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I’m busy tonight with a hairy data conversion for one of my software clients,  so this is a short post.

I don’t know if this is pathetic, funny, a positive sign, or a combination of all three:  The makers of Karo corn syrup would like you to know that their product doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup.

I found this photo while going over my collection from Christmas. My mom had a bottle of this stuff in her kitchen, apparently to put in some kind of Christmas dessert I didn’t eat.  (If memory serves, we used to put dark Karo syrup on our waffles during my sugar-laden childhood.)

In case you’re wondering about the difference, high fructose corn syrup undergoes an extra step in which enzymes convert more of the glucose from the corn into fructose to make it sweeter.

I recommend you avoid corn syrup of either variety.



52 thoughts on “Corn Syrup

  1. Mike P

    Reminds me of the General Mill’s commercial that advertises their biggest ingredient are Whole Grains. If you look at the cereal box as they zoom up and outline Whole Grains in a big red circle, the number two ingredient is sugar…lol

    The power of advertising is incredible…

    Keep up the great work!!

    Grains and sugar … two of the worst possible foods.

  2. Becky

    Sorry, I’m kind of stalking this post. When Chareva leaves the house, you and the girls should do another “pipe” test with this syrup. Pour it down your drain (like you did with butter) and see if it clogs your arteries! Of course, I’m sure it’s low fat so it probably won’t.

    Now that we’re in the sticks, our drains end up in a septic tank that we just spent rather a lot of money to replace. This means my sink experiments are over.


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