Greetings, fellow Fat Heads.

A few weeks ago, The Oldest Son found a great low-carb pizza recipe.  We already had a couple of recipes, but after this one, I don’t think we’ll be going back.  The other ones we had kept were really good, but we had to eat them with utensils.  With this one, the only way you know you aren’t holding a “real” slice of pizza in your hand is that, as mentioned in his write-up, you get full after a few slices, instead of going into that “I’m stuffed — give me another!” gluten-induced spiral.

He told Tom about it, and Tom suggested he write it up to share with all of you.  I have to say, for a guy who never liked reading or writing for fun, he did a pretty good job.  Be sure to try this at home, kids.


The Older Brother


An odd thing happened for the first time in a long time:

… Leftover pizza!

Part of this is because I rarely eat pizza, but mostly because it is incredibly filling (and healthy), so I highly recommend trying it even if you aren’t suffering from the new obesity disease… I hear that’s going around.

To give credit where it’s due, I am basing this recipe on one I found at  A friend and I then made a couple modifications. Go ahead and buy a few bags of mozzarella — you will be making more of this very soon.

The Crust:

1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella
¾ cup almond flour
2 tbs cream cheese
1 egg
Garlic salt
Parchment paper and cookie sheet


-put  mozzarella & cream cheese in a medium size  microwaveable bowl

After making some keto recipes, I found it best to cube up the cream cheese before melting with other cheeses

-Microwave for 1 min, stir and then another 30 sec, stir (very hot!)

-Stir in egg &  almond flour

-Wet hands and spread “dough” thin on parchment paper. It should spread evenly with dough-like consistency (if “stringy” then your cheese has hardened too much—just put it back in the microwave for maybe another 20 seconds)

-Dock (poke rows of holes) with a fork to avoid bubbling

-Sprinkle with garlic salt

-Put in 425 degree oven

-After about 8 minutes, check it and poke holes where any large bubbles may be.

-continue cooking for a total 12-14 min, or until slightly brown on top.

It should look like this:

Here is what I do for the toppings:

[Keep in mind that the toppings only cook long enough for the cheese to melt. Therefore, any meats you add need to be fully cooked.]

Before you begin making your crust, place the sausage on medium-low heat in a cast iron pan. I prefer ground Salciccia sausage—it is similar to Italian sausage. Do not stir too much or you will end up with taco meat consistency. After a few minutes you may need to use a baster to get excess water/grease out, but not too much. You want fully cooked, dime-sized sausages.

Put the sausage in a separate bowl, keeping the grease to sauté your veggies in!

Add a thin layer of pizza sauce, your desired amount of meats, veggies, cheese, and then sprinkle on oregano and basil. I prefer a lot of mozzarella and a handful of cheddar.

This is a double batch which filled up a cookie sheet and five hungry adults. (I would normally space the sausage better, but I was rushing making three at once.)

Although higher in carbs, due to the extra sauce, my next attempt will be my “Achilles heel”: Chicago style (deep dish) pizza.

Hope you enjoy it.  In the meantime…



– The Older Brother’s Oldest Son

131 Responses to “Weekend Bonus: The Older Brother’s Oldest Son’s Faux Carb Pizza”
  1. PeaRod says:

    Thanks for posting this recipe….I imagine this is a 100 times better than a cauliflower crust (I shudder to think!). I used garbanzo/fava bean flour instead of almond. It was delish, just a tiny tiny bit dense . But that’s probably because I had a hard time rolling out the dough. I ended up using an empty bottle to smooth it out. Question for you though….would it be possible to use a recipe for a regular pizza crust and just replace with non-grain flour instead? That would eliminate the cheese in the crust. Just curious, it was extremely filling and I think the cheese had something to do with that. Let me know your thoughts..


    • willowtreewade says:

      I LOVE the cauliflower pizza crust!

      • Michael Niedermayer says:

        I’m SO glad this isn’t cauliflower! I’ve tried and tried… but that’s the one veggie I can’t choke down. lol

        • Joyce says:

          I love cauliflower!! I do so much with it with cheese and butter. My grandson said I don’t eat that. Well we made it with butter, onions, parsley and cheese and mashed it like potatoes and we really enjoyed it. He finished my bowl when he comes over he wants me to make it. I do it with bacon bits too as a loaded potato only it is cauliflower or broccoli and I have put cream cheese or sour cream delicious.

    • Hanimii says:

      It is supposed to be filling! Fat = full, that’s the whole point of the cheese. Grain free flours are high in carbs, so if you are trying a low carb diet it wouldn’t work. I am sure there are plenty of other grain free flour recipes online though.

      • Dana says:

        That’s not true. If you get a bean-based flour then of course it’ll be carby, and tapioca and arrowroot are carby too, but almond and coconut flour aren’t carby, and they’re both grain-free. It all depends on what you use.

  2. Tammy says:

    To PeaRod: gluten is the stretchy bands that hold the dough together…if you used a non gluten flour the baked/finished crust would crumble and fall apart. The cheese in this recipe holds it all together. You can always try to do a low carb/gluten free without a binder but that has been my experience. Xantham gum helps in some recipes but I am still a newby at all of this so I couldn’t start to tell you how to go about it. Good luck!

    • Dana says:

      You can substitute for the lack of gluten by using another binder. Cheese is a binder, yes, but so are eggs. Flax can work too though I wouldn’t recommend it in large amounts. Chia might help; it’s often used as an egg substitute. Gelatin is sometimes used as a binder as well, though I haven’t yet run into a LC or Paleo pizza crust that used it. (I’m sure one exists, or will someday.)

  3. Tricia D says:

    I made this recipe a while back and it was AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing. I was always trying to find a good pizza crust recipe and never did until I found this :D Thank you for my family of pizza lovers.

  4. Patchwork girl says:

    Have a high allergy to almond so makes it hard to make the wonderful gluten free foods, is there a way to make this with coconut flour of something else?

    Give it a shot and see how it turns out.

    • Dana says:

      You can use coconut flour to make pizza crust–however, you cannot substitute it 1:1 for any other flour. It’s high in fiber and will turn out very dry. It would be useful to visit some Paleo cooking blogs to learn more about using it (the free approach–there are books on the subject as well).

  5. Lizze says:

    @Patchwork girl: coconut flour soaks up a LOT more liquid than almond meal/flour so if you use that instead start out with a much smaller amount (tablespoon, maybe two) and add a little more at a time if you find it necessary. You could also try any of the other flour alternatives on this list: . Just be sure to do your research with regards to allergen and nutrition information. HTH!
    TOB: Thank you for sharing this recipe! You are absolutely correct about the “feel” of eating faux pizza with utensils. I will have to try this one out on my family soon! :)

  6. Joe says:

    Are you showing a double batch in the pictures?
    The amount of cream cheese looks like a lot more than 2 tablespoons…

  7. Charlotte W. says:

    What can you use to replace the almond flour?

    I’d try another nut flour or coconut flour.

  8. Jen Hervey says:

    What is the carb count, do you know?

    I don’t know. I eat low-carb foods but don’t count grams. You’d have to check the labels for the ingredients as you measured them out and add up the carb grams.

  9. Eileen says:

    Would it work with flaxseed meal instead of the almond flour?

    I haven’t tried it.

    • Nanci says:

      I’m going to try it with flaxseed. Pretty sure it will work! I have a similar recipe for “crackers” using flaxseed and mozzarella.

  10. Mary says:

    By far the best pizza crust ever! You would never know it wasn’t the real deal.
    Thank you sooo much for sharing!

  11. Beth says:

    Great recipe! Made it for dinner tonight. I was surprised how filling it is. I love the fact that you can actually pick it up! Placed link to this page on Facebook and Pinterest.

    Thanks for posting. :)

    It’s been a real hit. One of our friends made it real thin, then just cut it up to use as “crackers.”

    The Older Brother

  12. Nicole says:

    Con you make a bigger batch and then freeze the rolled out crust?

    We haven’t tried it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. When The Oldest Son is making it for the family it’s a doubler recipe anyway, but that all goes in the oven. I can vouch that it’s as good cold the next day as any gluten-fest regular pizza.

    The Older Brother

  13. Jeanne Partin Hopkins says:

    I just made this…awesome recipe. Pizza is what I’ve been missing in my low carb high fat gluten free woe!!! This is definitely a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Judy says:

    I made this today and it was great. I had to substitute cheddar cheese for the mozzarella in the crust because I didn’t have enough mozzarella. Both my husband and I liked very much. Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. Jimy says:

    I learned the hard way tonight that wax paper is most definitely NOT the same thing as parchment. Talk about frustration…


  16. Mama K says:

    I NEED the deep dish recipe!! Have you perfected it yet?? ;) Thanks!! <3

    Haven’t even tried that yet.

  17. Lisa says:

    I have seen this recipe around for awhile now and FINALLY tried it. Best one yet!! My daughter LOVED IT!!! This is the keeper!

  18. Kathryn H says:

    To make this without a microwave was very easy!…. I just used my food processor …. Here is how…

    I put my shredded cheese(I used cheddar/Jack mixture), almond flour and garlic into the bowl of the processor… Pulsed until mixture resembled crumbs…. Put in the warmed cream cheese (I warmed it by setting it on the stovetop while the oven was warming) and egg.. Pulsed to combine….then, with a rubber spatula …gather it into a ball, placed onto a greased piece of parchment….placed another piece on top and with a rolling pin, rolled it out to a this round…. Then removed the top parchment and slid the crust onto my baking stone or cookie sheet…and baked as directed….

    Then, topped it with a garlic cream cheese mixture, sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese and green onions…baked again for about 5 minutes, broiling for the last minute…. Cut into 6 slices….easy to pick up!…. Yum!…. Thanks for the great recipe!

  19. ann says:

    One hint: when rolling out crust I just we’re my hands and the dough doesn’t stick. Thinner the better. I also take it out, flip and brown on other side for a crispy crust. So delicious!

  20. Brenda says:

    This was INCREDIBLY yummy!
    Recorded it with all the permanent lifelong recipes.
    I am HAPPY now!

  21. Melissa Cast says:

    Schocking good! Hubby and I were so delighted with how easy and :-)
    Already saved this and cant wait to have it again. Brilliant!!

  22. [...] pizza yet again.  I decided right then to try Cooky’s recipe (also known as the Fat Head Pizza crust).   I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!  The competition was [...]

  23. brittany says:

    Yummy! I’m new to low-carb eating and was craving pizza…glad I found this recipe. This is much better than the Little Ceasar’s binge I would have gone on. And I’m full! I probably will have to work to stay away from the leftovers since it’s so good, though! :D

    • brittany says:

      Also, I baked this on a silpat instead of parchment paper and it worked great. I used a rubber spatula to pat the “dough” out instead of a rolling pin. :)

  24. tj says:

    Tried it. Thumbs up from me and the b/f. Made half with hamburger, ollive and jalepeno and the other half with just black olives and onion. Used Great Value pizza sauce, only 4 carbs per 1/4 cup. Thank you!

  25. Deb says:

    I have been reading about this pizza and all the kudos it has been receiving for a while. Today I made it for my daughter & me and I must say this is the closest I’ve had to real pizza since starting keto. I am looking forward to making this with lots of other toppings. Thanx for the recipe. It’s beats everything out there.

  26. Dave says:

    The local grocery finally got some Bob’s Red Mill almond flour in stock! It seems expensive, but it’s so worth it compared to grinding my almonds. Pizza is now back on my menu!

    • Desiree says:

      I make it all the time with sunflower flour, much cheaper and easier to grind up. I toast them a little first. I actually prefer this flavor to the almond version

  27. Di says:

    This is the best Best BEST crust EVER! I have made a ton of them from Pinterest–cauliflower, zucchini, pork rind…and while they will do in a pinch, they all pale in comparison to this crust. I fed your pizza to a crowd of hungry teens, and it was the belle of the ball–REALLY! And you know if something passes the teen test, it’s GOTTA be good.

    There is a pie in the oven right now…ours is topped with uncured pepperoni and tomatoes….smells divine!

    Keep up your amazing work, Tom… teaching the masses the REAL science of eating and how our bodies work, and the truth about FAT—delicious good-for-you FAT! And keep your great recipes coming, too!!!!!

  28. Lo says:

    Have you or has anyone created the crust without the use of a microwave? If so, how did you do it?

    I haven’t.

    • Karen says:

      Kathryn H says:
      February 6, 2014 at 4:21 pm

      To make this without a microwave was very easy!…. I just used my food processor …. Here is how…

      I put my shredded cheese(I used cheddar/Jack mixture), almond flour and garlic into the bowl of the processor… Pulsed until mixture resembled crumbs…. Put in the warmed cream cheese (I warmed it by setting it on the stovetop while the oven was warming) and egg.. Pulsed to combine….then, with a rubber spatula …gather it into a ball, placed onto a greased piece of parchment….placed another piece on top and with a rolling pin, rolled it out to a this round…. Then removed the top parchment and slid the crust onto my baking stone or cookie sheet…and baked as directed….

      Then, topped it with a garlic cream cheese mixture, sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese and green onions…baked again for about 5 minutes, broiling for the last minute…. Cut into 6 slices….easy to pick up!…. Yum!…. Thanks for the great recipe!

  29. Laurie says:

    I made this recipe today. I was so excited to find shredded cheese at work on sale but was furious later when our dairy guy John, who Tom knows from the cruise showed me it’s processed cheese. It was still good though, although it tasted a little funny come to think of it. I’ll be careful the next time I buy cheese. It was a hit with my non-Paleo/Primal parents too! They loved it! I loaded it with sauteed sausage, peppers and onions fried in bacon fat & seasoned it all with garlic salt & oregano. I used organic canned tomatoes with oregano as the sauce. It was divine! This recipe is definitely going in the regular rotation! I’m going to try a foodie version with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes & chicken! I’ve missed pizza but haven’t eaten it since I realized I was hypoglycemic in my pre-low carb days after having a pizza party on our skibus then going into a blood sugar crash. It’s great to have a healthy version. Thanks, older brother’s oldest son! :)

    I had a serious crash the one time I went skiing, but blood sugar had nothing to do with it.

  30. sharoon says:

    I’ve made this twice & both times it came out horrible. First time it burt even though I followed directions to a t
    This time it was so crumbly I couldn’t even spread sauce on it. What am I doing wrong

    No idea without seeing it done.

  31. Ethel says:

    How long do you bake it once the toppings are on? Are the ingredients listed for the double batch? Or just the pictures?


    The ingredients look like the single batch to me. Bake it until the cheese is starting to brown.

  32. Kris says:

    Made this and all I can say is O.M.G…….and of course, THANKS!!!!!!

    I can now have pizza again!!!!! :)

  33. Rachel says:

    Oops, lost in translation, not a great result… Had to come back here and read through to comments to work out where I’d gone wrong. I’ve never seen ‘shredded mozzarella’ in the shops, so I shredded fresh mozzarella! Made a large skinny (and slightly soggy in the middle) crust LOL. Tasted excellent and fed four of us though so we’re more than willing to try again.

  34. Emily says:

    I started making this and realized while microwaving the cheese that I didn’t have any almond flour. The only thing I had similar in consistency was garbanzo bean flour, so I used that. I had some left over from the Wheat Belly pizza crust recipe I recently tried. I cooked it in a springform pan. I ended up with the BEST crust I have ever made… Not 100% paleo, and a bit higher in carbs. But still wheat-free, and it was just like “real” crust. Thank you so much for the idea. This came out great. I’ll take the nutritional profile of chickpeas over wheat any day.

  35. Marini says:

    I probably am just not seeing them, but what are the stats for this pizza? Cals, carbs, fats, etc…? Thanks.

    No idea. I haven’t calculated it.

  36. Kristin says:

    I found this recipe intriguing when it was first posted and frankly a great slice of pizza is my main cheat.I’ve generally had the philosophy that some things just shouldn’t be messed with.

    Okay, this is amazing. I made it tonight after a really overly-intense work week and wanted to treat myself with pizza. But I really didn’t want to incur the wheat tax. It was time.

    I don’t have a microwave anymore (by choice) so I used a double boiler. I melted the cheeses and the almond flour together, putting a cover on the bowl to keep in the heat which really helped it come together, and then added the egg after. I used a silpat and a silicon spatula which made the spreading very easy. I didn’t feel like making pizza sauce so I just used olive oil. I sautéed chicken thighs and onions in bacon fat and the other toppings were fresh spinach, chopped green olives and feta cheese. Finally I topped with fresh mozzarella.

    One piece filled me up entirely and now I have five pieces left. I’m REALLY glad that you mention leftovers are actually good because I have a ton. But this time pizza for breakfast isn’t going to be a guilty pleasure. I’ve posted pictures of my making this recipe (under the heading ‘oversharing your meal’) to my facebook page and oh yes I did post this link. I have a number of friends who are grain free or low grain who would appreciate this. Oh dear I’ve posted a much longer comment than I usually allow myself. Indulgence this evening on more than one level.

  37. kely mac says:

    looove this stuff!! wondering — i m tracking food for a while, dialing in the macros — wondering if anyine has seen nutritional breakdown on Fathead’s pizza..?? thx

  38. Gennie says:

    Finally a real pizza crust!!!! It was awesome! Thanks so much!!!!!! I have tried a bunch of recipes, and this is the winner!!!

  39. susansusan says:

    I used this crust recipe for crackers and they are very good!

  40. Suzy says:

    Love this crust! I also make the crust in smaller rounds and use as rolls for sandwiches.

  41. A Walker says:

    My 12 year old son made this pizza and LOVED it. He said it was very similar to a regular pizza crust but better because of the cheesy taste. :-)

  42. Annie says:

    I absolutely love this, and have made it about 10 times now. Half of the times it has worked perfectly, the other half it has turned out differently and looks like it has separated a bit and gone a bit crumbly. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. When it has gone wrong, it hasn’t puffed up nicely and has darkened around the edges and stayed very oily, it’s like the mixture hasn’t combined well enough, and I don’t know how to fix it! It’s definitely user error, I just need to work out where I am making the error. But anyway, I have been low carbing for over 10 years and have never come across a pizza crust as good as this. Highly recommend!

  43. Lori says:

    Hi Annie..mine came out crumbly and flat as well the first few times, then I thought hmm what can I do to make it rise a bit and I used a 1/2 tsp of baking soda and it came out perfect!! Hope that helps.

  44. Linda says:

    This sounds and looks good,but,I really like one I found on a low carb site that calls for eggs,whipped up,cream cheese,and grated parmesan all mixed together and spread on a parchment lined 9×13 baking dish.Bake at 400 until browned and solid looking.Take out of oven and add cooked ground sausage,hamburger,ham,whatever meat you want and whatever other toppings you like,including a light covering of no sugar tomato sauce ,sliced black olives,etc. and mozzarella cheese or whatever cheese you like.Put it under the broiler until cheese is melted .

  45. Jenny Tree says:

    I use 1cup whole wheat flour and 1cup plain natural soya yogurt for my pizza base and bake it about 12minutes then add sauce and toppings come very nice and. I love it

  46. Bex says:

    is there a way to make this without a microwave? (Yes, I live in the stone ages)

    • Stacey Bennett says:

      In one of the above comments, someone said they used a double boiler to melts the cheeses together. Good luck! It is delicious!

  47. Dede Markley says:

    Just made my first Fathead pizza with this recipe. So easy and SO good ! My husband loved it as well. This will not be the first.

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