16 thoughts on “Wheat Belly — The Musical!

  1. James - The Wheat Belly Bluesman

    Thanks, Tom!

    I got a huge spike in views over the last 12 hours, and it’s starting to get interesting. This is a total validation of why I wrote the song and made the video. To get wheat elimination into a more “palatable” form, and support Dr. Davis’ brave stand for all of us, and against the Wheat Lobby.

    I’m already working on a new song on the topic; a soulful ballad about kicking wheat.

    A well-deserved spike.

  2. mrfreddy

    Saw a documentary on Nova last night that had me banging my head and shouting at the TV, scaring my dogs and annoying my wife. It was about Ötzi the 5000 year old Iceman. At one point in the program, they find his stomach, and discover he had recently (well, just before he died) eaten a lot of einkorn wheat along with a substantial amount of some sort of goat meat. He had just had a good meal.
    Ten or fifteen minutes later in the program, they discovered he had signs of heart disease.
    Of course, the experts were baffled. How could this be? We thought heart disease was a modern problem! He obviously had an organic diet and got lots of exercise (they found him at 11,000 foot elevation after all)! He ate whole grains! Shocked, shocked!
    Duh, maybe it was the wheat, guys? Hello?

    I think they’re still too busy trying to figure out how the Egyptians developed heart disease.

  3. Lynnanne

    Maybe for the next song, we can all be recorded keeping the beat by banging our heads on our desks. This should help get the music started:

    The CDC is horrified that some children, somewhere, are still drinking whole milk: “children aged 2 and older should consume low-fat milk and milk products to avoid unnecessary fat and calories” http://yourlife.usatoday.com/fitness-food/diet-nutrition/story/2011-09-15/Not-enough-kids-drink-low-fat-milk-study-finds/50417784/1

    Bite Counter is Like a Pedometer for Your Mouth: Researchers have developed a way to fight obesity by helping people answer one fundamental question: How many bites of food are you eating? http://yourlife.usatoday.com/fitness-food/diet-nutrition/story/2011/08/Bite-Counter-is-like-a-pedometer-for-your-mouth/50080680/1

    There will definitely be enough head-banging to provide a great percussion track.

  4. Nowhereman

    @mrfreddy and Tom

    It must be that evil goat meat’s fault, yeah that’s it! :p

    That’s what they’ll try and blame it on. We all know they have or will. It would have been extremely vexxing to them if all the Iceman ate before he died were einkorn wheat.

    Too true.

  5. C


    Nah, if all he ate was wheat they’d just say he must have eaten lots of fat earlier in his life. What we need is to find a well-preserved corpse with a food log. Then they’d probably come up with some excuse about how it was probably very lean meat they ate or that they obviously had gotten way more exercise than a modern person, or else just hide the whole thing from the public. -_-

    I say we just consider those cave paintings a food log.

  6. C

    Oh, and by the way, did you hear Dr. Oz’s interpretation of a paleo diet? He said it was 10% protein with lots of tofu, plus all plant and animal products. TOFU IS NOT PALEO. And my diet is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than 10% protein – according to the USDA, my kidneys will probably fail any time now. As if. He’s obviously trying to satisfy his viewers in accordance the new paleo trend while still clinging to his typical nutritional guidelines.

    Dr. Oz is becoming a parody of himself.

  7. Linda

    Wow, did you read some of the comments regarding the drinking of whole milk? I think, regardless of the crazy b.s. perpetrated on the public by the USDA and the AMA and the ADA and all those others organizations, people are catching on educating themselves and finally understanding what is really going on.

  8. Lynnanne


    I imagine that the alphabet organizations have got to know by now what a deep hole they’ve dug for themselves. I picture the bigwigs closeted with their lawyers, trying to figure out how to spin, “Our bad! Sorry we insisted that you intellectually stunt your children by denying them fat!”


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