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I’ve been tied up with other business today, so I don’t have time for a full-length post. However, a reader pointed me to these “Freaky Eaters” videos, which I find interesting. (Sorry, you’ll have to watch a brief commercial before each one.)

Let’s start with a “freaky eater” who only consumes meat – and no, I’m not talking about Gary Taubes:

I couldn’t help but notice the meat addict doesn’t seem to have a weight problem, despite eating what amounts to around five pounds of meat per day. He seems to prefer fatty meats, so his calorie intake could easily exceed 6,000 per day. I wonder what the calories in vs. calories out fanatics would say about this guy?

I feel sorry for his wife, seeing her own father die of heart disease and now fearing her husband will do the same, but I doubt her father lived almost exclusively on meat. That’s probably just the part of his diet the doctors chose to blame.

Now let’s look at what being addicted to corn starch can do to a person:

Two pounds of corn starch vs. five pound of meat. Quite a difference. (And before anyone points in out, yes, I realize these two people could have completely different body types.) Judging by the family photos on the wall, the corn-starch addict has gained rather a lot of weight since her addiction began. I sure hope she gets over it someday.

Finally, here’s someone who can’t stop eating cheesy potatoes:

The narrator just had to mention that the potato addict is consuming 176 grams of fat per day. I probably consume that much fat on many days myself. But it would take me a month to consume as much starch as this women eats in a day.

My diet is mixed, but if I ever decide to go freaky, I’m definitely modeling my diet after meat addict’s.


70 thoughts on “Freaky Eaters

  1. mbw

    I DVR’ed it and watched the entire meat eater episode the other night… blew my mind how stupid it was.

    After the “experts” showed up, they showed the guy a fish tank full of 150 lbs of meat saying “THIS IS HOW MUCH MEAT YOU EAT” and his reaction was “that looks good!” So then they made him grind 150 lbs of meat in a meat grinder and said “DOESN’T LOOK SO GOOD NOW DOES IT?” and he admitted no, then they took him to the doctor’s office. What the?

    Also they did a blood test, but didn’t mention his cholesterol levels at all. They just said “look at this risk factor number here… you’re high risk for heart disease!” I suspect it was because his numbers were all great.

    I’ll bet they didn’t mention his cholesterol levels because they weren’t at all scary.

  2. Sami

    I saw the episode just today. It’s too bad he’s not single. And his girlfriend is a controlling weirdo. I’d kill to find a cute carnivorous guy like him.

    And seriously, if he’s been eating this way his whole life, then she already knew his dietary habits when she met him. It’s stupid that it took 7 years for her to figure out she has a problem with it.

    She may have made the classic relationship mistake: convincing herself she could change him. As I told my son many years ago when he complained about a long-time girlfriend with extreme jealousy issues, don’t bother asking yourself if her behavior will change someday, because it won’t. When it comes to picking a mate, the only fair question to ask about any trait or behavior that bothers you is whether or not you can overlook it. He couldn’t, so he wisely ended the relationship.

  3. Tammy

    OMG – The cheesy potato one is really hilarious. I could easily be a meat addict, some days I only eat eggs and meat, but I don’t want to look weird so I eat vegetables and stuff too. I do love meat though.

  4. Underground

    I think that goes way outside the realm of diet, there are some mental/emotional issues there. Mike does seem the most healthy all around, physically and otherwise. He was eating a variety of meat, and the buns.

    I’ve known someone that would only eat freezer waffles and french fries.

  5. Erik

    There was one time in my life when I was horrified by the sheer volume of food I was eating. It was when I was almost exclusively eating green, leafy vegetables, trying to get at least 5,000 mg of Potassium per day in my diet. A typical breakfast would be an entire 2 pound bag of spinach sauteed with some garlic and spritzed with some lemon juice. Lunch would be a giant bag of collard greens, or turnip greens, or mustard greens or beet greens, cooked with an entire onion in some chicken broth, using the largest pot in the entire house. For a snack, I might have an entire English cucumber, sliced, soaked in some good quality vinegar and sprinkled with some herbs / spices.

    I was eating almost the entire contents of my refrigerator every day or two. I was chewing and shopping like 16 hours a day.

    If some reality show guy had shown up at my house with a wheelbarrow overflowing with green leafy vegetables, and told me that was the amount of food I was consuming in a week, and asked if I thought it was disgusting, I would have said “yes” and “where’s the rest of it?”

    By contrast, the time in my life when I was stunned at how little I was eating was when I bought an entire 12 pound top sirloin of beef and slow roasted it for some holiday. My family and I were eating that thing for weeks. It was absolutely delicious, but 2 or 3 ounces would keep you full for hours.

    That’s what “nutrient dense” food is all about.

  6. Leta

    EvilGnome6, cornstarch lady, cheesy potato lady-

    You have sensory processing disorders. There are therapies for this. You may have to look for a pediatric OT office to find a qualified therapist, but they are out there. Please get help. Life is too short.

    Any super picky eater as a partner would be a deal breaker for me. I mean, come on, never trying lettuce or broccoli? Or, for that matter, mustard- how truncated a life. But I certainly wouldn’t be pushing them to try it after seven years together. That’s first or second date attrition kinda stuff.

    Based on the personality/emotional health that was shown in these clips, meat guy did not seem nearly as off at the two ladies. Was he kind of annoying, sure, but he didn’t strike me as ill.

  7. Firebird

    I just watched the episode about the guy addicted to maple syrup. They placed a number of alternative dipping sauces in front him — honey/mustard, peach salsa, etc. Essentially they were getting him to trade one sugary substance for another. The only one they presented to him that made sense was a peanut and cashew combo.

    Then, the woman “Nutritionist” had him do a form of sit ups that the guy never, ever did before, and blamed it on the maple syrup. I’d have a hard time doing that variation. Actually, I would have refused to do them as sit ups have been proven to have very little effect on strengthening the abdominal muscles, while at the same time place tremendous strain on the psoas muscles of the lower back. In fact, I am sure that movement would have strained the bulging disk in my lower back.

    What they pass for “experts” is laughable, anymore.

    As soon as anyone on TV is introduced as a nutritionist, I assume he or she is clueless. Once in awhile I’m pleasantly surprised, but not often.

  8. Jen

    I recently ran across Fathead on Netflix and since then cannot tell enough people about it. Both my father and I are following the “diet” and feeling great!

    I’ve been missing out on your blog for awhile now but I was really happy to return and find a post regarding the Freaky Eaters meat addiction episode.
    When I saw how horrified these “nutritionists” were in regards to the man’s meat consumption (and tied that in with a doctor’s visit showing a ‘meat-eater’s’ enlarged heart) I found myself starting to question the process. Luckily my dad brought me back down to earth and your blog has helped me move past that small bump in the road and back on a protein-enriched path.

    It did show me, however, how people that aren’t aware of the benefits of a HFLC diet could be easily swayed by the scary “facts” they shared on this show. Thank God for Fathead!! A big THANK YOU to you!! You have a fan and supporter in North Dakota!!

    So you’re the one in North Dakota. Glad you enjoyed the film.

  9. Lorraine Hudgeons

    I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when the meat eater guys’ girlfriend started crying about a fear of losing her boyfriend to a heart attack. She just doesn’t know, but still. He looks great and healthy to me, although I do fully support him adding some veggies in there time to time. I haven’t watched the full episode yet but if it’s still on Netflix I will.

  10. Brooke

    Re “meat-eater”, my only concern would be the amount of hormones/antibiotics he’s ingesting (“conventional” meat alone can be quite expensive). And same with the hot dogs…if they’re not “nitrite-free”, he may be in for the same fate as the gf’s father, BUT it wouldn’t be from heart disease. It would be from some form of cancer. Hope he reads this…

  11. Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People

    Re: nitrites in hotdogs

    1. Nitrites haven’t been linked to cancer or other diseases.

    2. We don’t get most of our dietary nitrite from meat anyway.

    I don’t load up on processed meats, but I haven’t seen anything to convince me nitrites are a big threat.

  12. Justin D

    I noticed another “Freaky Eaters” being advertised before checking my e-mail. This guy is apparently addicted to maple syrup and puts it on everything he eats. Not only that but he used to be a former collegiate baseball player.

    Its kinda funny because in the video the guy regularly exercises, but apparently has still put on weight and even his brother mentions that “he’s not as energetic as he was before.”

    Take a look. Cheers on the site too, Tom.

    Yeesh. Addicted to syrup. I hope he doesn’t start pouring it on corn starch.

  13. Richard

    on the meat eater…I wonder if he would share? It looked good. Maybe she needs to watch the FATHEAD DVD and become educated.

  14. Diana

    There’s a freaky eater who only eats french fries and she’s thin as well.

    Sure, some people are like that. My son was able to eat junk and never gain an ounce, although he’s cleaned up his diet for health reasons.

  15. Alex

    I watched the episode about the guy who would only eat cheeseburgers, and the idiot nutritionist decided that the solution for an obese, cheeseburger-eating, type-2 diabetic is to keep the big fluffy white bun but replace the beef patty with turkey and add a little lettuce. :::: sigh ::::

    Head. Bang. On. Desk.

  16. Marie

    These are amazing video examples of the direct relation between food choice (rather than calories) and weight and health. Like you said, the radically different outcomes of the “addictions” of even the meat-only eater and the cheesy potato-only eater should be a red flag. Aside from their obvious weight difference, there are also noticeable variations in their overall appearance of health. He has a full head of hair, where as she has the appearance of alopecia. His skin pigment has an even distribution, where hers looks often flushed and patchy. If she isn’t a diabetic already, it looks like she very soon will be.

  17. Ms. Primal D.

    My heart goes out to Kelly, the woman from the segment of Freaky Eaters who only eats cheese and potatoes. It’s obvious that she has some type of psychological block that prevents her from trying other foods. “Did you see her fork shaking and the tears?” All I can say is wow.

    As for the meat eater, I wish he would drop the bread and add a few sauteed veggies. Other than that, I didn’t see much of a problem with his diet although I have to be honest and admit that I do wonder about his bowel movements… I bet the smell is powerful or maybe it all comes out as tightly compacted brown balls. Either way, his lifestyle disproves a portion of the Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan. Dr. Dukan said that eating too much meat leads to constipation but I doubt this guy has any issues with his bowel movements.

    As for the corn starch lady… that’s totally weird. I suspect she may be suffering from some type of chemical addiction to one of the ingredients in corn starch.

    All in all, I’m happy to know that there are some entertaining shows on television, too bad I barely watch it.


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