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Justin Smith, the producer of Statin Nation, has made the documentary available on YouTube.  I watched it today, and it’s excellent.  Take a look.

At the end of the YouTube version, Smith asks the audience to buy the DVD to support his efforts to warn people about the problems with statins.  I just ordered the DVD and would encourage everyone who enjoyed the film to do likewise.

You’ll find the order page here.


22 thoughts on “$tatin Nation Documentary

  1. Peggy C

    Watched it. Ordered the DVD. Sent link to friend who takes statins. Posted link to my FB timeline. I figure to pay for all that, the least I can do is order the DVD.

    I appreciate your efforts.

  2. Scott

    Awesome documentary it makes me mad how dishonest the medical establishment is, and I don’t know who Uncle Toby is but he can stick his oats where the sun don’t shine.

    Scientists are freakin’ liars.

  3. Miriam

    Thank you for this link. I’ll definitely be ordering his DVD. This needs to be more widely known, and this was well done. I’ve got several people in mind who need to watch this. And…I’m kind of considering sending one to a random nutritionist or cardiologist as a gift. Just look one up in the phonebook. If every Fathead, paleo, Atkins, or Taubes fan would send just one? I’m a realist. I know if we sent 2,000 that probably we’d be lucky if 100 actually watched it, and if 10 were actually intrigued enough to follow up on it. But it would be a start.

    And, just by the by, I noticed the headline this morning that Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono has lost 60 pounds in not very much time at all. Sadly, the comments are completely dominated by people arguing about her sex change. You just barely notice the part about how this dramatic weight loss came about via “avoiding grains and starches” and basing diet on “meat and vegetables,” which, really, is the most important thing. (http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/chaz-bono-ive-lost-60-lbs-202059561–abc-news-celebrities.html)

  4. Kathy

    Hi Tom — That is a great movie, and there is a lot of good information on the website as well.

    Was just wondering, of those folks (including you) who consume a (relatively) high-fat diet, what are your typical cholesterol levels? I’d love to hear about others and their “new normal’ (meaning, healthy) TC, HDL, and LDL levels. Would you like to share yours?

    I don’t know if there is a typical level. My last checkup (a couple of years ago) I was at total cholesterol 203, HDL 64, TG 71.

    1. Lori

      I went on a saturated fat fest a few years ago and my TC went from 135 to 140. HDL went from 42 to 57. Weight went from 140 to 119. A year later, my HDL was 65 and my weight was the same.

      My next-door neighbors had very different cholesterol levels on the same diet: his was low, hers was high.

    2. Jim Butler

      If you click on the cholesterol links to the left…and start digging into that, you’ll likely stop caring what your levels are, as they are pretty much meaningless. If you only read one thing, read “Don’t Die Early”.


      Rocky’s book is outstanding, I agree.

  5. Ash Simmonds

    I watched it a while ago after having been looking forward to it since 2011 I think, unfortunately the message is delivered very dry – some long meandering rambles and so forth, and even though I’m an enthusiast for this stuff I had trouble sitting through it, so I’m left wondering if it’ll fall on deaf ears.

    1. Nads

      I agree. Fat Head was more effective a style of message for me, and one I’ve watched over and over and recommended to people on countless occasions.

      Thank you.

      1. Ash Simmonds

        Same – I’ve watched part two of Fat Head probably a dozen times, and got probably dozens/hundreds/dunno other people to as well. Statin Nation I’ve recommended simply for folks on them to understand it better, but it’s a hard sell to anyone else really.

  6. Nowhereman

    Interesting documentary. Most of that is information I’ve already heard before, but there was some that is new to me, and the presentation was pretty good. It also brought up a god point that when the research funding from the government was cut, the researchers fell back to getting study grants from the big drug companies, which in turn suppressed data from getting out and skewed the results in favor of the funding company’s product(s). So sometimes having government involvement can be a good thing.

    Which means we’ve really suffered a triple wammy in the 70s and the 80s from both bad government policy (the McGovern Commission), bad science from Ancel Keys, and bad or suppressed science due to corporate sponsorship. I mean talk about a perfect storm for disaster…

    I have less confidence in government-sponsored research than the guy they interviewed. It was the Surgeon General’s office that buried a study on saturated fat and heart disease when they didn’t like the results, and it’s been a lot of USDA-funded studies promoting grains.

  7. DiscoStew

    I bought the DVD. It has extended interviews on it……


    That’s partly what makes a DVD worthwhile even after you’ve watched a film. That’s why we included both “Big Fat Fiasco” and another 40 minutes of interview footage on the Fat Head DVD.

  8. Paul

    Glad you got round to watching this! He had a kind of kickstarter campaign to get this documentary running and I feel proud to have contributed. The dry delivery is very British way of doing these things, it’s done in a few other documentaries, ‘touching the void’ being a classic example of dramatic events with a deadpan delivery.

    I find that most most documentaries take an understated, just-the-facts approach. I have no problem with that if I’m interested in the subject matter.

  9. Becky

    I watched this the other day and immediately sent it to my parents, who are in their 60’s and both prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs. I have been trying to convince them not to take them for a while now. My mom told me earlier today that after watching it, they both threw the drugs in the trash. Thank you for sharing this, and bless that man who made this film. The documentary had enough authority to finally convince my folks.

    Outstanding! You may have saved them from early-onset dementia. I wish I’d known this stuff 10 or 15 year ago. I might still be able to have conversations with my dad.

  10. Tom (some other dude)

    Thanks for the link!

    Using the same (bs) logic as with saturated fat leading to high cholesterol and heart disease, one could say that:
    A: Statins are drugs…
    B: …and drugs are bad for you…
    C: …therefore statins must be bad for you.

    The difference is of course that in my example all three statements are actually true individually.

  11. Razwell

    I forgot to mention, Tom: Have you seen the article from US News in 2008 called “7 Reasons Not To Dismiss Your Statin Pain”? The comment section tells the story about how many poeple suffer. 26 pages worth.


  12. Dorian

    Really enjoyed the movie! Tried to send it to some friends, but when they tried to play, they got the message “This video is private”. I’m guessing we missed our free time window, but if we can still watch for free, how do we do that?

    I was able to pull up the official version on YouTube. It may not allow people to open it from an emailed link. You have to sign in to YouTube with an account to view it. Something about becasue it’s not rated(?). It’s also available if you have Hulu Plus. I don’t think it’s on NetFlix right now.

    — The Older Brother

  13. Ariella

    Shoot, I can’t access the video either. It’s private when embedded here, private when opened in youtube using the youtube link in the movie’s bottom right area (even when I’m logged into youtube through my google account), and Justin’s channel only offers excerpts.

    It’s ok. I’m happy to just order the DVD. =D

    Hmmm. They must’ve changed the availability to the whole program. You can watch a 13 minute clip now if you go directly to YouTube.

    –The Older Brother

  14. Daytona

    When I try to view the video embedded in your post it says “This video is private”. Maybe he decided to take down the video? I was hoping to get a sneak peak while I waited for the DVD to arrive. 🙂

    Looks like they did take it down. Now there’s a 13 minute clip on YouTube.

    –The Older Brothre

  15. Ellinas Ohio

    I have just recently been prescribed 5mg Crestor after my Cardiologist diagnosed slight plaque buildup in my left Carotid artery (used a Carotid ultrasound test). From what I understand, the plaque buildup is not severe, but of concern to him. Since the diagnosis, I went on a strict, organic, low carb, low sugar, low glycemic index diet, and went from 231 pounds to my current 212. My goal is to stay on the healthy diet forever, and to drop to 180 pounds (i’m 5′ 8″). My cholesterol numbers look OK, and are improving. I have NOT taken the Crestor yet, even though I filled the prescription. I’m in the process of researching options. I also came across, and ordered Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s book titled ‘Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease’. Looking forward to any comments or suggestions, as I want to be around for my 8 year old’s wedding one day!

    Esselstyn will tell you to become a vegetarian. I’d give this site a peek before making any decisions. Dr. Davis has reversed plaque buildup in his patients.



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