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I was recently interviewed on the Hunting For Health podcast/radio show.  You can listen to the interview by visiting the show’s site.

The interview is also available on iTunes under Hunting For Health.

That’s four podcast interviews recorded in one week.  The other three — listener round-table discussions with Dr. Su and some Fat Head fans — will be available on his site later this month.



9 thoughts on “On the Hunting For Health Radio Show

  1. DJ

    Hey Tom… just checked tonight and Fat Head is now back up on Netflix in Canada. The threat of litigation was just too much for your distributer or did you end up going with another one?

    If it’s back up, that means our slimeball international distributor put it there. I informed them back in February that it was going on Netflix USA and suggested they pitch it to Netflix Canada. They didn’t. But when someone else put it there (same company that put it on Netflix USA), they realized a sale had been made and claimed the rights. What that means to me is that I’ll never see a dime of residuals for the airings in Canada. The slimeballs have claimed all these huge and mysterious expenses for the film, so I’ve never been paid a nickel for the airings in Israel, Turkey, New Zealand, France, Poland, etc.

    Those sales all came two years ago, with zip since. If they do stumble across a sale — as with Netflix Canada, and only because they noticed someone else proved there was a market — they’ll just write it off against the big mysterious expenses and report a slightly smaller loss.

    That’s why we’re preparing to sue to get out of the deal. I don’t want them making any more sales, because it’s clear they’ll never, ever report a profit. They’re just stealing from me, as far as I’m concerned. The company that placed it on Hulu and Netflix USA, by contrast, claims almost nothing by way of expenses and sends me checks.

  2. chuck

    besides you being an all around great guy with an interesting message, can you speculate the reason for the popularity lately? is it netflix, hulu popularity?

    I think both have a lot to do with it.

  3. Brian

    Just finished listening to the podcast. I believe that the key to spreading this message is to touch on points which affect all of us, but which we just don’t think about until we’re told to notice them.

    I think one such point was the whole binge eating topic. Everyone has, at some time in their lives, gone on some kind of binge, but no one really correlates the *type* of foods we as a population binges on. We just assume that “our” food happens to be X (which also happens to be high in carbs). But it’s so true; you never hear of anyone binge eating eggs or steak or coconut oil straight from the jar. Of course it’s because: 1) It doesn’t cause a blood sugar spike and crash, and 2) you feel full for *hours* afterward.

    You just have to think about it and we wonder how we missed this common sense!

    BTW, you mentioned you had a Twitter feed so I checked it out. I’d be inclined to follow it if it wasn’t just a reproduction of your website RSS feed. *shrug* That’s okay, not everyone has the Twitterer genes I guess. 🙂

    I’m not a big tweeter.

  4. Don

    Listening to your pod-cast … Was there a miss quote? you stated in the clinical trial with a low carb high fat diet and a medium carb low fat diet … the results showed the high carb low fat diet resulted in better results in every way!

    I’m assuming this was just a miss quote on your part that the 3 of you did not catch? Or am I missing something here?

    Great pod-cast by the way! 🙂

    Yup, a misstatement.

  5. Ray

    At minute 30 it seems that you misspoke. “The people on the high carb, low fat diet ended up better off in every measurement they made…”

    That’s the problem with speaking instead of writing; you can’t go back and edit. Yes, that was clearly a misstatement.

  6. Tony Dickson

    You know, I can overeat on low carb, especially yummy fried chicken, but afterward I don’t get hungry again for many hours, or even a day or so.

    After I do pig out on meat, I’ve noticed the morning after that I haven’t gained, and sometimes I’ve even lost a few pounds.

    I tend to eat too little on low-carb as it has really curbed my hunger. Perhaps the occasional pig-out jump starts my metabolism?

    I believe the occasional pigout is good for reminding your body that the food is plentiful and there’s no need to slow the metabolism. Usually one day per week, I eat rather a lot.

  7. Don in Arkansas

    “Usually one day per week, I eat rather a lot.” I am several months (years?) ahead. 🙁 Not eating bad stuff necessarily, just too much of the good stuff.

    I still keep it fairly low-carb, but high in calories. Friday, for example, we took advantage of the all-you-can-eat shrimp at Red Lobster. I ate a LOT of shrimp with butter, but still elected to go for broccoli over potatoes. The big indulgence was two Sam Adams beers with the meal.

  8. Sabine

    Just listened to the podcast. As usual, entertaining and informative. I learn something new (or more) every time I hear you. Thank you, Tom!

    Thank you for listening.


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