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I was a guest yesterday on Canadian talk-radio station CJBK with hosts Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen.  If Pam’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard her interview with Jimmy Moore, during which they talked about her book Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic.  The book is about the relationship between diet, health, mental health and addictions.  Not surprisingly, Pam believes many of our modern mental-health issues are rooted in bad diets.

The interview was a lot of fun.  We covered a number of topics, but kept coming back to what’s wrong with the dietary advice our governments are giving out and what (if anything) we can do about it.  You can download or listen to the interview here.


10 thoughts on “Interviewed On Canadian Radio

  1. Christopher

    Great job Tom. I recognized those clips from Science for Smart People and still find it some of the greatest comedy bit ever, compounded with how flawed the logic of ‘scientists’ really is.

    Thank you.

  2. Elwin Ransom

    That was just plain fun to listen to. No preachiness – just a relaxing conversation on real health.
    Quite refreshing…

  3. John Zacharias

    Great interview Tom. At the very end the host said “On your tombstone you will be remembered as..” It seemed like such an odd way to end the interview. A veiled death wish for the guest. I know he meant your legacy will be…but still. Made me giggle a little.

    I don’t plan to have a tombstone. Chareva can scatter my ashes in the forest behind the farm as far as I’m concerned.

  4. FrankG

    Way to go Tom! Great interview and fantastic repartee between the three of you 😉 I sincerely hope that broadcast reached and continues to reach an huge audience. Valuable messages and put in a straightforward fashion AND I especially liked that you were allowed to speak freely without this damned need for “balanced” response we see so often; where despite everything positive you have said the “established wisdom” gets to have the final word.

    Thank you Tom!

    Thank you for listening.

  5. Katalina deVine

    A very good interview. thanks, Tom. this is a good one to pass around to friends & family. keep telling us truth, you rock!

  6. Greta Kirkland

    Great interview!!

    I checked online and Jackie Gleason’s stats are listed as: 5’10”, 270. There is a comment in his obit (from colon cancer) that sometimes his weight would go “toward 300.” That’s not saying much these days.

    He’d still qualify as a fat man, but wouldn’t be unusual.

  7. Josh

    Thanks Tom for a great interview. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to not sound like a quack when one speaks counter to practically all establishment nutritional guidelines. Keep up the fight. You have a lot of support but need to keep going.

  8. mark

    So when are you visiting Toronto? 🙂

    If I visit Toronto again, it will be to firebomb the offices of our lying, thieving, incompetent overseas “distributor” — but only after I hack their computers and figure out how they managed to claim they lost $50,000 on a film they sold to several TV markets overseas.


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