Wheat Is Murder

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Readers have offered some good suggestions for Fat Head-related t-shirts over the past year.  We created one Fat Head t-shirt awhile back through Café Press and sold maybe two of them.  The trouble with Café Press is that we never actually see the shirts, plus their prices are so high that by the time you tag on a profit of a buck or two, you’re looking at a pretty expensive piece of cotton.

So we decided to roll the dice and get some t-shirts produced locally.  The first, which I chose because several readers asked for it, is a Wheat Is Murder t-shirt — guaranteed to be a conversation-starter if you wear it to a vegan rally or a screening of Forks Over Knives. We’ve listed them on our updated Fat Head Store page.

That’s my lovely wife modeling one of them in the picture at left.  We originally planned to sell them for the same rate in the U.S. and overseas, but it turns out overseas postage would reduce the profit margin to zero, so there will be an international shipping charge.

Depending on how this one sells, future candidates for t-shirts include The Guy From CSPI and Scientists Are Freakin’ Liars.


46 thoughts on “Wheat Is Murder

  1. Be

    I have a few ideas:

    “Friends don’t let friends buy Grocery Store meat” (I’m wearing one now)

    “Vegetarianism: Ancient Indian word for Bad Hunter”

    “Don’t buy food from Strangers”

    I’ll buy them all!

  2. Katy

    My kids (8 and 10) would love *The Guy From CSPI* shirts. The run around quoting Fat Head all the time and they roll that one out at all manner of irrelevant moments.

    I guess we’d better add kids’ sizes for that one.

  3. Peggy Cihocki

    When you make your “Guy from CSPI” shirt, you could give him a subtitle: He’s from the Center for Pseudoscience in the Interests of Vegans and Vegetarians.

    He’d need some kind of subtitle for sure.

  4. CJW

    Love the T-shirt. But do you really need to sell it in size “3 XL”? As if anyone who eats paleo would need one that big. 😀

    Where’s the small?

    I decided to add the small, remove the 3 XL

  5. Picky

    I converted April 1st to LCHF. I like the idea of this shirt, but I don’t buy shirts with skulls, etc on them, so I won’t be buying this one.

    Also, I think it’s funny that I could purchase a size 3x shirt proclaiming how meat is better for you than wheat.

    Yeah, that occurred to me. The body-builders may like them.

  6. neil boone

    I was going to get one if there was a 3xl, “As if anyone who eats paleo would need one that big” i am that big which is the reason that i am eating paleo. It is sort of rude to think that just because you are in good shape everyone is, there are some of us still working at, i guess will get one once i am an appropriately size 2xl

    When we get a sense of what sizes we need, we’ll talk to the manufacturer and see what’s available.

  7. Lori

    Where’s the ladies small? Thanks to a LCHF diet, I’m the same size I was in high school. Perhaps this could be an applique or an iron-on thing.

    The men’s small is pretty small. That’s my size-3 wife wearing one in the photo. If you need smaller, let me know and I’ll check with the manufacturer.

  8. Princess Dieter

    Where’s the sexy deep red plunging scoop neckline for the ladies? I don’t wanna look like a guy! I wanna show off the wheatless tatas!

    And I cracked up at the “bad hunter” one above.

    Well, there are folks who are starting Paleo who may be 3x, 4x, 5x. I started at 5x, ditched grains when I was 2x, and now fitting into L and XL, with a hope be in Mediums before Thanksgiving. 😀

    My hubby used to be an XL, then a L, then he ditched grains and in a month his waist zoomed down to 30/31 and he’s wearing Med. I told him not to lose anymore, as men aren’t supposed to look like haute couture bony models! Since saying buh-bye to pasta and bread and such, he can eat 4 and 5x a day, lotsa steak and pork, and still lose. Heh.

    Ditching wheat/gluten is a beautiful thing….

    Slogan: Steak is Sexy!

    How about Steak Eaters Are Sexy?

  9. WEFA

    Indeed! Don’t take away the 3x!!! We are moving down but please don’t make it hard for us to get cool shirts advertising our awesome diet. Friends have noticed I have lost 25 lbs but I still think one needs to buy shirts for “now” size instead of just buying and hoping I get there.

    You’re right; we need those too. I’ve updated the range of sizes from small to 3 XL.

  10. Gerard

    How about the evolution silhouette with the fat guy between two hunter gatherers…. with “High fat diets – keeping people slim for 60 millions of years”……..

    I know the evolution silhouette is used elsewhere on a paleo shirt…. Never could purchase it and the caption underneath wasn’t funny or witty.

    Think I might buy the shirt…. Or possible wait to see if you get any other cool ones. I like the wheat is murder as I have alot of vegan/vegetarian friends.

    On a side note – why is it you never have “Vegans for right wing free trade”…. Or at the other spectrum “meat eating hunter for gay rights”… In any case – I reckon that shirt will ruffle up some feathers – its great.

    I know exactly one right-wing vegetarian. I’m not sure why, but vegetarians and vegans seem to overwhelmingly lean left.

  11. eddie watts

    that vegetarian = bad hunter is great.

    i especially like the wheat is murder simply because meat is murder is a common vegetarian T shirt often with a cow, chicken, pig and sheep head on it.

    another is “i don’t eat things with faces” which easily becomes “i only eat things that had a face” with the cow, chicken, pig and sheep faces on it 😀

    Oh yeah, I’m intentionally making fun of the Meat Is Murder slogan.

  12. Vanessa

    As of today, I’ve lost 40 pounds, after seeing Fat Head and going LCHF in mid-March. I’d given up, nothing ever worked, but LCHF has been a breeze! I’ve brought my blood sugar readings down from the 300s to 115 this morning – diet alone. I feel like I’ve been reborn. Thank You! I always thought it was weird, how everything I loved to eat was bad for me. It seemed like nature was against me. I mean, rabbits don’t pass up a big juicy leaf to eat a steak. So why did I want one instead of a bowl of wheat flakes and skim milk? Now I see the problem and everything makes sense, finally. Love the t-shirt idea. Since others are thowing in ideas for shirts, here’s mine:

    Mother Nature Doesn’t Hate You, After All
    (but what about your government?)

    LOL, good idea. I used to make that same complaint: why did Nature design us so the foods that taste good are bad for us? I was delighted to learn Nature did no such thing.

  13. Ricardo

    The foods that looked Harmless. Like the Breads and Pasta turned out to be really compared to the foods that looked harmful like eggs and meats.

  14. Firebird

    BTW, love the shirt but will they be available in lighter colors for summer dress? Don’t want to walk around in 90 degree temperatures in a black T-shirt.

    If there’s a demand, we’ll get ’em done.

  15. Unfashenomic

    I just bought the Wheat is Murder shirt. Looking forward to offending many in the future!

    Thank you. If you get into fist-fights with any vegans, but sure to … aw, who am I kidding? Just push them over.

  16. uJack

    I’m not a skull t-shirt wearing guy either, but I think the image is great… scythes were traditionally used to reap wheat, which is the origin of the Grim Reaper concept, ie, cutting down lives-harvesting souls… perfect. It’s got levels, man.

    That’s what I was thinking when we came up with it.

  17. Chloe

    Twist some lines from songs!

    Why does the government have to make nutrition so complicated? (Complicated, Avril Lavigne)

    I was born this way, cause Mother Nature makes no mistakes, I’m on the low-carb track cause baby I was born this way hey! (Born This Way, Lady GaGa)

  18. Jane

    Meat > Wheat

    Meat Thins

    Primal nerd shirt:

    M3@t is L33t

    Oh, what fun it would be to come up with shirts

  19. tracker

    I say the real problem with cafe press is that there is a lot of badly designed junk on there. Whenever I upload anything, it will say something like “30k designs uploaded in the last 24 hours”. That makes it hard to find anything decent.

    I also sell stuff on a 3d modeling site, and they have a rating system. The higher rated stuff gets moved to the top of the search. Cafe press could use something similar.

  20. john hunter

    Ordered a couple of shirts. Thanks! How about for us still large and working on it folks. I’m thinking something like “you think i’m big now, you should have seems me when I was following the food pyramid”


  21. Ernnmer2004

    LOL Love the idea from above:

    Mother Nature Doesn’t Hate You, After All
    (but what about your government?)

  22. Robert

    Well I just ordered my XXL shirt, being 6’5″ I usually order XXL since there is rarely an XLT selection.
    I’ve been low carb for the last 3 years, but really lost weight in the last 6 months since switching to Paleo.

    Going paleo must have eliminated some foods that were causing you trouble. Anecdotally, I’ve heard that some people do better with the weight loss if they give up dairy foods.

  23. Ryan

    Jane, I really like the “Meat Thins” idea. Nice play on Wheat Thins (an old favorite).

    Tom, do the shirts run true to size? The Cafe Press ones run small, in my experience.

    They seem right to me, especially since the cotton is pre-shrunk. If in doubt, go one sizer larger and then tell people you lost a lot of weight eating paleo.

  24. Siouxm

    I agree with Princess Dieter on the V-neck to show off the wheatless tatas! Also a light fabric would be nice.

    I love this logo, BTW… the grim reaper with the wheat shaft… NICE!

    We’ll keep an eye on the suggestions. That problem with shirts is that you have to guess correctly (or at least closely) on sizes and styles before ordering. With a DVD, it’s not an issue.

  25. Nate

    I’m going to get the wheat reaper shirt to wear at my insulin support group (type 1’s). We have two people with extreme allergies to gluten. I mean they have to be careful about the gluten in pill casings, lipstick, etc. They will whole heartily agree with wheat being a reaper.

    Also, i vote for a shirt with: “Vegetarianism: Ancient Indian word for Bad Hunter” l&lol

    How about: Serving gluten is premeditated murder.

    All good ideas.

  26. tess

    my husband (who’s currently reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma) wants something to slam corn, too. 😉 i go along with the “bad hunter” concept.

    “Corn is Murder” is definitely out, but I’ll think on it.

  27. Sue

    Got my T shirt in the mail yesterday! My 18 year old son says it’s baddass! Watched the movie last night too; loved it! Was doing Protein Power for awhile, and now I’m strict Paleo, so the info in the movie was not news to me, but I love the way you presented it, and I think it is a perfect way to share the low carb message with non-low carbers….since it’s normally so hard to get anyone interested (aside from my hubby and daughter who also eat that way). It’s amazing how even mentioning Paleo type dieting gets so many people’s hackles up!

    Glad your son like the t-shirt. I’d love to have it catch on with the teen crowd.

  28. Ted F

    How about something to the effect of “Meat: Fueling Human evolution for millions of years” and then an endorsement of keto or paleo.

    Good idea.

  29. Vanessa

    I have got to get one of those shirts. Then I can wear it to school and advertise my nutritional beliefs :). It’ll be even more funny since I was a vegetarian last year, so I’m going from “Meat is Murder” to “Wheat is Murder”

  30. Dawn Barclay

    I’ve seen both “Fat Head” and “Knives over Forks”. I’m eating almost no grains (I make an exception for quinoa because it has no wheat). I use olive oil and eat fish, shellfish and chicken, along with cheese (though I don’t like using anything with cow milk because of cow hormones, but I can’t give up cheese, no matter how hard I try). I exercise 2-3 hours a day and have lost around 23lbs in 10 weeks (and many, many inches).

    I’m curious what you think of the fact that vegan diets have reversed heart disease since it flies in the face of a number of your conclusions.

    Actually it doesn’t fly in the face of my conclusions. The vegan diets that reverse heart disease eliminate sugar, white flour, and processed vegetable oils. Dr. William Davis has also reversed heart disease with a diet that eliminates the same foods, but doesn’t eliminate meat or animal fats.

  31. Katherine Myers

    Dear Tom,

    I just got turned on to Fat Head. I’d love to get some “Wheat is Murder” tee shirts for my family and myself, but you only have small, 2xl and 3xl. Any chance you’d add some med., large, and xl sizes?

    Many thanks,
    Katherine Myers

    We’re letting that product expire. We have to order in large quantities to get a good price, and when sales slowed to a trickle, we elected not to risk investing in another large order of shirts.

  32. Elenor

    Hey Tom,
    I know this is a way-old thread — but you might look at Zazzle.com — you make the design, and the folks who want to buy a … this-shirt or that-shirt, or a tote bag or a mouse pad — can use your design on whatever product they wish — and you still get the commission!

    FYI: I used it for my cruising stuff: http://www.zazzle.com/snowtao+gifts I made a variety of options, but the folks could get whatever they wanted with my design(s) on it.

    We ordered our shirts from Zazzle, but the one-at-a-time price is pretty steep.


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