Recovering …

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I’m home from the surgery, but doped up.  I appreciate everyone’s good wishes and will check comments when I feel up to it.

The surgeon told Chareva the tear in the meniscus was pretty big and part of the flap had folded under, which is why I was experiencing a lot of pain.  He said to expect more than the usual post-surgical swelling for a few days.

Now I’m going back to my easy chair and my ice packs.


22 thoughts on “Recovering …

  1. Brian

    Get well quickly, Tom! I know you’re not a big medication guy, but you have to be impressed with how effective those pain pills are. Enjoy the buzz!

  2. Sol y Sombra

    Get well soon, Tom! Hope the knee doesn’t give any more problems after you’ve recovered from the surgery.

  3. Kathy

    Wishing you a speedy and relatively pain-free recovery. When you’re up to it, tell us what the girls thought about all this. A child’s view of something like this can sometimes be very sweet and tender, sometimes really funny!

    Sara declared herself my personal nurse (she even made a nurse hat) and has been wonderfully attentive.

  4. AndreaLynnette

    Good luck and God bless on a fast and full recovery. Also, very happy to hear you have a junior nurse to look after you. That’s very sweet.

  5. Richard

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, and don’t forget to eat your bacon (its now the most important meal of the day)

  6. johnny

    I’m praying that you have a fast and full recovery.

    I’m also praying that you do not use your present condition to give in to junk food.

    This would be the worst time to eat junk food. I don’t have much of an appetite yet, but when I eat it’s all the good stuff.

  7. cancerclasses

    Wishing you would post something while doped up, your comedy under the influence would have to be even funnier, wouldn’t it??

    Take your time recovering, take it easy and enjoy it, these forced relaxation opportunities don’t come often with life in a busy world.

    Doped-up comedians just think they’re funnier. That’s why I never drank before a show.

  8. Daniel Kirsner

    Best of luck. Some tidbits of possible help.

    1) The best knee site for patients is .

    2) If the meniscus injury is very large and continues to cause problems, you might wish to look into a meniscal transplant .

    3) If you need to take NSAIDs for more than a few days, ask for an Rx for 200mg caps of . Oddly, the gut-health advantage of cox-2 inhibitors is probably more pronounced for short-term use than long-term use, contrary to what the marketing suggests. Any NSAID, taken long-term, will nuke yer gizzards.

    4) If they put antibiotics in your IV–and they probably did–a probiotic formula such as would be of help.

    Heal swiftly!

    Thanks for the info.

  9. Firebird

    Hope you’re out and playing frisbee golf in no time. In the meantime, I recommend some British comedies on Hulu and You Tube, namely “Coupling” and “Friday Night Dinner” to help pass the time.

    Thanks, I’ll look them up.


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