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I’ll be spending the evening attempting to finish up my bits for the roast I’m doing on the low-carb cruise.  Can’t believe it’s coming up so soon.


12 thoughts on “Busy Writing

  1. Beau

    Man, I wish I had your problems, haha!

    I was reading an article in my home town paper this morning about a lady that’s over 100 years old, lives on her own, and is also the primary caregiver of her 81 year old daughter.

    Naturally, they asked her the secret of her longevity. Below is her response.

    {Having been born six months before the Titanic sank and age 58 when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, Strovet said the secret to her longevity is simple.

    “I always ate fresh foods and never ate more than one starch,” she said. “Those starches aren’t good for you.”}


    I hope she starts following “myplate” soon before her diet kills her

    The caregiver for her 81-year-old daughter … give that woman a medal.

  2. Joe Dokes

    I know you’re busy Tom, but here’s an article that will get your blood boiling.





    Enjoy, hope your blood pressure doesn’t spike. 😉

    Joe Dokes

    Amazing, isn’t it? Freedom of speech, free country … huh?

  3. Susan

    Will there ever be a Fat Head App? Not sure what would work but the idea sounds cool.

    I have no idea what a Fat Head app would do.

  4. Walter B

    Free country. It is if you’re a major corporation. Since corporations exist only by state power, can their be corporations in a liberation society? I think not.

    A libertarian society is not a society with no government at all. If someone else tries to deprive you of life, liberty or property, it’s government job to protect you. It’s also government’s job to adjudicate disputes.

    Being a major corporation doesn’t guarantee you’ll enjoy freedom. Ask Microsoft. The Justice Department went after Microsoft for embedding a browser into their operating system.

  5. Melissa

    Neither can I! Now, I really should get off the computer and start packing. Looking forward to seeing your Roast Tom!

    So am I, since I’m still putting it together.

  6. js290

    Tom, a more effective way for the govt to have gone after Microsoft was to simply tell Microsoft on the next contract bid, one of the functional requirements of the Office suite must be the use of open file formats. That would have required exactly ZERO litigation and would have resulted in 100% compliance by MSFT as well as given other software companies a shot. Having said that, do you really expect an inept govt to effectively protect your liberties?


    As far as the NC low carb blogger goes, at least it’s only in NC. I suppose the federal govt is waiting for CISPA to pass before they can start pulling such shenanigans. I’m sure your blog will be on the list…

    I can dream, can’t I? I believe protecting us from harm is the legitimate purpose of government because it’s the legitimate use of organized force.

  7. Jennifer Snow

    @Walter B:

    By that same argument, marriages and all other contractual relationships exist “only by state power” and should be abolished.

    There’s nothing inherently wrong in forming a corporation–it’s simply a type of contractual relationship. An LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) in particular is a huge boon for small business entrepreneurs, because it means that if their little company goes bankrupt, the bank can’t take their personal assets like, say, their car and house.

    What’s wrong, is corporations going to the government for handouts, bailouts, and to legislate their competitors out of business. But this would be wrong for individuals, too.

    As with most policies, there are positives and negatives. Some complain about what you just mentioned: if I write code that hoses someone’s data, they can sue my s-corp, but not come after my personal assets. On the other hand, if a corporate officer engages in a scam and then skips the country, you can still sue the corporation even if the corporate officer is never found. Works both ways.

  8. Scott Ganz

    An app is actually an interesting idea. Just some thoughts on what it would do:

    Apple, for one, insists that the app do more than simply deliver your content that you’ve made available elsewhere. For example, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Podcast isn’t allowed to create an app that simply delivers episodes. What the app would have to do, I believe, is bring multiple services together.

    So, while it could probably deliver blog articles in a nice mobile-friendly format, it would also have to bring other things. Recipes? A database of foods and where they fall on the glycemic index? Short video bites from Fat Head, such as the highly-informative animation on greedy fat cells? Think of it as a lifestyle app for people who want to eat well but may not have the information or support they need when they’re out and on the go. Personally, I’ve had to turn to Google to ask around about certain foods. A central app for that would be nice.

    But the main thing you should do, if this interests you, is talk to someone who knows WAY more about this than I do.

    And WAY more than I know, too. Interesting idea, though.

  9. Eric Strait

    I am curious to hear what your views are regarding documentaries like FOOD INC. , and the huge impact they have on young people and young women in particular. I am a full time nursing student and am a bit older than most of my classmates, having spent the majority of my growing up in the military (14years). When classmates ask how I’ve lost so much weight (nearly 60lbs) and managed to look so young while doing it. I rely with “i don’t eat very many carbs, and that most of my energy comes form meat/fat. they then state that they “can’t eat meat at all and oh have you seen FOOD INC?” How does a person reply to that? I try to tell them that I eat grass fed beef and free range chicken eggs but I still get that “look”.

    I understand their aversion to meat factories, but the grain-farming has killed more critters and done more damage to the planet than your grass-fed burger.

  10. Walter B

    Subsidies on grains, particularly corn, are perhaps the prototype of a bad market signal. Bad economically, bad environmentally and bad nutritionally.

    I’ll be hitting that in Monday’s post…

    The Older Brother


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