Cruise Singin’

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Yup, I figured someone had captured the annual cruise tradition of me singing “Elvira” with Jimmy Moore.  Denise Cripps (Chareva’s long-lost sister) uploaded this today.


5 thoughts on “Cruise Singin’

  1. Clint

    Good for you Tom, I’ve been dragged to Karaoke bars in the past and had a microphone shoved in my face, NO WAY JOSE! Funny thing, I use to be in a rock band a while back, but then I got to practice first.

    I never sang Karaoke before the low-carb cruises. It is all in fun, lots of people of widely varying singing ability get up there, so nothing to be nervous about.

  2. Lynda

    Excellent!! Jimmy is looking great and I loved your low voice in that Tom!!

    I am so going on the next low carb cruise… I’ve said that before but I’m going for sure!

    I hope to see you there.

  3. Kathy from Maine

    Too funny! I thought you were talking about the Tom Jones song, “My, My, My Elvira.” I just realized THAT song was “My, My, My Delilah”!

    I don’t even remember how Jimmy and I ended up singing the Oak Ridge Boys’ version of “Elvira” four years ago, but it’s now a tradition.


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