7 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Susan


    You tell your wife good job! That was a pretty decent sized fish for a first timer. I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the fence when she goes after that first chicken either! LOL !


    I’m going to steer clear when she goes chicken-stalking. She’s a little scary during those moments.

  2. chuck

    i commend you and your family for getting back to nature. seems you have a long way to go but everyone has to start somewhere.

    We’ll adjust. I think it will be good for the girls to see that food doesn’t just show up in a grocery store.

  3. Nowhereman

    So Tom, are you planning to go deer, elk, or moose hunting sometime?

    Not unless I can start by going hunting with someone who isn’t clueless. The Older Brother is a deer hunter, so I may tag along someday for some proper instruction.

  4. C

    OMG that story is hilarious. Looks like fish really are tough. Reminds me of this story I read in Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader, about this one dude who would not die. These people gave him way too much alcohol, fed him antifreeze, gassed him, left him in a snowbank overnight, ran him over with a car, and a lot of other very fatal stuff, but he didn’t die. Even more shocking, it’s a completely true story.

    That sounds like the many attempts to kill Rasputin.


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