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In case you missed it, I was a guest on The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb show with Jimmy Moore earlier in the week.  To celebrate his 600th episode, Jimmy had a contest.  The winner got to co-host the show and pick the guest.  To my great surprise, contest winner Nick Peterson chose me.  (Seriously?  With all the outstanding doctors and researchers out there?)

I don’t usually listen to my own interviews since I don’t feel any need to re-live the same hour over again.  But for this interview, I was still on the post-surgery painkillers, so listening to this one will be pretty much like experiencing it for the first time.  If I sounded a little loopy during the show, I apologize.  Those painkillers definitely mess with your head.

You can listen to the show here.


5 thoughts on “Interviewed On Jimmy Moore’s Show

  1. Elenor

    I thought you were fantastic: your usual charming, funny, educatin’ self! I thought the guest host did a good job — and Jimmie did just enough hangin’ in there to keep it all moving. Well done all around!

    Well done all-y’all!

    Perhaps I should take drugs before every interview.

  2. Walter B

    Worked for the crew of Saturday Night Live back in the day.

    But seriously now, you don’t need them, and we lost a lot of comic talent to drug overuse.

  3. cancerclasses

    Hey what’s with the ‘diet’ sodas? Personally, IMO according to all I’ve learned about this, if you’re gonna have a soda now & then you’d be MUCH better off having a regular soda made with real cane sugar, xylitol or stevia than a Diet Coke with artificial sweeteners Aspartame, sucralose, splenda or nutrasweet.

    As Bob Lustig & others say it’s better to get the blood sugar spike over with and let your blood sugar levels normalize as quickly as possible to minimize metabolic damage, artificial sweeteners compound the metabolic damage & reinforce the perception & belief that they’re safe for consumption when they absolutely are not.

    We care about you buddy, in return for all the knowledge value you’ve added to us, not to mention behavior is modeled and people tend to do what they know and have seen. Would making that little change be too muck to ask?

    That’s why diet sodas are no longer part of my daily diet.

  4. Katy

    I drink diet soda on occasion; I would NEVER opt for a regular soda with sugar, cane or otherwise. I’d really like to know how and why someone would be MUCH better off doing so, especially with regards to those sweetened with sucralose. I have yet to see any studies proving that sucralose causes metabolic damage. Drs. Bernstein and Eades have approved it for use over aspartame. The theory that the taste of sweet causes a jump in blood sugar or insulin has been debunked, and I would think that Dr. Bernstein of all people would know or report if this were true. He has, though, warned of consuming the sucralose products with maltodextrin fillers.

    If I’m choosing between a regular Coca-Cola or a Diet Coke, I’m going with the Diet Coke. There are theories about why Diet Coke is bad for you, but I already know sugary Coke is bad for you.

    That being said, I drink fizzy waters at home now instead of diet sodas. I’ll indulge in a diet soda now and then when we go out to eat.

  5. Ray Kelley

    OK, I finally listened to this (not a regular Jimmy Moore listener, but I do listen occasionally), and I must say that I was unaware of all the factions that are forming in the low-carb/paleo community. This needs to stop. Our point of view already sounds fringe enough to most people thanks to 50 years of “fat is bad” propaganda. The last thing we need is to squabble about whether someone takes supplements, drinks diet soda, or occasionally eats a potato. We need to be focused on the basics: cut out sugar and refined carbs. This alone will get results, and we need to be results-oriented, not agenda-oriented. Agenda driven dietary advice is part of what got us in the mess we’re in now.

    Amen, brother. The beliefs that got us into this mess are that animal fats and bad and grains are good. We all agree on that. I’m reminded of the scenes in “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” where the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Front were busy battling with each other instead of the invading Romans.


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