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The updated version of Fat Head I’ve mentioned a couple of times is finally available.  We received a shipment of DVDs while I was at work yesterday.  Being a cruel husband, I asked Chareva to watch it to make sure there weren’t any video flaws.  We’ll sell the DVD ourselves — I’m not making the mistake of trusting another DVD distributor.

(The good news is that you’re our number one seller!  The bad news is that we just declared bankruptcy and used the proceeds from your film to float our operations there at the end.  Sorry about the two years’ worth of residuals you’ll never see.)

Gravitas, the digital-content distributor who put Fat Head on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Play and iTunes (also the only distributor we like) will be distributing it to the same markets overseas — at long last.

Creating a version our lying-sack-of-@#$% international “distributor” can’t lock down and sit on was part of the motivation, but I’m glad I updated the film regardless.  It was due for a facelift.

I named it Fat Head: Director’s Cut, even though I’m the director and cut both of them.  To make room for a followup sequence at the end, I cut two sections from the film.  The first was the section about kids not walking to school anymore, people driving everywhere, etc.  After I learned more about the negligible effect exercise has on weight loss, I cringed a bit every time I watched that section.  What the research shows is that kids start getting fat first, then they stop moving around as much.  Before they get fat, the kids who become fat later are just as active on average as their peers.

The other section I cut is this:

I didn’t cringe what I saw that section, but it appeared late in the film and felt out of place. I dealt with Morgan Spurlock’s nonsense sufficiently in the first part of the film; no need to give him another whack near the end.  I uploaded that section to YouTube since it’s not part of Fat Head anymore.

Now, for the new stuff:  cutting the sections I mentioned above gave me time to add a follow-up section at the end.  Since I want anyone who has the old version and is considering getting the updated version to know exactly what’s been added, here it is.  The YouTube video below starts from about a minute before the new section:

We have a couple of boxes of the old version left, but I decided to retire that one.  For the past month or so, I’ve been emailing people who ordered the DVD to ask if they’d like to wait for the updated version.  Every single one said yes.  If you’ve been waiting for an order, it went out today.  We spent a big chunk of last night getting caught up.  If you order a DVD from this point forward, you get the updated version.  For those who asked recently, yes, the international version plays everywhere.  It’s the only version available.

That’s one big project out of the way.  I have another roast to write and produce before the low-carb cruise in May, then I have two more projects I hope to finish this year:  the book and companion DVD Chareva and I have been kicking around, and the Fat Head soundtrack  — if Tom Monahan and I can ever coordinate our schedules.

p.s. — Chareva’s brother and his new bride will be arriving today and staying through the weekend.  I’ll check comments, but won’t be writing another post until Monday.


61 thoughts on “New Year, New Fat Head DVD

  1. Stephanie

    This sounds great! Do you know if it’s on Netflix Canada?

    I’m not sure if Gravitas intends to go after that market, since the old version is already there.

  2. Traxton

    Will you make the movie available via paid download, or something similar? It would be nice for us foreigners to be able to get a hold of the movie fast.

    Absolutely. That’s what Gravitas is working on now. They’ve wanted to do that ever since they got such a big response on Hulu and Netflix in the USA, but our foreign “distributor” was sitting on the rights and wouldn’t let go. So now Gravitas has the new version. I’ll let everyone know as it becomes available overseas.

  3. Justin B

    Will Gravitas be updating the versions, or at least adding the new version, on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc., so that when I recommend the movie to people, they see this one?

    I think that’s in their plans. First priority is to finally get a streaming/download version available outside the USA.

  4. David Bird

    Informative and entertaining, always a plus Tom. This is one of the best documentaries ever made and a personal favorite of mine, even if I am a little biased towards the information revealed in the film. But it’s only because it’s true.

    Thank you.

  5. CJW

    Hey Tom,

    It’s pretty awesome of you to put the updated material on YouTube for free, for those of us who’ve already bought your original DVD.

    Good stuff too. Thanks!


    Thank you for buying the first DVD.

  6. Firebird

    It sucks that the ads leading up to your video are of Gigiorno Pizza. Love the update!

    Not sure, but did you review “The Perfect Human Diet”?

    I haven’t seen it yet. Unlike some of the “Fat Head” reviewers on Amazon, I’m a firm believer in watching a film before posting an opinion.

  7. Vicki McKinnon

    I have a dilema. I was introduced to your movie through my Son and daughter in law (both of which were on the last cruise and learned so much) I have been going low carb for a while and started using more animal fats. The dilema came when I had my yearly check up and found that I now have a fatty liver. I attribute this and other gastro intestinal problems that have popped up to the fact that I don’t have a gall bladder. I can’t find anything out there to help with this. I have given up on animal fats for the time being and am using coconut oil instead. Can you help?

    I haven’t looked into gallbladder issues, but blogger Jamie VanEaton (who doesn’t have a gallbladder) has. I’ll let her address that issue:

  8. Andrew

    Thanks Tom! Curious, is your focus at all on your diet being ketogenic? I recall a post some time ago on your blog about under 100g carb = Ketosis. I am there by way of my low carb high fat diet and was just curious if your intentions are to be ketogenic or just a paleo/primal diet where whole foods are consumed without regard to ratios like how many carbs found is veggies etc vs how much fat you consume in a day as long as your foods consumed are single ingredient like meat, fish, egss, veggies, fruits and nuts etc. Look forward to your reply. Thanks!

    When I picked up a blood ketone meter, I found that I’m usually just barely nipping at the lower end of ketosis, at least as “nutritional ketosis” is defined. I was able to raise the ketone level temporarily by consuming less protein, but found I feel better when I don’t limit my protein. So my goal isn’t necessarily to get into nutritional ketosis and stay there. I got leaner and stronger with my current diet, I like my current diet, so I’m sticking with it. I don’t count carbs anymore, but also don’t eat foods that are high in carbs, so I’m on a low-ish carb diet without tracking the numbers specifically.

  9. bill

    When I click on buy the dvd, it only has the “international version” Is that the one to buy in the USA? The dvd at the top of the list of products?

    There’s only one version now, and it plays everywhere. We labeled it as international because the version produced by our first distributor ONLY worked in North America, and some people overseas made the mistake of buying it. I’ll update the order page to make it more clear.

  10. TonyNZ

    Thanks for the update, but sorry, the fix is in. You have to eat carbohydrates with your dinner meal.

    Apparently, when they concentrated their carbohydrates in a bunch in the evenings they felt more full than spreading them through the day. This proves that you must eat carbs in the evening, right?

    To me it proves that if you cut carbs at your other two meals (i.e. no insulin stress for a 16 hour window), it more than offsets the negative effects of the dinner carbs.

    I notice they never did a control group of people that ate no carbs at dinner or no carbs all day.

    This study certainly seems designed to find the results that they wanted.

    So the key is to eat all your carbohydrates in one meal and jack up your blood sugar. Okay, that makes sense.

  11. TonyNZ

    Sorry, should have said doesn’t prove anything, just provides evidence for.

    One could guarantee that if the results were the other way round it would be “proof” that you need carbs with every meal.

  12. Stephen Brand, CPT, SFN, SFN

    Good job, Tom! Can we get a discount on the new DVD if we have the old one? Hanana…maybe we can trade the old for the new? Just kidding really. By the way, you look great!

    We’ll compromise: for people who already have the old version, I’ll use extra tape on the package if they order the new version.

  13. Ailu

    Just finished watching the new section – and WOW. Tom, you look fantastic!

    And I am so happy you added the the part about wheat. Both my husband and I can’t believe the improvement in our health since chucking the stuff. The word’s starting to get out, but every bit helps!

    I wasn’t aware of the issues with modern wheat when I made Fat Head, so I was happy to add that part.

  14. Diane

    Hi Tom. I have often joked that I was on a “fitness program” in school called “walking.” I walked 2 miles a day, to school and back. And then I went to college and started driving and taking the bus everywhere.

    However, that’s not all that made me “twice the woman I used to be.” Other contributing factors include PCOS and oh yeah, getting older. I am surrounded by people who aren’t my size.

    Right now I’m not sold on the low carb thing but I do believe in trying to eat healthy. Though I do believe in “lower carb” and use the Zone Macros.

    Many blessings. You are on the right track. Next week I’m going to the doctor, going to tell him that “statins have no measurable benefit for women” and tell him I’m going to swap my statin for fish oil or krill oil and see what happens. Last time I saw my bloodwork, I noticed my triglycerides were high and he said statins do nothing for them and fish oil does. So if statins don’t help my bigger problem then why am I wasting my money?

    People around the world remain lean and healthy on different levels of carbohydrate intake, so I believe it’s more a matter of avoiding sugar and grains than adhering to any magic carbohydrate ratio — if you don’t have existing metabolic issues. For people who are diabetic or experience big glucose spikes from starches, restricting carbohydrates can make a world of difference.

    Good luck with your doctor.

  15. Donna Miller

    What a great update! Thanks so much for posting this for us long-time Fat Head fans.

    Thank you for watching.

  16. alexandra

    Great job tom, wraps it up beautifully!

    @Diane My understanding of the basic cause of PCOS is that when the ovaries are endlessly “bathed” in insulin…via a woman’s high carb diet.. the ovaries begin to produce testosterone leading to the many problems associated with PCOS, including infertility, male pattern hair growth and baldness, etc. interestingly.. when men “bathe” their bodies in too much insulin, they start over producing estrogen… hence the prevelance on Moobs and other womanly features on men. This should be enough to tell us that we are NOT meant to eat high carb. Mother nature wants men to be men and women to be women. One of the speakers on the Low Carb Cruise last year said: ” low fat, high carb diets…turning men into women and women into men”

  17. K

    Nice work, Tom! Thank you for your integrity in sharing the new part with viewers so they can decide if they want the updated version. Outstanding. I think I’ll have to order a copy just on principle. 🙂

    Wheat doesn’t seem to bother me too much, although I occasionally get tummy gurgles when I eat it, which is very rarely. One main reason for me not to eat it is all wheat-based products just take up valuable stomach real estate that could be filled with food that actually has nutritional value – like eggs, asparagus, sweet potatoes, etc – and taste (same list here). Calories really do matter, so I want to spend mine on the good stuff.

    Further, the stuff is expensive! Most people here probably don’t even look at the stuff on the grocery shelves any more, but take a look sometime. Crackers used to be cheap, but now a regular box will run $3.50 or more. Ditto for bread, which is $3 to $4 a loaf. Don’t get me started on cereal! So this nutrition-void, tasteless stuff that could harm some people will take a chunk out of a food bill. Sorry, but I’d rather put those dollars toward some good butter, pecans, zucchini, eggs, and other actual, real food.

    So those two aspects coupled with the knowledge that this isn’t your grandma’s wheat make it quite easy for me to pass on wheat products.

    I look forward to the book! Hope it will be out before too long. For now, I’ll enjoy the new DVD and more blog posts.

    Take care and all the best.


    Some people could no doubt eat all the wheat they want and never experience health problems, just like some people can smoke and live to be 95. I do believe changes in the wheat are likely a reason we’ve seen sharp rises in Celiac and other digestive ailments.

  18. Trina

    Loved the Dr. Davis clip Tom (big fan of Wheat Belly here). I’m curious though, I’m just getting into Fat Chance by Dr. Lustig and he seems to be making the point that McDonald’s is addictive (for some) and that over weight folks may not have a lot of choice (it’s their hormones driving their desire to eat and move less). Do you agree with any of his theory?

    I believe people get hooked on sugar, not McDonald’s specifically. I saw a study showing that obese people who live near fast-food restaurants frequently get their sugar fixes at those establishments, but in areas where there aren’t fast-food restaurants, there are just as many obese people and they get their sugar fixes (in the same amounts) from foods they buy in stores. So it’s a bit like blaming a popular sports-bar chain for alcoholism.

    Yes, I believe hormones drive the desire to eat more and move less, absolutely. We can influence those hormones to a large degree through diet.

  19. Bullinachinashop

    Is it just me or did your voice change?

    Different recording environment, different microphone, different digital processor. Maybe my voice has changed a little in the past three+ years, but I’d say the equipment figures into it as well.

  20. Keith

    Just watched Fat Head again tonight, but this time with my mother who is staying with us for a couple weeks. To say it was eye-opening for her would be an understatement.

    She has decided to eat what I eat while she is here and see how she feels and if she drops any weight. I myself have lost 13 pounds in the last 3 weeks, so she is very encouraged.

    My question to you – how did you deal with the cravings? It always comes back to that for me. I CRAVE sweets when I see them. I CRAVE Dr. Pepper (I’m from Texas, you see)….you get the point. Maybe my willpower isn’t what it should be, but any helpful pointers wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

    BTW – your new pictures look great. I hit 6ft, 270lbs (what we like to call in Texas a ‘big ol’ boy’) and just could not take it any more. Hope to be able to see my toes without sucking in my gut sometime in the near future….preferably before our 20th anniversary in October. 🙂

    Your body will crave sugar for awhile. For many of us, it goes away after awhile.

  21. Max Gazzara

    Great addition to the film Tom! I’m so glad I found your documentary in June of 2010 – you were the final straw that convinced me to go Primal (after reading Mark’s site for a few months here and there). After Fat Head I knew saturated fat was not to be feared. Glad to see you and your family are enjoying life!

    Thank you.

  22. David

    That is really neat how you made the follow up! I have seen many of those processed low carb junk foods like the ice cream, Atkins products, and so forth, but I almost never buy them. Recently I did try an Atkins bar out of curiosity but it wasn’t all that great. I do like the Quest nutrition bars on occasion as they have no by-products, gluten free, uses stevia, and everything more real. Also Zevia brand soda, So Delicious coconut milk ice cream that uses stevia instead of cane sugar, I do enjoy. But as far as most snacks and foods, I do like eating real food.

    I was even eating low-carb pasta for awhile. Primary ingredient: soy flour. Cringe.

  23. Sarah

    What a timely post! I wrote to you almost 2 years ago to compliment you on your film. I was interested in the science behind low carb eating but could not really commit to it. Finally, after binging on candy after Halloween 2012, I woke up and realized I was sick of being overweight almost my whole adult life. I decided to cut sugar and grains out of my diet completely for 2 weeks just to see if I would feel any better. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it but I did. Two weeks turned into 2 and a half months and I’m down 15 lbs. I have another 10 to go but I know I can do it. I love how I look and feel! Now if I can just get my husband on board. He loves my progress but loves sugar even more. Thank you for helping me change my life! You are working wonders! I recommend your movie to anyone who tells me they want to lose weight. If I can do it, anyone can.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I hope your husband gets on board.

  24. Merlin

    This is primarily a reply to Keith’s inquiry about cravings. My experience was that removing wheat from my diet was the best way to get rid of sweet cravings. The rest of the grains followed shortly thereafter.

    The only sugar I still add to anything is the 1 tsp of palm sugar (GI 35) that I add to my morning coffee – and I’m still trying to get rid of even that!

  25. Elenor

    BRAVO! I ordered it without even bothering to look at your posted clips (what a great guy you are, Tom!).

    I find that, having cut wheat out almost entirely, when I DO ‘sneak’ (ha.) some pretzels or bread, my carpal tunnel come roaring back (ow.) and my arthritis in my hips returns. Back when I started cutting back in wheat, I used to wish that I WOULD have the immediate bad effects (albeit way WAY less!) that celiacs or people who are *actually* wheat sensitive would have, as a … well, built-in barrier to eating wheat. {sigh} Be careful what you wish for. (Except it IS a good thing, cause it DOES keep me on the straight-and-narrow and off the wheat!)

    And now I’m off to do my Body By Science weightlifting! Thanks for the new Fathead!

    Wheat usually gives me an immediate reminder in the form of pain in my surgically-repaired shoulder.

  26. Charles-André Fortin

    It’s look like Fathead Director Cut will be available in Canada.:P

    We’ll certainly ship the DVD there. I hope Gravitas can go after those digital markets too.

  27. Chris

    I’m glad I found your documentary sooner rather than later. And I’m very glad you have updated it with the new ending. The Dr. Davis interview is a great touch. Taking out the “walking thing” works for me too. It’s hard for all of us to admit that exercise has a negligible role in weight loss. My jogging shoes have been hung up for the last 15 years and my knees thank me every day.

    I am off to City Wide Super Slow in Chicago for my weekly 20-minute exercise routine. This is my eighth year and I’ve managed an average of 48 workouts per year during that stretch. At age 62, I am stronger than I was as a 21-year old NCAA College Division all-American high jumper. Watching the clip of your chest press, I would only tell you want my trainer Brent tells me every week: “Loose face” and “Breathe it up!” I will spare you the shirtless picture for now, but it’s awesome.

    Loose face … good description. When I worked out with Jimmy Moore last year, he kept reminding me to breathe. No idea why I tend to forget that.

  28. zbillster

    Glad to hear it’s being updated. I do think it’s unfortunate that you cut out Dr. Mary Dan Eades’ comment about how Spurlock could have lost the weight much faster and easier on low-carb than vegan dieting, because when I first watched Fat Head and was woefully ignorant of low-carb facts, this statement really made an impact on me and my opinion of Super Size Me, and was one of the key statements that lead me into exploring low-carb living and my subsequent 30 lb. weight loss and improved blood values.

    I recommend the film to friends, and have one who thanked me after watching it and is on her way to a healthier body.

  29. johnny

    Tom, you look great without a shirt. Your body fat % must be at or below 15. What a great advertisement for LCHF. I’m all fired up.

    By the way, do you do leg work at the gym or is your frisbee all your leg work?

    I don’t know what my body fat percentage is, but it’s certainly gone down in the three years since I released Fat Head. I still have some softness around the middle, but I’ll probably always have a bit of that.

    I normally do leg presses at the gym and use entire stack. (It’s not heavy-duty equipment. The entire stack is only 325 pounds.) I’ve had to back off on the weight and work my way back up since the knee surgery. My left knee is still weak, but coming along.

  30. Frank

    Are there any new extras on the new DVD?

    Same bonus tracks as before: an extra 30 minutes of interviews with my on-camera experts and my Big Fat Fiasco speech.

  31. JB

    Have you considered a special for a combo of the new and old fathead DVDs for say, for example, $25?

    I hadn’t thought of that. I assume most people buying the new one aren’t interested in the old version.

  32. Lauren

    I would like to purchase the new DVD, but I can’t find the link for it – only the one that leads to the international version. I suspect it’s User Error (as my husband tells me everytime I wail about the printe not working only to find I forgot to put paper in it). Can you help? Thank you!

    We haven’t swapped in new graphics or text yet, but if you order a Fat Head DVD, you get the new version.

  33. Firebird

    “Maybe my voice has changed a little in the past three+ years, but I’d say the equipment figures into it as well.”

    Therefore a low carb diet can alter your voice.

  34. Kim

    I don’t know what it is, Tom, but I can’t read a single blog post of yours without laughing til it hurts & the tears run down my legs. Why do you do this to me? Anyway, I loved the original and I’m sure I’ll love the updated, deluxe DVD.

    Thanks for all the endorphins from reading your blog (and whatching your docucom)!

    If the tears run all the way down to your legs, I’m doing something right. Apologies for any ruined hose, however.

  35. DeniseW

    Thanks Tom! I am ordering FatHead and Science for Smart People. We homeschool and these will be put to good use in my high school logic/critical thinking class and my high school health and nutrition class. God Bless you and your family Tom!

    Blessings to you and yours as well.

  36. Rick

    Hey Tom,

    I apologize if you addressed this already but had you ever considered a Fathead 2 of sorts? Perhaps including more of the opinions and studies of Dr Davis, Gary Taubes, Dr. Lustig and their takes on nutrition and exercise. Seems like you all stand by many of the same concepts, and stand against many of the same. Hope to see it. Thanks

    I’m going to produce a DVD companion to go with the book Chareva and I are working on. Lustig and Davis have already sat down with me for on-camera interviews.

  37. Bret

    It makes me sick that a corrupt band of thieves is stealing all the profits from this fantastic movie that has enabled hundreds, if not thousands, of people to reclaim their health, including me and my wife (50 lbs off collectively and we are feeling great). If I were a rich man, I would provide all the legal fees you would need to track down these low-lives (both the international distributor and your original bankrupt distributor) and squeeze every penny out of them that they owe you, and then watch them rot in prison–all of which is better than they deserve. I’ve gotta say, if I went through what you did, I think I would be so overcome with disgust that I would never want to think about the project again. Good for you for staying positive throughout the whole experience and making a new version. Can’t wait to see it!

    I looked into legal action against the international distributor. I’d have to sue them in Canada, which would be very expensive and could drag on for a long time — and the end result could simply be that they’d be ordered to relinquish the rights. I decided it would be better for me both financially and emotionally to let go and move on. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond.

  38. David

    I just saw your comment on my post on how the “low carb” ingredient to those junk foods had soy. Whether soy is low carb or not, I never liked it. I remember talking to someone on the Atkins chat room on the website and she considered going vegetarian because the new Atkins diet has that option. But I said “I wouldn’t recommend that lifestyle especially because soy products are usually processed and unnatural.” “But Atkins said it was ok!” I’m not saying all, but a lot of dieters on Atkins all seem to associate the diet with eating soy and processed low carb foods or that “all carbs are fattening!” But I just tell people I take ideas from Atkins as far as using certain dairy products, adding salt, and certain things in moderation like Zevia cola but I try to keep more of my ways closer to Paleo like making flour out of nuts, except non-organically because I don’t have the college-student budget to buy everything grassfed unless Kroger does a markdown price like the time I found a pound of ground bison for like $4 as opposed to the full price of $10.

    Some of the Atkins products did contain soy. I suspect if Dr. Atkins were still alive, he wouldn’t approve. He was dealing with the information he had available at the time.

  39. Bret

    Have you considered going public with your grievances against the international distributor? With Fat Head on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc, your audience continues to grow every day. It might not be long before you have enough chips in your public recognition bag to get these crooks slammed in the media. Then they would have to either relinquish the rights or back-pay and forward-pay you what you deserve simply to get rid of all the negative publicity.

    In that regard you might see justice happen without having to pay a dime.

    I decided it was better for me all around to just produce an updated version and get away from them. They’re not worth my time or energy.

  40. Christopher

    Hey Tom, last time you got a blood test, what were the results?

    It’s been a couple of years, but HDL was 64, triglycerides 71, total cholesterol 203. The LDL was calculated and therefore pretty much meaningless.

  41. Bryan Lee

    Aloha Tom,
    just ordered 5 to share with my brothers and sister in law.

    I just filled your order (and dozens more) before checking comments. I really appreciate everyone’s ongoing support for the film.

  42. David

    I was thinking that actually that Dr. Atkins hasn’t been around now for almost 10 years to have that research on hand. Since I can’t afford the foods Mark Sisson encourages, I feel that going on what Dr. Atkins or Dr. Eades is more convenient but I still consider the rules of not living by lots of low carb junk foods.

    I believe if you give up the sugar and refined carbohydrates, you’ve already reaped most of the benefits. Going more paleo, buying only organic or grass-fed, etc., is beneficial, but I think we get into diminishing-returns territory eventually.


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