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  1. mike

    Good show.How about an exact recipe for those coco-coconut oil candies.

    I usually wing it in the kitchen. It’s maybe a quarter-cup of coconut oil, stir in enough cocoa powder and Truvia until I like the taste, then pour on a flat plate and stick it in the fridge.

  2. Brian

    After the interview cut off, there was a terrible song about McDonalds burgers making people fat because of how much fat they contain. Kind of odd to lead-out on that, especially considering the content of the interview.

    Perhaps he was being ironic …?

  3. Erica

    Tom, that’s what I do for my chocolate ‘pudding.’ Coconut oil, cocoa powder, Truvia, a pinch of salt. Stir it up and go sit and eat it with a spoon. Yesterday I did it with coconut butter, coconut oil, Splenda/Truvia, and cream. Yum, but wow, ate too much. Haven’t had a tummy ache from overeating in a while!

    Just a note, though, I feel great today and not as bloated as I’d been feeling.

    Sounds delicious.

  4. Stephen

    Great interview and an interesting explanation of how grains cause autoimmune issues. My wife was diagnosed with Sjogren’s a few years ago, since we moved to a lower processed flour and lower grain diet, she hasn’t had the swollen neck glands she used to.

    What is going on in society? It is so obvious that these wheat based diets and sugars are killing us. Yesterday at the local Safeway grocery store the overhead speaker decided to dispense health advice to me that I shook my head too. According to the announcer, Cholesterol is causing us to have heart disease and that we need to eat low fat. I was then told to visit the store pharmacist to discuss my diet.

    I don’t understand how some Safeway disc jockey has any qualification to dispense health advice to me. Wouldn’t his talents and qualifications be better served telling me the weekly sales on the 2 for 1 pork chop deal in the meat section? Could his real reason be that the store is loaded with low fat/whole grain inventory they need to unload? Nah…

    Good Grief.

    I’m sorry to say I have a good friend suffering from Sjogren’s who still believes grains and soy are health food. I did my best but don’t want to be a nag.

  5. TonyNZ

    Somebody gets it!

    “Canterbury public health nutritionist Bronwen King said lack of physical activity was only partly to blame. “The type of kilojoules consumed can influence weight gain. Kilojoules that come from sugar and other refined carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quickly and cause fast sharp rises in blood glucose which in turn generate a large insulin response. Since insulin promotes fat storage, people consuming a highly refined diet are likely to be more prone to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and to storing fat and gaining weight.”

  6. Patricia

    As always, Tom, I enjoy listening to any interview that you do; always learn a little bit more each time I hear you speak. Appreciate you letting us know when you have a new interview.

    P.S…Your chocolate “candies” are awesome. I tried adding a bit of organic shredded coconut and walnut pieces to the mix for texture and flavor. Yum!

    That sounds like a tasty addition.

  7. Zachary

    I hope you checked out SGU because it’s very good. I went and looked it up too and I really liked their podcasts quite a bit

  8. Stephen

    My anti-virus software just told me your website is a threat to my computer. I disregarded it and went to your site anyways, and an actual ‘threat block’ popped up. Thought I’d let you know.

    It’s gone now. We’ve had a few of those.

  9. Sean Drew

    Thought you should know, Firefox just tried to tell me your blog was an “attack site”. I suspect the vegans are after you.

    On a positive note, keep up the great work. I’m giving a short presentation on Paleo in one of my classes next week, and I’m listing Fathead under my recommendations for people to check out.

    I appreciate the marketing.

  10. Ruth

    What’s going on here? Your site looks weird and I’m getting that it’s a “reported attack site.” I know that the “healthy whole grain” crowd isn’t excited about your message, but this is a bit too much!

    Apparently someone managed to put some redirect iframe on the site. It’s gone now.

  11. -V

    you may want to do a paragraph post on that coconut-cocoa thing. I have a feeling it’s drive a lot of traffic for a day.

    I tried it more or less as you said–mix together until it tastes good– and its like low carb crack. I actually probably won’t make it very often because of that.

    A few things I thought of as I was eating it:
    1) the add ins people have mentioned are nice. You could recreate a lot of great confections with this. LC haystacks, almond joys and peanut butter cups come to mind.
    2) I added a pinch of salt that I think made it pop. A trick I pulled off of freetheanimal food porn is to dissolve the granules in water then add it to the melted fat– this prevents it from being grainy. If desired– I did it, don’t know if its necessary– boil off the water.
    3) these are brittle and there is a need for portion control (yeah I said it. I ate a 1/3 cup of coconut fat this morning bc I’m a weak willed worm. Not that I feel ill because of it but…) Both issues could be improved with those little paper cups like they serve Reese’s PB cups in.
    4) the ultimate addition, imo, would be browned butter. LC caramel notes in LC chocolate.

  12. CarbsAreWONDERFUL


    Why are you failing to approve my posts that show (possible!) evidence that low carb diets aren’t the knight in shining armor, end-all solution that you believe in? Not a fan of approving comments that go against your point of view, eh?

    What posts? I haven’t blocked any. If you filled them with links, they would’ve gone into the spam folder.

  13. Don in Arkansas

    Just listened to the show and it was great. Every time I hear you speak I think I not only learn a little more but it also keeps me motivated. Don’t think I’ll be making any of the coconut oil candy though. It sounds like something I could eat a lot of. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    I eat a little bit, then I’m full.

  14. Joe Lindley

    Enjoyed your discussion! The part about whether there’s a conspiracy in place in the government and associations that promote these lies was especially interesting. These guys are so entrenched in this web of lies, even if they wanted to say the right thing, they would lose their jobs (or promotions) if they did. It takes a maverick from the inside or guys like you from the outside to make a difference. By the way, a suggestion for a marvelous book about a maverick from the inside is: John Boyd, the Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War. I guarantee you’ll like it.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. Jean-François

    You should update your WordPress very frequently, Tom. Seeing as WordPress is such an immensely popular platform, it’s also a target of choice for malware authors who will rush to exploit any flaw in it.

    I’ll try to update more often, but it seems at times they’re coming out with a new version every month.


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