I was interviewed earlier this week on Sam Feltham’s Smash The Fat Live show.  (I didn’t realize until the last minute it was a video show, so Chareva didn’t get a chance to run in and redecorate my office and adjust the lights, which is what she usually does.  Sorry if it looks a bit messy behind me.)

You can listen to/watch the interview here.

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  1. Sam says:

    Haha…it was an awesome interview Tom! Thanks for taking part 🙂

    My pleasure. Thanks for having me on the show, Sam.

  2. Vir-Gena Fowlkes says:

    My son told me that his 7th grade PE class would be watching Supersize Me this week. I asked him if they would also watch Fathead. He didn’t think so. He said that he would like to sneak in and switch it out with Fathead and really educate the students.

    I still wonder why with all those schools showing “Super Size Me,” more teachers don’t bother to check Spurlock’s math.

    • Rachel says:

      Because the math and science teachers aren’t the ones showing it….. And the Health / P.E. teachers were trained in “conventional wisdom!”

  3. Kristin says:

    Cool interview. So that is your office not straightened up? Geez, mine doesn’t look that good when I have worked to spiff it. If my company ever starts doing video-meetings I’m going to have to hang a curtain behind my work desk.

    I appreciated your details on how you and Chareva implement the high fat low carb eating in your family. I often feel kind of isolated with most of my friends and all my family still eating the low fat dogma three meals a day. And my personal trainer has quit bugging me about my diet but is clearly not happy with my choices. I’ve ordered Volek’s two books in order to work out how I need to eat for my high energy training sessions since I get no support from him. Hearing your family’s typical eating patterns and seeing that it matches my own pretty closely (and knowing you have worked directly with some of the experts) makes me feel more confident in my diet in the face of all the silent opposition I get.

    I’m a neat-and-tidy type, so “messy” for me would look fine to most people.

  4. Ash Simmonds says:

    Haven’t watched your interview yet, but funny that I just discovered this guy a couple days ago because he’s just started a 5,000 calories a day challenge eating mostly fat and protein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvycTi6Ta7Y

    I’m slowly collecting stories and data on how stupid the calorie theory is for when folks hand-wave everything and spout the usual “it’s all about calories in/out” nonsense: http://highsteaks.com/forum/whatever/calories-in-vs-calories-out-overfeeding-underfeeding-46.0.html

    Interesting results. Sam told me the result so far is that he’s lost a little bit of weight.

  5. The office looks great,don’t mind it!Anyway,thanks for the link,interesting view.Keep ’em coming!

  6. Firebird says:

    I just Plexed it to my Roku and watched on the TV. Really nice interview. Google + Hangout is a great tool. I’m working on a film project and last month we used Google Hangout so our producer/director could “attend” a meeting here on the east coast while he was in San Francisco.

    If time permits, that might be something to consider for Fat Head on regular/semi-regular basis.

    I have no idea what “Plexed it to my Roku” means, but I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

    • Firebird says:

      “Plex” is an app for Roku. Roku is a small box that streams video to your tv from the internet, via WiFi or hardwire connection to your computer. Roku allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and many other streaming services online to your TV. A lot of people, including myself, are ditching cable TV for Roku. BTW, streaming Hulu through Roku has allowed me to enjoy Fat Head on my TV while sitting on my recliner…first time I have seen it on something other than my computer screen.

      Plex allows me to find video content on my computer. Plex will pick up that video and send it to the Plex application on my Roku. I open up the Plex application and it has a queue of all the videos I have loaded into the application to watch on my TV. I can watch it whenever I want without having to go to You Tube, Vimeo, etc.

  7. Bill C. says:

    Great interview, Tom. Always a plethora of information.

    A bit off topic but I’m very exited about the new t-shirt to I found to compliment my “Wheat is Murder” t-shirt.


    I love it!

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