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Our digital distributor (the one I like) emailed me today that Fat Head is now on iTunes … I swear it was up there a few weeks ago, but maybe there was an issue.  (Some of you may recall Netflix first put up a version with a missing audio track, which they later fixed.  The Guy From CSPI just isn’t as much fun without those gizzidleydoinks and whooshes.)

Anyway, here’s the link again for Fat Head on iTunes.

If you’ve already seen it and liked it, a positive review wouldn’t hurt the traffic any.  If you’ve already seen it and didn’t like it … uh … go give a one-star review to “Super Size Me.”  That’ll show me.

I’m nearly done with the data conversion that’s been occupying my evenings.  If you sent me an email this week and I haven’t answered yet, I’ll get to it this weekend.



10 thoughts on “iTunes Again

  1. LCNana

    Hi Tom. Totally off topic but have you read the latest blog over on Gary Taubes’ site about the NYTimes article, his letter rebuttal, and his new initiative with Peter Attia? Very Interesting.

    This young fellow, Peter Attia – another very interesting new comer to the low-carb scene – has a blog you definitely should check out when you have a moment to breathe. He’s an MD, doesn’t practice to my knowledge, and he and Taubes are starting a national initiative to gather funding for serious low-carb research….the tipping point has been reached – perhaps the bulls–t will finally stop!!!!!

    Just went over there and read it. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Dominique

    Hi. I have been following your blog since November. I just wanted to take the time to say, “THANK YOU.” GCBC and WWGF changed my views of food forever. I’m so happy that there are people out there that understand this struggle and have found some answers. It is frustrating that the medical community (large portion) still has such catching up to do-and I doubt it ever will…I know my doctor has to become better informed. Anyway….
    The creamed spinach recipe was FANTASTIC! I would have eaten more of the servings I made, but the husband (Mr. I don’t really like spinach) scarfed down a huge portion of it.
    Thanks again!

    Perhaps I should a batch to George (I don’t like spinach) H. Bush.

  3. LCNana

    For Marilyn above: Taubes is such a busy guy that he barely has time for his own blog, and Attia will soon learn that he’ll be swamped with comments he’ll barely have time to read let alone respond to….but these two will be huge in the fight against the prevailing wisdom once they get this initiative off the ground – did I say wisdom hahahahahahahahahaha!! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you Tom???


  4. DB

    That is great news!!! I always tell my friends about your documentary and now I can tell them where to find it!!!

    You were one of the people that made me realise that maybe going low carb was the way to go. Then I read Gary Taubes and he pushed me over the edge. Ive been doing it for two weeks and lost 13 pounds!!!! Also, it’s pretty easy as I don’t feel hungry.

    Anyway thank you and Im glad to hear its on itunes I will be telling everyone to download it.

    iAppreciate the marketing.

  5. TJ

    Good deal gettin’ on iTunes. I saw it from Netflix and it did have the whooshes and SFX with the guy from CSPI.

    Also, did you happen to see this month’s issue of Bottom Line/Personal? (Vol. 33 Number 3, Feb 1, 2012) It’s an insiders newsletter with a lot of good life tips (I highly recommend it). The front page has a story called “Put Down That Slice of Bread!” with an interview by William Davis, MD. It’s a good read! I know you have an interview with Dr. Davis for his Wheat Belly book on your blog. Just thought you’d like to know of the word spreading through other means as well.

    Glad to hear his book is getting the attention it deserves.

  6. Rich Victor

    We just watched your movie, GREAT! As an on and off low carber for many years, I am familiar with a lot of the info, but it is nice to see so much in one place, and presented so well.

    My wife is not a low carber, and has no weight problem, but they have her on Pravastatin, and she is seriously wondering now whether she should continue with it.

    Get her a copy of “The Great Cholesterol Con” by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. Then she can make up her mind.


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