Interviewed by ‘The Sensitive Nice Guy’

I recorded an interview recently with Jordan Rockwell, creator of the Sensitive Nice Guy blog and podcast.  It was a fun, freewheeling conversation in which we  talked about diet and health (of course) among other topics and both expressed our disdain for Michael Moore.  (Well, okay, Jordan expressed his disdain more than I did.  I mean, he reeeeally doesn’t like Michael Moore.)

You can listen to part one of the interview here, part two here.


11 thoughts on “Interviewed by ‘The Sensitive Nice Guy’

  1. Rocky

    I’m looking forward to listening to the interview. I’m not familiar with Jordan Rockwell but I like him already because Michael Moore gives me hives.

    Michael Moore is proof that the term “documentary” can used verrrry loosely.

  2. Reeda

    I enjoyed the interview. I think the point that you corrected about Fat Head that it’s the kids getting fat that is then causing them to be less active (as opposed to kids being less active and then getting fat) makes it all even that more tragic. I hope you do that book you talked about, as you have a knack for making the science pretty accessible. I got my not-particularly-science-minded 15-year-old son to watch the movie, and he understood it perfectly and was motivated to change his eating habits right away.

    I appreciate that. Explaining how diet affects health in a way that kids (and parents) can easily grasp it is my goal for the book.

  3. Erik

    Great job! I thought it was the best interview I’ve heard you give. It was chock full of information about the making of Fathead, and about your nutritional theories and about your personal life.

    I think the podcaster should build on that. Maybe hunt down some other people he admires from all walks of life and just interview them about a variety of subjects – maybe toss in a couple questions about life and relationships to make it relevant to his general topic.

    I believe that’s what he does now.

  4. shutchings

    Thought you might like to see this text conversation I had with my college-attending daughter:

    Daughter: What is that rebuttal video that guy did about supersize me?

    Me: fathead. It’s on netflix.

    Daughter: Perfect! Thanks 🙂 i’m watching supersize me for my health class and I have to write a response paper about it, so i’m going to watch the fathead thing too and use that in the paper 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading her paper and hearing the response.


  5. Don in Arkansas

    Excellent interview! I was not familiar with Mr. Rockwell either but he seemed very receptive and supportive to the message. The more media outlets that will help educate on this subject, the better. Since this was a ‘dating and relationship’ show, maybe some of his listeners will be interested in learning more.

    I hope so. If you’re out in the dating world, it helps to look good.

  6. Alisa

    I am so happy to have found this site! I chanced upon Fat Head after watching “Super Size Me” (and laughing my butt off) and “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” on Hulu. With myself, my husband, and my best friend all pre-pre-diabetic and wondering what we were doing wrong, your film has single-handedly saved our diets.

    That being said, I am on Weight Watchers at work, and while they have weighted carbs a LOT more with the Points Plus program, fat is still the target and I find it harder and harder to swear off carbs with it – which is what brought me here, seeking motivation, information, and real resources. Keep it up!

    By the way, my husband and I were thrilled that you represented the Southland Conference in your film, but we have to say that your particular jersey was the only disappointment. We decided if we ever got the chance to communicate with you we would say two things:

    1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for saving our diets.

    2. AXE’M JACKS!!!!!!!!

    I have to confess, I’d never heard of McNeese State. I was out walking one night, the temperature plummeted, so I walked to a nearby store and bought a jersey. I chose that one because blue and gold were my high school’s team colors.

  7. Dianne

    I really enjoyed listening to these. As someone who reacts to sugar with “mental aberrations” (i.e., crabby, unhappy, hair-line temper, well you get the picture), I especially liked how you explained addiction. Been there, done that!

  8. Jordan Rockwell

    Indeed, I really do not like Michael Moore…did I mention that? I hope he doesn’t sue me, you know, he tends to acuse people of slander who call him on his bulls–t.

    Sure enough, although my show is a dating and relationship show, that is more of the “lens” that I look through different topics (I have the lady behind the “Litter Kwitter” system coming on next week, to discuss the bigger topic of entrepreneurialism). Lifestyle change is a big one, and good health is essential. We have Tom to thank for leading the way!

    I enjoyed it, Jordan. Thanks for having me on the show.

  9. Lindsey H

    I went to McNeese State University and too, was surprised to see you supporting the Blue and Gold. Loved the movie!

  10. Josh Hudson

    Another McNeese alum checking in. I was like wow this guy went to McNeese! Haha how random that you just happened to buy a McNeese shirt. Small school with like 8,000 students so when we make a movie we notice!

    Actually, I went to Illinois State. I bought that shirt while taking a six-mile walk at night in Burbank, CA … the temperature dropped more than I expected, so I ducked into a store and bought another layer. I happened to like those colors.


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