7 thoughts on “Interviewed On The Charles Adler Show

  1. Brian

    It sounds like he watched Fat Head and became a fan!

    Although one of the canned intro lines to his show is “The show with so much fiber, it’s like a bran muffin for your brain!” I’m not sure putting my brain into a mental fog and making me ravenously hungry by 11am is what he’d like his show to be doing 😉

    Perhaps “bran muffin” wasn’t the ideal choice.

  2. Jen

    Great interview. I’m so glad that Fat Head continues to get so much attention. You do great work, Tom.

    Thank you.

  3. zach

    Was a good interview and was fun to listen to.
    I could hope that obesity being shown as a disease may help people actually investigate it properly. But as you said in the last post, it most likely will lead to drugs and surgery.
    As a medical professional I knew once said, “we do GREAT with trauma in medicine. We are horrible when it comes to disease”


  4. Sandra

    Was thrilled that you & your documentary are getting better exposure to Canadians via Charles Adler!! (my hubby & I have been fans of your website for longer thanks to Jimmy Moore’s podcasts) I get so frustrated as a beef rancher here in Saskatchewan because our product has been trashed & continues to be trashed in our main stream media. I do not know facts but my guess is a lot of funding for media here is probably from the grain industry because SK (along with the neighbouring states) is supposedly the “bread basket” of the world. Dr. Davis (Wheat Belly) was interviewed not long ago on a local radio program & I could sense the disinterest from the interviewer, it was held in such a way that people would have hardly paid attention to Dr. Davis’s message. Adler is broadcast across Canada so as a Canadian I’m so happy, happy, happy! (jumping up & down) … oh, and I’m also happy for your documentary to be getting out up here, too!! Will be purchasing a copy from you once we sell a cow … or two the way cattle prices are … Have a great day because I am, thanks to you!

    I suspect the advertising revenue from the makers of grain-based products does indeed figure into the media’s attitude about low-carb and paleo.

  5. Jeff

    Heard the interview with Charles the other day. I had seen your film while scrolling through Netflix so I watched last night. Was really impressed with what I saw. It has definitly made me think about changing some of my eating habits.

  6. Kristin

    My company sends out WebMD postings to our work emails. I’m getting to where I usually just delete them because every single one of them is parroting some stupid whole grains study or some similar nonsense. And there is never enough information to research what is behind the article. There was one that caught me eye recently, though. It was that some study has shown that weight loss surgery could be beneficial for people who aren’t hugely overweight and that it can help treat insulin resistance. Hang on. Here we go…

    Reducing someone’s stomach to the size of a baseball and then handing out instructions to eat protein and vegetables and skip all the refined carbohydrates will tend to do that.


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