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When someone orders a DVD or t-shirt through the blog, I receive an email notification of the order from PayPal.  At least that’s how it’s always worked.

In visiting our PayPal account today to find order information for someone who requested it, I discovered that we’ve received quite a few orders in the past 10 days or so that never made it into my email inbox.  Strangely, a few others did.  I thought we were just having a slow week, but apparently somewhere in the flow of information from PayPal to our web provider to me, the emails either weren’t generated or ended up getting blocked.

I’ve been calling tech-support people to track down the problem.  In the meantime, I’ll copy and paste the order information from our PayPal records into our mailing program and get them all out the door ASAP.

I apologize for the delay, and as always I’m grateful for all the orders.


3 thoughts on “Order Delay

  1. Howard

    I have had similar glitches in my PayPal account. Personally, I think the problem is that PayPal is just unreliable. I would love to get money some other way, but they seem to be the most established of the payment processors.

    They’re certainly easy to use if you don’t want to fuss with a whole shopping-cart system.

  2. Mattox

    You might want to check out Dwolla and see if they are suitable. I don’t work for them, but I like what they do. http://www.dwolla.com They are in the business of being disruptive to the financial industry in similar ways that you are being disruptive to the diet/nutrition industry, I think you might get along. 🙂

    I’ll give it a look.


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