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I won’t be writing an actual post tonight because I’ll be spending all day defending my Fat Head Open title against Jimmy Moore, who has been threatening to kick my tail for weeks now.  He was a raw beginner when I got him addicted to the game in July, but he’s been playing regularly at home ever since.  He bought a basket for his yard and plays from different street locations for different par lengths.  He warned me he’s much improved.  He’ll be here all week trying to prove it.  So it’s on …

11:05 AM — This is going to be interesting, all right.  First 18, we tied at +1.  That’s what I get for trying a heroic shot through the trees from 150 feet out instead of laying up.

12:55 PM — Can’t shake this determined challenger.  Second 18, tied at even par.

2:55 PM — The world has returned to the natural order of things.  Third 18, Tom -4, Jimmy even par.  (We’re still working on adjusting the par lengths for Christine, but think we have it figured out.)

4:45 PM — Fourth 18, Tom -2, Jimmy +2, Christine +2.  I may have to fake a knee injury and stop for the week to remain undefeated.  Summer’s gone and so is daylight savings time, so no 7:30 PM rounds this time.



10:35 AM — Jimmy fulfilled one of the greatest ambitions of his adult life, beating me by one stroke in the day’s first round:  Jimmy even par, Tom +1, Christine “Nerves of Steel” Moore +1.

10:45 AM — Took a break to assist in an attempt to remove a large, growing and dangerous cancer.  Let’s hope the operation is a success.

1:05 PM — Second round, Tom even par, Jimmy +1.  Christine “Nerves of Steel” Moore sat out the round.

2:10 PM — The wheels came off Jimmy’s Beat-Naughton wagon on the back nine.  Tom -2, Jimmy +9.

4:05 PM — Whew, just eeked out a win … Tom even par, Jimmy +1, Christine “Ice Queen” Moore lost her nerves of steel and came in at +6.

5:00 PM — Fifth round of the day.  Tom – 3, Jimmy even par, Christine “Ice Queen” Moore +1, thanks to a double-bogey on the 18th hole.  She was beating her hubby until that one.

That’s 90 holes for the day.  According to Google maps, we walked just under six miles.  Sounds like a good excuse to head to Famous Dave’s for ribs.



Up late to learn that the attempt at removing the large, growing, dangerous cancer failed.  Someone who shall remain nameless woke up early and left the bedroom without shutting off her 6:00 AM alarm.  Yanked out of deep sleep after 4 1/2 hours, so not physically up to snuff today.

10:00 AM –– Played in a drizzle.  Slippery discs, cold hands.  Tied at +1.  Pretty good considering the conditions.

2:00 PM — Attempt at a nap failed, so still playing with 4 1/2 hours of sleep.  Also still a bit wet and slippery outside.  Tom +1, Jimmy +2, Christine “Ice Water Veins” Moore +8.

3:30 PM — So here’s an interesting question:  what is it about sleep deprivation that causes a change in throwing motion?  What felt like my normal swing resulted in shots that flew high and left.  Jimmy even par, Tom + 4, Christine “Ice Queen” Moore +4.

That’s Jimmy’s victory face below:

5:05 PM — Still sleep deprived, still throwing high and left.  Christine “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” Moore +1, Jimmy +2, Tom +5.



10:45 AM — I conducted an experiment to see if I could chop down trees by hitting them with a driver.  For the record, it doesn’t work — even if you hit the same tree with two consecutive shots.  Jimmy +1, Tom +3, Christine “Ice In Her Veins Melted Mysteriously” Moore +11.

12:50 PM — That’s more like it.  Tom -4, Jimmy +2, Christine “Cool Water Veins” Moore +4.

2:30 PM — Tom – 2, Jimmy even par.  That was captured on video, to follow later.

3:50 PM — Tom -4, Jimmy even par.

5:00 PM —  Jimmy almost sunk a long putt that bounced off the basket and rolled into another zip code, costing him a double-bogey.  Tom – 4, Jimmy +2.

That’s another five rounds, another six miles or so walked.

I gave myself a bit of an early birthday present Thursday night by joining three of my local friends to see The Fab Four at a club in downtown Nashville.  If you’re a Beatles fan and you’ve never seen these guys, you owe it to yourself to find out if they’ll be in your area and catch a show.  Their touring schedule is on their web site.



Jimmy’s on fire.  He’s beaten me in some rounds, but never broken par — in other words, he couldn’t win unless I shot over par.  That’s now history.

10:45 — Jimmy even par, Tom +1, Christine +3

12:00 — Jimmy MINUS TWO!, Tom -1, Christine +2

2:00 PM — Ditto.  Jimmy -2, Tom – 1, Christine +2

3:30 PM –– Both Moores have now shot under par.  Jimmy -1, Tom +1, Christine -1.

4:45 PM — Yikes.  My first day without a single victory.  Christine “Ice Queen” Moore +1, Jimmy +2, Tom +2.


22 thoughts on “Fat Head Open Updates

  1. brandon

    Newfound respect for Jimmy…he’s a cowboys fan! Even though they suck right now we still gotta represent.

    I stopped liking the Cowboys when they dubbed themselves America’s Team.

    This weekend it was the Divided Loyalties Bowl for me. I’ll always be a Bears fan first and foremost, but I didn’t much enjoy watching them beat up on our Titans.

  2. Per Wikholm

    This is going to bee a close one… so just keep on playing frisbee golf and forget about going out to voting for Romney or What’s-the-name-of-that-libertarian-presidential candidate.


    No, actually I’m in favor for everyone voting, even though they get it all wrong.

    The libertarian candidate doesn’t stand a chance, so I won’t be wasting my vote on him.

    Immigrants who apply for citizenship have to pass a test demonstrating they have a basic understanding of U.S. government — name the three branches of government, name the two houses in Congress, etc. I want that to be a required test for everyone who registers to vote. We have people voting who can’t name a single house of Congress and don’t know the name of the vice-president.

  3. Elenor

    I don’t watch sports (well, Formula One racing — but that’s not a sport, it’s an extremely rich gentleman’s hobby….) but I absolutely avidly read all the details of the Naughton-Moore match-ups… I’m not entirely sure whom I’m cheering for the loudest… but *I* win in either case!! Go boys go! (And good on yer, Christine, for joining them!)

    I’m rooting for Jimmy to beat me at least once, but I’m not going to insult him by taking a dive. He’ll have to out-shoot me.

  4. Leo

    I know Jimmy will kick your sorry butt beyond recognition cause he’s Keto Adapted and all pumped up. Get’em Jimmy, show no mercy…

    He kicked my butt this morning — by one stroke.

  5. johnny

    Jimmy already looks skinnier than any cowboys’ linemen on both sides.

    He’s starting to look like an out of shape Jason Witten.

    Well, he’s under 250 for the first time in years and still losing … but I don’t think Jason Witten has anything to worry about.

  6. Marilyn

    I’m so glad you keep having FUN through all your good work spreading the truths about health, weightloss, etc., Tom! And it warms my heart to see you trouncing all of your guests at frisbee-golf! XO – M

    Jimmy’s a tough competitor. He only had one bad round. Take that one out of the equation, and I’ve only had 12 fewer shots in seven 18-hole rounds. Considering that it’s my home course (literally) and I know where the all trouble spots are, he’s doing great.

  7. janet

    What a disappointment that Prop 37 to label GMO foods was defeated in Calif. What is the matter with these sheeple in Calif. They believe the “Twinkie and deadly grain purveyors and their $$$$$ more? It will happen, wish it would be sooner.

  8. Frank

    “Up late to learn that the attempt at removing the large, growing, dangerous cancer failed.”

    I concur.

    Now it’ll grow until it kills the patient.

  9. TonyNZ

    Interesting article, unrelated.

    It did have this gem of a quote, however:

    “Nine cereal bars on supermarket shelves have the Heart Foundation tick. Levels of sodium, kilojoules and fat have to meet certain criteria and the bars have to contain at least 1.5 grams of fibre per serving.

    The amount of sugar is not considered because there was “no scientific evidence that sugar causes heart disease”, foundation tick manager Deb Sue said. “Just because something’s high in sugar doesn’t automatically make it bad food.””

    There you have it, no scientific evidence…

    Yup, just ask the sugar industry.

  10. Tim

    haha….Obama won, Romney got absolutely destroyed. GOP didn’t win one swing state. Tom, you and your conservative ideals failed miserably.

    My libertarian principles didn’t fail. They just weren’t accepted by the economic ignoramuses who think mo’ better government is the cure to our problems and don’t see a problem with the country wracking up trillions in debts. When the interest on those debts squeezes out all other spending and then crashes the economy, we’ll see whose ideals actually failed.

    Getting 48% of the vote translates to “absolutely destroyed” in your book? Considering that the Democrats have engaged in a successful long-term strategy of turning as large a share of population as possible into government dependents (otherwise known as “loyal Democrats”), getting close to 50% isn’t bad.

  11. Tim

    Getting 48% in an election is not good, not to mention getting destroyed in the electoral college (what actually gets you into the Whitehouse).

    Your glibertarian principles did fail, along with your brother’s. I’ve never seen you or your brother write anything political that didn’t come off as a GOP talking point.

    By the way, roughly 3%/ of Obama’s base are on welfare, facts can hurt. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-altman/obama-welfare_b_1835061.html

    The era of crotchety old white men running the country is over, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 Enjoy your loss.

    Yeah, I’ve heard about that whole electoral college thing. And I still say that since unseating an incumbent is historically difficult, especially when the incumbent’s party has made a large share of the population dependent on government, 48% is decent.

    Your buddy in the Huffington Post claims 2.2 million adults are on welfare. Apparently he doesn’t consider the 46 million people receiving food stamps to be on welfare. And who said you have to be on welfare to be a government dependent? If you’re a government employee, you and your family are government dependents. If you don’t pay taxes but expect and receive government services, you’re a government dependent. If you work in a company that’s only alive because of a government bailout or “stimulus,” you’re a government dependent. If you’re driving around in a shiny new car that I helped buy for you through the Cash For Clunkers program, you’re a government dependent. If you’re on Medicaid, you’re a government dependent. If you live in government-subsidized housing, you’re a government dependent. If you’re a farmer being subsidized to grow corn you couldn’t otherwise grow and sell at a profit, you’re a government dependent. Yes, facts do hurt, don’t they?

    I write mostly about economics on my other blog, and on that topic libertarians and conservatives mostly agree. We completely disagree on other subjects, but since the economy was the major issue in this election, I’m sure we did sound like conservatives.

    Yeah, I’ll enjoy my loss. And you be sure to enjoy it when the trillions in mounting debts you and the other economic ignoramuses apparently don’t believe actually matter crash the economy, squeeze out all spending besides “entitlements” and interest on the debt, and crush the poor you claim to care so much about.

  12. K

    Rock on, Tom. I loved your reply on government dependents, etc. I couldn’t agree more. I lean Libertarian and long for the day it is a viable party.

    Per the article on statins (link provided by Eddie)…I was bowled over. Some of the science was a little over my head, but I mostly got it. The premises were not new, but something about the article just hit home with me. And the funny part is I have joked with people about the coincidence of cholesterol levels rising along with increased use of sun screen the last couple of decades, pointing out we use sunlight and cholesterol to make vitamin d. If you aren’t out in the sun, you aren’t using cholesterol to make vitamin d, so you have higher cholesterol and lower vit d levels. Isn’t that kind of what we are seeing? That’s a simplistic take, but I was thrilled the article alluded to something along those lines.

    Also, something you might find interesting is a new protocol for heart surgery patients. My father had an aortic valve replacement this past spring, and while he was in intensive care, one of the nurses told me that they measure the blood sugar levels several times a day and administer small amounts of insulin (more if the patient is diabetic) because LOW BLOOD SUGAR PROMOTES HEALING. Shocker, eh?

    Thanks for your informative posts, insightful and funny replies, and please keep up the good work.


    I’m pleasantly surprised to hear they know low blood sugar promotes healing … but I wonder if that knowledge affects what they serve for meals in the hospital?

  13. Sue D

    Serious answer about your throwing motion question –

    You still have not developed enough muscle memory. Your basic throwing motion should be automatic and never changing, like a baseball pitcher or a quarterback. Think of your lack of sleep vs. the physical fatigue of being hit during a game or throwing 120+ pitches. The truly great athlete doesn’t think about the basics, because through training and practice, they can rely on their muscle memoryl

    What makes true greatness is the ability to be subtle. Like a curve ball or the ability to throw a fade route. But in your own disc golf course, to quote Paul Hornung, it is all about “practice, practice, practice.”

    What’s weird is that it felt like exactly the same throw to me. But something about being tired caused a hitch.

  14. Tim


    Are you claiming that you have never benefited from the government in any way, shape, or form? If so, you might be a government dependent.

    Also, according to your rules, anyone on social security is a “government dependent”, which would include any person above the age of 67. Hell, anyone who’s used a road or the internet is a “government dependent”, since those things weren’t created by a private entity. Your dad, who’s brain is now Swiss cheese due to Alzheimer’s, has also collected plenty of government money, I’m sure. Or has he denied all Social Security and Medicare? If not, you’re a hypocrite.

    There’s a reason that libertarians have and never will be a relevant party.

    No, silly boy, I’m not a government dependent just because I’ve benefited from government in any way, shape or form. See, here’s the difference: I pay taxes and plenty of them. I also don’t ask government to support me. When I was unemployed between jobs in my younger days, I never applied for unemployment because I didn’t believe my fellow citizens should be taxed to provide me with a check.

    People who take social security checks aren’t government dependents because they paid into the system their entire lives — and they had no choice. It’s not their fault the system is an unsustainable Ponzi scheme. I’d happily forgo social security checks if I were allowed to skip my 15% social security tax, but people who think like you decided I shouldn’t have a choice in the matter, and in doing so, they’ve created a $50 trillion unfunded future liability.

    My dad, whose brain (“who’s” means “who is,” you genius, you) is damaged by Alzheimer’s, worked his butt off to build a successful business (although according to Obama, he didn’t build that) and paid more in taxes each year than you’ll pay in your entire life. My mom has elected to pay for private care out of their retirement savings rather than dump him in some government-run facility, so no, jackass, he’s not collecting “plenty of government money” and he’ll never collect more than a fraction of what he paid in taxes.

    If you’d like to continue embarrassing yourself with your illogical political ramblings, move them to my other blog. This isn’t the appropriate forum.

  15. Laurie

    What is this cancer you speak of? Hope everyone is ok! I think we should design a new Superhero doll called “Ketogenic Jimmy” and give him a bacon cape with his superpower game being Frisbee golf!

    I know he’s been wanting to face victory against you for months now! I see weird frisbee golf pics on Christine’s page. lol! Enjoy the cooler weather while you can because pretty soon I’ll own it for skiing! 😛

    Love yas all, eh?!

    The cancer is an out-of-control national debt that’s going to turn a once-great country into the next Greece or perhaps even the next Argentina.

  16. marc

    Though you espouse the benefits of eating fat, regarding trees, there are two disc golf terms that hopefully you won’t have to use often…

    EAT – every available tree
    FAT – first available tree

    I’m quite familiar with that first available tree.

  17. K

    Hi Tom,

    Re your question about hospitals changing what they serve after they acknowledge low blood sugar promotes healing….pretty sure you know the answer, sadly, is “no.” Red Jell-o, lots of cereal with skim milk, toast, pasta salad, juice, sweetened yogurt, margarine (on the fat, not carb side), etc, after he regained some appetite. I was floored, too, as I was most pleasantly surprised by the heart surgery recovery protocol and hopefully they would counsel him to watch the carbs.

    Maybe it has to come in baby steps? Still, my fear is the damage being done while moving so slowly. 🙁


    Ugh. I’m not surprised, since the ADA still recommends a high-carb diet for diabetics.

  18. Bernardo

    “…white men running the country is over”

    Third time I heard that today, truly. I guess the racists won? I’m confused. But I’m not American, so maybe that’s why.

    Anyways, the Frisbee seems a lot of fun and we can all see how Jimmy’s new experiment is going… really well!! I’m following his example of more fat less protein with good results!!!


    Jimmy is far leaner than he was in May — by more than 50 pounds. He’s been playing four or five rounds per day, walking 5-6 miles up and down our hilly pastures, without ever breathing hard. We’d play more rounds if darkness didn’t set in around 5:00 PM.


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