Analysis Of The “Meat Kills!” Study

I explained in yesterday’s post that I wasn’t going to do a full analysis of the latest “meat kills!” study because it’s full of the same old garbage I’ve covered in previous posts about other “meat kills!” studies.

If you’d still like to see a full analysis, Zoe Harcombe gave the study a well-deserved pounding. You can read her analysis here.


13 thoughts on “Analysis Of The “Meat Kills!” Study

  1. pinkpoison

    Dear Tom,

    did you see the latest study from Mrs. Rohrmann – yes, the same Mrs Rohrmann from Zurich – published yesterday in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition?

    Title: Meat consumption and diet quality and mortality in NHANES III

    Totally different outcomes 🙂 No links between red meat and processed meat and meat consumption and mortality at all. And men seem to live even longer, when they eat white meat 🙂

    I think that’s so ridiculous – 2 studies in one week from the same person and totally different results.

    Best regards and greetings from Germany

    Robert aka pinkpoison

    Just goes to show what these studies are worth.

  2. Liz

    Ha, I was going to post that article as well! So here’s a thought instead that relates to the article’s claim that her kids are “too skinny.”

    Ever watch The Goonies? When I was a kid, Chunk was really fat to me. Nowadays, his body type is the norm. Most kids tend to look like him.

  3. Cyborcat

    About the Gwyneth Paltrow article that someone linked to, I’m really glad to see a celebrity endorsing LCHF way of eating.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think in general people care way too much about what celebrities do and say, but the fact is, people do care (how many people went on the Master Cleanse because Beyonce did it?), so I’m glad to know at least one is setting a good example amongst all the vegans and such.

    I don’t like celebrity-worship, but since they do have influence (like it or not), I’m glad she’s being outspoken.

  4. labrat

    Ever notice that none of these studies try to look at the data to parse out the effect of starchy foods? If anyone knows of any please post links.

    My thoughts exactly. People who eat a lot of processed meat often eat those meats with bread, pizza crust, etc.

  5. Bo

    According to some research most centenarians have been eating red meat on a regular basis, Let’s see how the priesethood of nutrition/medicine explain that.
    So if one does not want to live a long life, skip the meat and fat. Perhaps the Ornish-diet will do the trick..

    I’ll eat the steaks and take my chances.

  6. labrat

    Ever read the NHANES FFQ? I’ve been perusing it. No way could I answer these questions with any accuracy.

    My favorite question: #133 How often do you eat butter on “bread products”? 133a How often was the butter you ate on these breads low-fat or fat free? Question #134 is the same only for margarine.

    Please don’t hurt your head again.

    I’ll be careful.

  7. Walter Bushell

    I suppose that if there can be fat free cream (Land of Lakes be ashamed, be very very extremely ashamed) there can be fat free butter with (unlabled) aspartame.

  8. desmond

    Perhaps you should offer Gwyneth Paltrow a part in “Fat Head 2: Revenge of the Bologna”? She can lead the PTA resistance movement, smuggling whole milk into the school cafeteria, trying to make kids truly healthy and hunger-free.

  9. Marilyn

    @Walter Bushell: If there can be “fat free cream,” then I supposed I should not be surprised at the fat free “butter mints” I saw pictured in a catalog this afternoon.


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