Free The Animal’s Take on the School Lunch Fiasco

I think Richard Nikoley and I may have switched personalities for a day.  I read about a school official telling a four-year-old her lunch wasn’t USDA-approved and got REALLY ticked off, as last night’s post demonstrates.  Richard wrote a laugh-out-loud funny post on the same subject.

Richard, I’d like my sense of humor back when you’re done with it.


9 thoughts on “Free The Animal’s Take on the School Lunch Fiasco

  1. Kathy

    Although the school superintendent says they did the wrong thing, they still don’t get it:

    “The cafeteria details are true, but rather than an example of government “lunch bag police” overruling a family, it’s an embarrassing lapse by a teacher, Hoke County Schools Assistant Superintendent Bob Barnes said Thursday.
    The girl’s teacher should have handed the child a carton of milk to round out the turkey-and-cheese sandwich and banana she brought from home. Instead, the teacher erred by telling the tyke to get a cafeteria lunch, Barnes said.

    …. However, there are occasions that kids bring lunches that aren’t that complete, and that’s why we try to supplement them with the things that they need to make it a complete lunch.”

    … “I am so sorry this happened to this little girl,” Barnes said. “On that day, the policy wasn’t followed, and hey, we’re the grown folks here. That’s our fault. The teacher never should have sent that little girl into that line. She should have gone over and picked up the missing item and brought it to her.”

    And what if the little girl is allergic to the milk, or the fruit, or the grains/bread that they’re trying to foist onto her? Does anyone consider that those items were missing for a reason???

    Good lord … so they screwed up the rules, but still aren’t questioning why they should be imposing those rules in the first place.

  2. Sally Myles

    Thankfully my son understands what constitutes a healthy diet (thanks to me having seen Fat Head, read Gary Taubes et al) and sadly he also understands at age 7 that he sometimes has to drink the Kool-Aid and toe the company line where school is concerned as ‘the teachers haven’t read the same books as Mummy and their thinking is a bit outdated’ It helps that he still thinks I can do no wrong. All that will of course change when puberty hits and he starts to hate me!!
    In England we have a school that has given 13 year old girls contraceptive implants without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Makes three chicken nuggets look like bugger all, doesn’t it??

    Seriously, next time we have an election I’m voting for None of the Above.

    Anyone who gives my 13-year-old daughter a contraceptive implant without my knowledge better be wearing Kevlar if I find out.

  3. Kathy

    “Anyone who gives my 13-year-old daughter a contraceptive implant without my knowledge better be wearing Kevlar if I find out.”

    The key words here are “if I find out.” Years ago (20+), in California, my teenaged stepdaughter went to school, and in the space of time between the morning bus and the afternoon bus home, was taken a few counties away by social workers to have an abortion. We didn’t find out until a few years later. By that time, we and she were living in different states.

    If someone takes my daughter away for a medical procedure without informing me or my wife, Kevlar won’t be nearly enough.

  4. Bex

    The contraceptive thing – it’s not quite as bad as it’s painted – it’s perfectly legal to give contraceptives to teenagers without parental consent, providing the doctor believes the teenager knows what they’re talking about – something that was a massive boon for me as a teenager – if my mother had her way, I’d still be celibate now, at 38!!!


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