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Chareva’s father loves bagels in the morning but isn’t allowed to eat them anymore because of his type 2 diabetes.  After we made the almost-paleo bread recipe last week, Chareva suggested we try making bagels from the same recipe when her parents visited this weekend.  (Her parents and brother were here to celebrate her 40th birthday, which was Tuesday.)

Last night I whipped up the bread recipe and made it more bagel-ish by adding about a half cup of finely chopped onion and a pinch of garlic powder to the batter.  I poured the batter into a donut pan and sprinkled more onion and a bit of coarse salt on top before baking.  Since this wasn’t a big ol’ loaf of bread, I only had to bake each batch of six for 30 minutes at 325 degrees.

The experiment was a success.  We got 21 bagels from the mix, and they toasted up nicely this morning.  By the time we spread butter and cream cheese on them, they tasted just like the jack-up-your-glucose bagels Chareva’s father can’t eat anymore.


52 thoughts on “Bagels

  1. Ekaterina

    , but I’ve found from experience that it must be gtealine-free to work. Organic yoghurts are generally gtealine-free. I now buy cultures from Cheeselinks – about $14 for enough culture to make 250 Litres of yoghurt – pretty cheap!@ Kel – They are pretty straight forwards aren’t they? But so good!@ Karen – Have fun!@ Veg – You would mention the “c” word when I’m feeling the need for some good local cheese wouldn’t you? Mmmmmmmm.@ Bronwyn – Oops! Ah well, I do things like that all the time LOL. Glad you all liked them though 🙂 Yes, I’ve had a go at the Artisan Bread but I got slack with it as we generally eat chunky rectangular loaves (which I bake a few at a time) rather than round boules which are best baked fresh. Loved the bread though, will definitely be resurrecting it again in the near future!@ Abbie – Sorry for my slow reply, but yep, bakers flour is strong flour. Glad you liked them :-)Cheers, Julie


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