68 thoughts on “Birthday Break

  1. Gretchen

    They say you’re always the same age inside. At 50 I am stuck somewhere in my mid-20’s inside. The 14th was my hubby’s and my 30th wedding anniversary. A good day.

    Congratulations and here’s to 30 more.

  2. Bex

    A very happy birthday to a wonderful man who has changed countless lives! Here’s to 50 more years of love, family, friends and BACON!

  3. Barbara

    Happy belated birthday! It was also my birthday, and my husband’s uncle’s birthday. Went with the pumpkin cheesecake to celebrate.

    Then happy birthday to all us.

  4. Pat

    Happy Birthday Tom

    You share a birthday with Claude Monet – November 14, 1840.

    I’m living proof the birthday itself doesn’t confer any artistic ability.

  5. mrfreddy

    Hey, what’s this about senior discounts? Do the liquor stores know about this? I turned 55 a couple of months ago nobody’s been offering me any discounts.

    Must be cuz I look so young, haha.

    Hey, that would be funny in Tennessee, because they’re now required to card everyone. Imagine the fun, “Can I see your ID, sir? We need to make sure you’re old enough to drink …. Oh, you get the senior discount.”

  6. mezzo

    Hi Tom – congratulations! Mine was yesterday (16th) and I turned 56 so I suppose I would qualify for all sorts of things? Funny thought that!

    Cheap coffee in a lot of restaurants, if nothing else.

  7. Jim

    When I was in my mid 30’s, I was dating a wonderful woman who was older. It was a grand love/friendship thing, and I never thought about the actual age thing.

    Then, one night as we were standing in the movie theater ticket line after her birthday dinner, she told me the following:

    “Ive got good news and bad news. You can save some money and get me a half price ticket tonight.”

    I was a little speechless.

    Pros and cons, I guess.

  8. Nowhereman

    Congrats on the B-day, Tom. I can just hear the vegetrollians now….

    “He turned fifty-three today!? You mean he’s not dead yet from clogged arteries or cancer? Inconceivable!”

    May you keep sticking it in their eye by living to a very, very rip old age… like 120. 😀

    Of course if you die in an accident, like Dr. Atkins did, they’ll blame it on your diet. So don’t have any fatal accidents! 😛

    I’ll be careful near curbs on icy days.

  9. Jean

    Belated Happy Birthday, Tom. Thanks for all you do in support of healthy living. I hope you realize that your birthday gift is the incredible difference you have made in so many lives. I’ll bet you didn’t imagine this when you started making Fat Head.

    I always recommend Fat Head first when I start talking to people. It’s an eye-opener and gets them at least interested. I have two copies with me here in Korea and have been passing them around to my colleagues and I’ll donate one to the library when I leave. 🙂

    One of my colleagues had an attack the other day, and the docs think it might be hypoglycemia or diabetes-related. For both, I had the answer – low carb diet. I’ve been trying to get him off of wheat for a couple of months now. This might be his tipping point. I’m sad that I wasn’t more persuasive earlier, but sometimes people just need a wake-up call. He’s interested now.

    I had no idea what I was doing when I started making Fat Head or where it would go. It’s all been a very pleasant surprise (other than the distributor we’re trying to dump).

  10. Trenton

    My wife is 34, and AARP sent her a membership offer in the mail a couple weeks ago. how’s that for discount? LoL

    Jeez, I’d be insulted.


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