The Farm Report: Visitors, Part Two

Yup, I’ve turned Jimmy Moore into a disc golf addict, all right.  We played 42 holes the first day, then 45 the second day — we squeezed in the final nine after buzzing home from a rib joint before darkness set in.  On the last hole, we could barely see where our discs landed.

When I woke up this morning, I learned that he’d already been outside practicing for the day’s rounds.  So we played nine before breakfast, then another 18 after breakfast, despite the 95-degree heat.  In the mid-afternoon, Jimmy kept looking out the window and suggesting that if the clouds we saw in the distance moved this way, it would probably cool off enough to play another 18 before we all head out to watch the fireworks tonight.

The clouds did roll in, so we went out to play.  Two holes later, the clouds rolled back out.  Well, what the heck, we were already out there, so we played a full nine in the blistering sun.  Then another full nine.  It was 99 degrees outside when we came back to the house.

Three days, 132 holes, most of them in 95-plus heat with high humidity.  That’s what I mean by “addict.”  I wonder how many of the Jimmy-haters out there could play 132 holes in this heat without fainting.  I kind of wish one of them had been playing with us:

“Hey, guys, I’m starting to feel a little … a little … ”


“Ooooh, sorry you can’t stand up, buddy, but I’m afraid you’ll have to just lie there for awhile.  Jimmy won’t carry you to the house because, as you’ve pointed out many times in the comments section of my blog, he’s a lazy sloth — and I won’t do it just because I think you’re an ass****.”

Jimmy is no longer The Bogey Man. He ripped off five pars in a row in one of our rounds yesterday evening, then tossed his first birdie in the next round.  He’s now throwing as many pars as bogeys, with a birdie now and then.  Like I said before, he may be thrashing me by Friday at the rate he’s going.

I’ve always thought of myself as the type who burns easily in the sun — that was certainly my experience in years past — but that doesn’t seem to be true anymore.  We’ve spent hours in the sun, and despite not using any sunscreen I’ve just turned slightly brown on the arms and neck.  Perhaps putting good quality fats back into my diet has made a difference.

Jimmy’s wife Christine captured a good chunk of one of this morning’s rounds on video.  Just for grins, I uploaded it to YouTube.  If you want to watch in hi-rez on YouTube, click the YouTube button on the player.

Happy Fourth of July.


38 thoughts on “The Farm Report: Visitors, Part Two

  1. Strontium Pup

    It’s funny that you mention not burning any more. That’s been exactly my experience from implementing LC Paleo. I wonder if your explanation is the reason for it, and how that works.

    I’m only guessing, of course. Jimmy told me it’s been the same for him.

  2. Keith

    Not getting sunburned is true for me now too! I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun so far this summer and I haven’t once burned like I would have in the past. I wonder how that works, as well.

    Love disc golf too, used to play a lot in Mississippi on a great course by Barnett Reservoir near Jackson! Great variety with the types of holes there. Even a couple of “fun” water hazard holes. All these posts make me want to play again! Anyway, looks like a blast! So jealous. Happy 4th to you all.

    I’m afraid a water-hazard hole would mean either a lost disc or an unplanned swim for me. Our little water hazard — a small creek — is currently dry.

  3. Johan

    Last summer I didn’t burn at all, despite long hours in the sun without sunblock. Two days ago I burned my back to a stop sign red in a fairly short time… 🙁
    I’ve been thinking about it, and the only difference I can think of is that last year I ate a ton of broccoli and cauliflower. I will add that back in to my diet and see what happens.

  4. Fat Guy Weight Loss

    I used to be one to get 20-30 minutes of morning sun and get burnt (blisters and all)…now I can go hours without sunscreen with maybe just a touch of red. My theory was vitamin D supplements in the offseason, though I can curious what the root cause is.

    Might just be our body and hormones just working like they are supposed to.

    I think it may be a case of having quality fats in our skin, or the removal of harmful fats from our skin.

  5. Ash Simmonds

    Same here with the sun/heat tolerance thing, I’m still pale like a vampire – and all my life I’ve effectively been one – but nowadays I can spend hours in the sun and heat, and don’t need sunnies to be able to see outside anymore.

    It’s like we evolved to be able to spend time outside or something. Weird.

    I’m starting to believe that weird notion.

  6. Lori

    I don’t burn (much) anymore, either. But it took me over a year on LCHF to get to that point. And I didn’t even notice the haze from the state of Colorado being on fire until I read about it and went outside. (Not that I’m close enough to the fires to be in danger.) I used to help keep Sudafed in business.

    Previously, you may have had low-level inflammation that was easily pushed into noticeable inflammation.

  7. Laurie

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I also enjoyed the pics last night from the fireworks. I’m sad that I’ll miss everyone at Dana and Eric’s “Meat n’ Greet” but I am going to see the premiere of “Derby, Baby!”, a documentary about derby’s popularity in Toronto with the “derby wife”. Jimmy looks great. His haters can suck it! Unless you’ve been obese (which I have too) you don’t understand the struggles of weight loss. And as I say when someone gets down on themselves “Hey; stop it! That’s my friend you’re talking about!”.
    <3 and miss you all!

    Maintaining a particular weight for someone who lost 100 pounds to get there isn’t the same as staying at that weight for someone who’s never weighed more. That’s what some goofballs don’t grasp.

  8. AndreaLynnette

    Your comment about easy sunburning put me in mind of my own experiences. I have had heat stroke twice, and am absolutely NOT supposed to go out in the sun, or even in the shade when the temp is 85+. I live in Virginia, and the temperature has been above 90 this week.

    Sunday I hit the farmer’s market after church. (I usually go before church while it’s still early and cool.) And then yesterday, I worked the barbecue, again during the middle of the day. Both days I was definitely hot and sweating, but it seemed like healthy hot and sweaty, if that makes sense. I didn’t get sunburned red or have trouble breathing and I didn’t get that sick, sleepy feeling. In days gone by, ten minutes out there would have been enough to cause all of those symptoms.

    Good point; that’s something I noticed. Being in the sun on hot days used to wear me out pretty quickly. I still prefer 60 degrees and partly cloudy, but my energy isn’t flagging out there on these hot days.

  9. Brian M

    Holy crap, Tom. Do you not have a pair of shorts? High 90’s and you look like you’re dressed to go to a mid-October football game.

    Well, the t-shirt was nice and light I don’t wear shorts when I play disc golf for two reasons: 1) It’s a good way to wake up the next morning with legs full of chigger-bites (Jimmy has been spraying his legs), and 2) now and then a bad shot lands deep into in our thorny bushes. Going after those shots while wearing shorts is asking for shredded legs.

  10. Dave S.

    Hey Tom,

    I notice that when I get a load of veg oil (usually Fritos or mayo that my wifes still uses), I burn much more easily. When eating healthy paleoish, I don’t burn at all. Even white rice doesn’t make me burn, so I suspect the omega-6 fatty acids.

    I’m guessing it’s either adding good fats, removing bad fats, or a bit of both that makes the difference. I also suspect the switch to vegetable oils in the American diet has something to do with the rise of skin-cancer cases.

  11. Cindy

    Same experience in our house! I have always burned easily, but could tan with a lot of effort. My daughter (26) burned and peeled, never tanned. Converted her to LCHF non-wheat diet last year and now we both have healthy skin that tans easily when exposed to the sun. She is not big on vegetables, but likes the meat, dairy and fat. I think it was the inflammation caused by the wheat that kept us from tanning. I think I read that somewhere.

  12. Elenor

    “Like I said before, he may be thrashing me by Friday at the rate he’s going.”

    Maybe “lose” the disks, eh? “Oh geez, sorry, Jimmy! Can’t find ’em anywhere. How ’bout a nice long hike instead?!”

    Tee hee hee! I’m glad you’ve given Jimmie a new addiction. Love him, love you!

    Today is Thursday and he finally figured out how to keep his drives down so they don’t sail high and left. He out-drove me a couple of times after that. The thrashing could begin in the early-evening rounds.

  13. shums

    The other day my wife and I went to the beach for a while. For those of you that don’t know being next to the ocean always seems to be a perfect place to burn. Most people seem to feel you can burn much faster there. I am not sure if that is true or why but we sat there for a few hours and I forgot my sunscreen. I only tanned a little. In years past I would have been very red. Especially on my head and face. I got just a slight tan as I said. I eat a lot of broccoli and cauliflower and I also eat a lot of fat including coconut oil, butter and lard. My 11 month old son who we did remember sun screen for didn’t even get any color! Oh yes he eats a lot of fat too. He has also stayed almost totally healthy in his first year of life.

    We’re getting an idea of why paleo people could live and work in the sun without getting fried.

  14. Peggy Cihocki

    I totally agree about the whole sun burn thing. I have avoided vegetable oils for over 7 years and I haven’t had a serious burn in all that time and I do not always remember to put sunscreen on, even when I go to the beach. I believe you and Mary Enig that both burning and skin cancer are about the bad fats and removing them and using only good fats–and lots of them–is protective.

    That would make sense. Fat and cholesterol are part of our skin.

  15. Elwin Ransom

    I guess I’m one of the few that was blissfully unaware that anyone would have problems with Jimmy. (I mean other than the inevitable internet trolls that will attack anyone that has a strong opinion, or just a web site for that matter.) I’ve found him to be an almost embarrassingly honest, happy man.

    But I have a theory: based only on a spotty, personal ‘observational’ study that leads me to conclude that Jimmy’s only problem is that he is a genetically superior being.

    You see, when we as a people were nomadic hunter-gatherers (some folks call this ‘the paleolithic man’) those people who were able to more effectively store energy in the form of fat were more likely to survive the harsh winters and lean summers when food was scarce. These types were the men and women who lived long enough to pass on their genetic code to the next generation.
    Scrawny little twits that were able to eat both anything and all that they wanted were soon only capable of being food for vultures and worms, thereby weaning the race of proto-web trolls. (Though we do find that that particular gene is a hard one to eliminate from the pool.)

    So, my pseudo-scientific conclusion?
    Jimmy MUST be a superior man.

    Plus, he seems much more polite. Which always helps in my survival book…


    I like your theory.

    Jimmy has posted some of the hate mail he’s received on his blog, but he’s received far worse — really vile stuff — that he won’t post. I read some of them and immediately wished I could meet these sick haters face to face … just so I could flatten their noses.

  16. Caitlin

    Wow, Cindy, I wish (hope) that works for me. I’ve never been able to tan, but was always told that couldn’t be changed. I think I do notice some more semi-goldenishness on my forearms. I don’t want to be Tan Mom, but just a little light toasting so that my skin doesn’t make eggshells look dark in comparison. Yeah, it’s vanity, but color does make one’s workout efforts more evident, IMO. Anyone know if sufficient Vit D supplementation helps also?

  17. Amy Dungan

    I’m hoping a few changes to my diet, like upping the fat, will help with the sunburn thing. I burn miserably most of the time (as you probably noticed on the cruise after the days in port), so it’d be nice to not burn, or even tan occassionally. Or maybe all my freckles will fuse and I’ll have the most amazing, permanent tan ever.

    Enjoyed watching you guys play disc golf! I like to play too, although I’m not very good.

    Then come on down and we’ll give you the amateur’s par. John, of course, will be required to play as a player.

  18. LCNana

    I’m getting my first look/read of Jimmy Moore and I’m impressed. What’s all the fuss about? The man’s got a tummy but he’s working on it – AND he’s willing to do it in public, for the betterment of others!! And he has a cute Southern accent, and he’s tall, and he loves his wife, and he’s pretty good at disc thingy, and he’s a friend of Tom’s, and little girls like him, and and and….Hi Jimmy!!!

    The Jimmy-haters mystify me. He’s a kind-hearted man who sincerely wants to help others, and he’s been totally honest about the creeping weight gain. I think when all is said and done, his experience, as frustrating as it’s been for him, will end up helping others who have stalled or regained. He seems to have found a key, and of course he’ll be sharing it with his readers.

  19. Zachary

    You and your daughter definitely look happy and full of energy. It’s good to see. When I went out to see fireworks, I saw an awful lot of really fat kids and really stressed, drained, unhappy parents. It’s sad, but always nice to see healthy happy people just having fun. In any case, glad you had a great Fourth of July!

    Thank you. Sara certainly doesn’t lack energy.

  20. Howard

    Looks like we will be driving through Nashville tomorrow. Too bad we won’t have time to stop by for a visit. If I’d realized how close the trip would take us to your place, I’d have left a day earlier…

    Did you forget we live near Nashville?

  21. Gehri

    Tom needs to do the low-carb dude ranch as a follow on to the low-carb cruise. It looks like you all had a lot of fun.

    We did. Perhaps an annual Fat Head cookout and disc golf tournament.

  22. Craig

    Dr. Shanahan talks about the connection between oils and skin cancer in Deep Nutrition. She also mentions that skin care companies all use oils like coconut, palm, etc., in their products. They could save a lot of money using cheap vegetable oils, but they can’t because of the inflammation they cause. There isn’t much of a market for beauty products that cause skin inflammation. Your skin is your largest organ and one that is obviously visible. If the difference in what the different types of oils do is obvious externally it is a pretty solid example of how differently your internal organs react to them as well.

    That makes sense.

  23. smgj

    I chime in – after increasing fat, upping oral vitamin d and grabbing some omega3’s I don’t brun, but I tan really easily.

    For women it pays to remember that high estrogen + sun may lead to moles, but after taking iodine it seems to me that I don’t get that many moles anymore. And it’s possible to use iodine solution and “burn” away moles too.

  24. Jana

    I noticed I don’t burn anymore either. I’ve been on my current diet for almost a year. I do still have a lot of carbs, but I discovered I have a gluten intolerance, as does my son, so we eat no wheat, etc. last year was the first year I ever got a driver’s tan. This year, we went on a 3 mile bike ride. I was in a tank top for most of it and I didn’t even darken. No sunscreen either.

  25. johnny

    Jimmy looks very agile for a man of his size.

    I’d love to see him pulling on a sweep with one of his detractors playing corner trying to stop the play.

    He’s surprisingly agile for a big man and has impressive endurance. We played 195 holes in four days, most of them in 95+ heat. That’s a lot of walking up and down our sloping pastures, not to mention winding up and throwing discs at full force once or twice per hole depending on the length.

    He straightened out his drives on Thursday and was throwing bullets off the tee for the last few rounds. He would have won our first round this morning if he hadn’t tried a risky long shot between the trees and hit one of them, which resulted in him taking a double-bogey on the final hole. I still only beat him by one shot. We tied on the second (and final) morning round before he left — even par for both of us. Considering that I started playing five months ago and he’s been playing for four days, I was impressed.

    He vowed to return this autumn and smoke me, and I think he may do it.

  26. Jean

    Looks like you were all having fun!

    If summer ever arrives in the UK (flood warnings everywhere at the moment!) I’ll test out your theory on sunburn!

    I’d happily donate some of our summer to your cause. We’re over-supplied at the moment.

  27. Marilyn

    So, from here on, all he has to say to his detractors is “. . .meet me at Tom Naughton’s place next summer, and we’ll sort this thing out. . .”

    True, but I don’t want the goofballs who attack him on my land. There could be a hunting accident.

  28. Firebird7478

    “He vowed to return this autumn and smoke me, and I think he may do it.”

    Ah, smoked ham. 😉


  29. Laura

    I’m glad to see you are all having fun, even in the miserable heat. I think Jimmy is an inspiration and I’m interested to find out what he’s been doing.

    I have noticed that I don’t burn as easily either – or at least not as much. I always have gone from white to red back to white, with no browning at all. I would start to redden within 10 minutes of being outside too. Now, it’s not as bad. The one thing I really noticed though, was that I don’t get bitten up by the bugs like I used to. I was like a mosqito smorgasbord and since I switched to LCHF, they don’t even bother with me. That’s a great thing for me because Deet makes me sick to just smell it, so I usually just suffer with being bitten.

    Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us!

    Now that you mention it, I don’t seem to be quite the mosquito smorgasbord I was before. Unfortunately, the chiggers don’t seem to care about my diet one way or another.

  30. LaurieLM

    Thinking like a fat head. I noticed the thing about the sun sensitivity. I am so pale I used to say I could get sunburned in a full moon (which it was on the 3rd), but not so much any more, with saturated animal fat, cholesterol and animal protein (sulfate source with the help of the sun) as my diet now.
    You’re a comedian Tom. I have a comedian vegetarian friend who did a little stand-up this week. He said people tell him Hitler was a vegetarian. And his response is, oh really- you want to go that route, well what about Jeffrey Dahmer? This got lots of laughs, but my Fat Head went right into gear on a response. This reminded me of Taubes pointing out the confusion of cause and effect. He said people don’t get fat because they overeat, they’re overeating because they are getting fat.
    Dahmer isn’t a carnivore as demonstrated by his cannibalism. He is a cannibal because he’s a carnivore…..and he most likely didn’t get animal fat, cholesterol and protein in the politically correct way, by eating cows and pigs- so he went after a really high quality source of meat and fat from human animals— not PC though. He probably also ate brain-degrading-and-fat-head- supplies-replacing grains, which further interrupted his people skills (I say this with near certainty because virtually everyone on the planet eats grains- except me and many of you lovelies on this blog) and I suspect he didn’t get a lot of sun. If you eat any grains at all, you are by my definition, semi-vegetarian.
    Sadly, Hitler was exponentially worse than Dahmer and did much more damage. Hitler wasn’t evil because he was a vegetarian, he was a vegetarian because he was evil. Apologies to my vegetarian friends.

    I’m not touching that one.

  31. Jonathan

    So, we don’t want to tell Jimmy about the glow-in-the-dark fresbies, right?

    Let’s not. Christine would find him outside at 2 a.m., practicing his short game.

  32. Sally Myles

    I used to be uber-pale. Think The-sparkly-vampire-in-Twilight pale. (I’ve not watched the films, just heard of them. I have a functioning brain) and in fact once after a minor surgical procedure the nurse would not let me leave as I looked so deathly.

    Then I started taking high doses of Vitamin D. Even in the summer. 5,000iu in the summer, and 10,000iu in the winter. Last year I found my face got so tan after walking around in the sun for a couple of hours (in the North of the UK no less) that I looked like I’d been away. And after a fortnight in Italy, I looked AWESOME. This year we’ve had no sun so far so I can’t test the theory. I am sure it’s the Vit D and the healthy sat fat…. my son goes very tan too, even when wearing factor 50 sun cream. Last year in Italy he looked like he’d been out in the sun all summer long, but never even pinked up, let alone burned. He takes a lower dose vit D supplement than me, and I let him have a little suntime without sunblock every time he goes out. He’s never burned, not once. Not even in the danger times of 11-2pm.

    It’s nice to work or play outdoors and not fear the sun. Whatever the reason — vitamin D, better fats in the diet — I’m grateful for the effect.

  33. Firebird7478

    For whatever reason, I have become less tolerant of the sun over the years. I just feel the need to stay out of it, which is a shame because I live 50 miles from the beaches around Atlantic City.


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