    I have an allergy to almonds. What would be a good sub for the almond flour?

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