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As you may have heard by now, Gary Taubes and Dr. Peter Attia just launched a non-profit organization called the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSi). As the name suggests, the organization’s mission will be to support real science in the field of nutrition.

I won’t go into details here, since Gary already wrote about NuSi on his blog.


6 thoughts on “Nutrition Science Initiative

  1. Osama Magdi Elmageid

    Checking out the site now. They are right: a new approach to nutrition is needed indeed. They’ve got a long and tough fight ahead of them. Let’s support them now. =)

  2. Bret

    I just finished my second reading of Good Calories, Bad Calories, and I must say I am ready to support anything Gary Taubes is doing. When I compare Gary to the institutionalized, self-proclaimed experts like Jane Brody…it’s pretty clear where the science and objectivity is in this debate over nutrition and health. I first ran across Peter Attia on the Diet Doctor blog, and he was impressively knowledgeable and articulate on these issues of nutrition and metabolism. I’m very excited to see where NuSI takes us–I am sure these fellows will do great things in this capacity, as they already have elsewhere.

  3. LCNana

    I think we must be VERY clear, Tom. Gary Taubes has an opinion about how we get fat, and I think most of us agree with that opinion. There is conflicting evidence and much muddying of the waters over this issue.

    However, he founded NuSi with others, to actually do as many properly structured, unbiased studies as possible to FIND OUT if what he and others suspect is correct.

    The point is: we can then expect public policy to be based on solid research results instead of what agenda is being touted du jour.

    I often read that some people agree with Mr. Taubes, and other vehemently disagree with Mr. Taubes. He is a writer, albeit a very knowledgable one and all he has ever claimed to be doing is yelling at the top of his voice: THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!!!!.

    NuSi will study the issues of what the heck to eat, and why. Finally.

    We can hope public policy would then be based on real science. That hasn’t been the case so far.

  4. Cindy H in Texas

    Gary Taubes claims that a few key research studies could easily resolve the calorie or carbohydrate hypothesis as fact or fiction.

    “an experiment like this would cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars maximum”

    The low carb community must have more than 200,000 advocates, if we each donated just $1.00 that would be well over the monies needed.

    11/7/2007, Gary Taubes had a fantasy that a funding agent at NIH would fund a study to refute one of the two hypothesis –

    calorie hypothesis
    carbohydrate hypothesis

    He had a modest proposal that an experiment like this would cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars maximum.

    A modest proposal –

    1. Take half a dozen overweight male subjects & feed them a diet of 3000 calories a day

    2. Calculate their average daily energy expenditure using doubly-labeled water

    3. Feed them an Atkins-like diet (high fat, less than 60 grams/day carbohydrates) of 20% more calories than they were expending per day when the trial began.

    4. Run (the study) for two months

    5. If they lose weight & fat tissue, then the conventional wisdom of diet & weight has been refuted!

    An alternative –

    Take 2 groups of overweight subjects, feed one a high calorie, low-fat “balanced diet” feed the other a high-calorie Atkins-like diet, compare results.

    Gary Taubes 11/7/2007 8:43 – a modest proposal


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