Busy Tonight

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I’m spending tonight finishing (I hope) a side project for a software client.  I also need to work a bit with Sara on a speech she’s giving next week.  Since she’s not a teenager yet, she still respects my opinions on these matters.

I’ll have a post ready tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Busy Tonight

  1. Bill C.

    Take your time. I have plenty of bacon to munch on while I wait. Maybe I’ll dunk it in butter.

    A line from King of the Hill: “Mr. Hill, you look like a man who butters his bacon.”

  2. Linda R

    Enjoy the respect from your girls as long as it is still available. My girls didn’t realize how intelligent I really was till they reached their twenties! It was amazing how my intellect improved when they hit 22 or so!

    There are three phases in a man’s life:

    1. My daddy can beat up your daddy.
    2. My dad’s an old man who doesn’t know anything.
    3. Well, it’s like my father used to say …

    Can’t remember who said that, but it’s true.

  3. DeniseW

    Be encouraged Tom, not all teenagers are created the same….my teens (16 & 17) still ask me and their dad for help with their school work and respect our opinions.

    I hope that’s what happens, but we’ll see. Sara is strong-willed and independent — traits I hope she keeps — so I’m psychologically prepared for teen years in which she decides I don’t know anything.

    I once asked a co-worker how his daughter was doing. His reply: “Well, she’s 13 now, so I went from being the smartest guy in the world to one of the dumbest.”

  4. Walter Bushell

    Hey great idea, bacon cooked in butter, better ghee. Then take the fat as a base for mayonnaise mixed with MCT oil so it stays fluid.


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