Rapper Fat Joe, Not So Fat Now

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Last night I was at the BMI holiday party (which spilled over into a local pub after business hours), so I didn’t have time to write a post.  But a reader sent me a link to this video, and it’s worth sharing:

Here’s what’s great about this:  Fat Joe appeals to an audience of younger people who may never read Wheat Belly or see Fat Head on Netflix.

Keep it up, Joe.  You may save some lives.


34 thoughts on “Rapper Fat Joe, Not So Fat Now

  1. cTo

    He is speaking in a language that that untouched audience can understand, too, and he does is very succinctly and eloquently. Bravo! More power and health to him!

  2. Tod Rosenthal

    Why would you attend a gathering called the Body Mass Index holiday party.

    The goal was to raise our body mass indexes with beer and food.

  3. Pat

    Totally off-topic but fun, vegetarians/vegans are now suitable for comedy.
    1. Rick Mercer (this past Tuesday’s show) was at an agricultural show, and joked about opening it with the sacrifice of a vegetarian to the beef gods. Then they showed a lot of really nice animals (cattle, buffalo, goats, etc.) Yum.
    2. On a totally unrelated blog, someone mentioned “vegan leather” and someone replied “Isn’t tanning a vegan’s hide illegal?”

  4. Nina

    Never heard of him before this, but that is awesome. When’s the low carb rap coming out?

    I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t know if it did.

  5. Erica

    Hot dang! I hope many rap fans take this to heart and change their diets. I loved hearing him say “I don’t eat that bread, that pasta, the rice and beans. I don’t eat that shit no more.” (OK, I’m paraphrasing, can’t remember the exact wording.)

    I hope so too. He’ll reach a lot of people who probably don’t read health blogs.

  6. April P in Maryland

    Just want to thank you for all you do, Tom!
    And thank goodness for Wheat Belly. There has been so much great work by so many, but the Paleo/Primal/no grain movement REALLY needed an easy-read best seller to break into the mainstream.

    The book seems to be getting a lot of attention. I hope it’s a million-seller.

  7. John


    I believe you are confusing Fat Joe with Big Pun. Fat Joe is obviously still alive. A lot of the heavier rappers (with names to match) have passed away from health complications, like Heavy D, and the Human Beat Box from the Fat Boys.

  8. Gilana

    I live near the neighborhood Fat Joe talked about, though not as far north. It’s heavily Dominican, and the food is great. For $6.50 you can get a lunch special of half a chicken, or pepper steak, or beef stew, and every single one is served with an entire 8″ diameter aluminum container of rice and beans that must weigh close to a pound. That’s a pound alone of rice and beans in addition to the entree. And it tastes fabulous, and the price is right, and the people who serve it are friendly as hell. Yeah, it’s hard to be low-carb up here in Harlem. A small victory: a place five blocks down will give you steamed vegetables in place of the rice, but they still look at you cross-eyed when you say no beans (and the black beans are incredible).

  9. greensleeves

    What a beautiful, straight-forward message to the African-American community, in which so many suffer from T2D. Bravo to him for offering education and emphasizing education.

  10. Hashmo

    But it’s not in Big Pharmas interest for people to low carb. Who would they sell all the statins to then?
    And if people moved away from carbs then the big corporations wouldn’t have anything to grow in Africa and those pesky indigenous people might be able to grow their own food and become self sufficient. The horror of it.

    I have no problem with drug companies marketing drugs — that’s why they exist. It’s the doctors who think every ailment requires a prescription who annoy me the most.

  11. Kevin

    WE NEED OPRAH!!!!! When someone of Oprah’s stature embraces low carbing the message will get out like a fire hydrant being unleashed. Until then it’s up to us to spread the word one person at a time. I’m thinking “Fathead Viewing Parties” might help. If you feed them, they will come. At least my friends will!

    I’m all in favor of those parties.

  12. Dragonmamma/Naomi

    Coral, this is from the XXL Magazine website:

    November 10, 2011 – 11:16 AM 10 Comments
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    Today (Nov. 10) would have been Big Pun’s 40th Birthday. Although the super-lyrical MC died on February 7, 2000 with only one official solo album released before his passing, the Bronx-native left an indelible mark on hip-hop. In honor of the rhyming abomination’s born day, XXL asked Terror Squad brethren Fat Joe to pen a birthday card to his best friend and the man he calls the greatest rapper ever.

    The man is still alive.

  13. LCNana

    Tom, you mean to tell us that you would rather go to a party than stay home and post for us? Say it isn’t so!!! But thanks for the video of Mr. Fat….seems like a nice fellow and surely has a message for all his fans.

    Speaking of parties – we’re off to one tonight where the theme is Italian – but unfortunately not real Italian where the food would be lots and lots of veggies and fruit, some good cheese and yes some pasta and bread – but a nice portion of meat or foul or fish prepared in an interesting way – no this groaning board will be all pasta all the time – probably some salad, and lots of wine. I’m making sure I’ll have something to eat by bringing a huge platter of cold meats, hard cheeses, lots of veggies, good olives, for ‘anti pasto’.

    I’ve been checking out “The Hungry Planet” pictures online and was amazed how healthy the Italian family was eating – in total contrast to the two American families pictured!!!!

    Good idea to take some food you can eat, although I don’t think the occasional indulgence is what damages us. It’s the regular abuse.

  14. Stacie

    Great interview!!! I am wondering about one thing, though. Are sweet potatoes good for everyone? I thought they were high in starch, and have been avoiding them. What’s the skinny on sweet potatoes?

    I believe the worst offenders are sugars and grains. Tubers have been part of the human diet for a long time and can fairly be considered paleo foods, so I’d say it’s a matter of individual tolerance for the carbs. I can eat a sweet potato without a big spike in blood sugar, but a white potato sends the meter way high. So I eat sweet potatoes now and then, but not white potatoes.

  15. april

    I love Fat Joe! So awesome. I gained a ton of weight living next door to a Mexican Panaderia. But I was within my “caloric guidelines” and couldn’t figure out why it kept going up. Lol…as soon as I moved away from my daily “crack” in the form of breads, my weight started going down. Too bad I got pregnant right after! But I took what I learned just like Fat Joe said he did and dropped the bread. Went from 156 in June to 111.4(yup .4 or .2 give or take depending on what time of day it is!)presently..

    The only thing I didn’t give up completely was my irish oats in the morning. I cut carbs like Fat Joe said – the rest of the day. But there came a time when I lost alot of the weight but belly was still not sharp. Finally sucked it up and cut the oatmeal. Two weeks later I had a darn fourpack.

    GOODBYE Grains! You will not be missed!

  16. Beowulf

    “The bread is already sugar, then we eat rice. Rice is automatic sugar. We eat beans; that $&!# turned into sugar…so God forbid we got three Hawaiian Punches with that meal!”

    Great way to sum-up low-carb science. 🙂

    Direct and to the point.

  17. Gydle

    “God forbid we have 3 Hawaiian punches with that meal, and you are on a super crack head level with sugar…”

    Love it. What a quote. Thanks for posting the video.

  18. AndreaLynnette

    Stacie, as I understand it, sweet potatoes aren’t actually “potatoes.” So, being sensitive to white potatoes doesn’t necessarily mean sweet potatoes will spike your blood sugar.
    They taste fantastic when mashed with cream, salt and pumpkin pie spices.

  19. Live Free or Diet

    Go Joe! I already showed 6 people this video, including the friend below.

    Funny thing talking today at lunch with an old friend, who is a ballet and Pilates instructor. She says she eats what amounts to a low carb diet “because I exercise all day I can get away with it.” But she won’t recommend low carb to her fat class members even though she knows I lost (and kept off for 7 years) more than her total body weight on the same diet she eats!

    Wow. A case of cognitive dissonance?

  20. Vicki

    I love that this internet blog thing starts open discussion. Thank you to Tom the Fathead, who was the launching point for my awakening.

    I agree not to have a child argue the point. I have informed her that she doesn’t need to take that position, that they have a view that we disagree with for health, but she need not defend it. I just thought about intervening on the side of letting the teacher know why it is that she spoke up, but I think I have changed my mind on pursuing that strategy after reading this blog post. I don’t think it would make a difference anyway. SAD.

    I did teach my daughter well and I am proud she spoke up and knows the truth. This is very tricky for me because my Dad and his family harvest wheat in Nebraska, so if anyone should want sales of wheat it would be me, but I can’t ignore the fact that its just not the same wheat (Wheat Belly) but completely aside from that, like it shows in “The Fat Fiasco speach” insulin causes fat storage, and starches and sugars cause insulin.

    My daughter does not have the same metabolic issues that I do so she does eat limited sprouted and fermented grains at home (school time exception). We generally follow the Weston A. Price philosophy with me keeping my intake much lower than hers.

    I also agree with Tom that a it’s not the occasional indulgence that does the damage and my daughter has my permission to eat treats at school birthdays and events because the majority of her diet more than makes up for it.

    I just think its a shame that I have to be the one to keep hush, hush, like in the example of politics and religion in school.

    They should need my permission to teach nutrition was the main point. I can’t believe I think its a risk to make my position known to the teacher – pertaining to the boy taken away from her for going against the mainstream dogma. I know my issue isn’t as severe, but man, how scary it is that they would go that far (which means it can happen).

    I totally agree with Tom’s response to my comment which is Schools “are not qualified to be diet centers, and we certainly don’t need to have them serving as P.R. agencies for the USDA”.

    When she is 18 years old, I hope to be as proud of her and would never put a child in the position of arguing this.


    I agree. That’s why we chose not to put our daughter in the middle of a fight when the school (via the federal government) told us we had to put a grain product in her lunch when the school inspectors were visiting. I’ll happily go toe-to-toe with misinformed teachers and administrators, but I don’t expect my kids to do it. They know what a good diet is, they eat a good diet at home (and at school, since we pack their lunches), and that’s what matters.

  21. Justin D.

    Citing books, articles, and studies from doctors, scientists, and science writers as proved futile in convincing people of my point…

    Perhaps I’ll have more success citing a rapper.

    Thanks for the mini-article, Tom.


  22. Rexhungus

    That was inspiring. He educated himself, then made a decision to make it happen and its worked. That’s what I’ve done and its really inspiring to see lasting change in myself and others doing the same thing.

  23. Lorri

    I followed the link and watched the video on YouTube and I’m a bit sorry now that I did because the comments that were directly below it were the height of ignorance when it comes to diet. I kid you not, one of the very first replies ascribed his weight loss to the fact that he’d simply managed to either consume less than he burned or burned everything (and then some) he consumed.

    What a tragedy…so much education left to do.

    It will a loooong battle. We have decades of misinformation to overcome.


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