Soon We’ll Be Cruisin’

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I’m spending the next day and a half preparing to leave town for the Low Carb Cruise.  Funny thing about vacations:  it takes a lot of work to prepare to stop working for a week or so.  At least the speech is finished, with all the slides present and accounted for.  Now I just have to memorize what I want to say.

We’ll have internet access on the ship, but I’ll probably be checking comments only once or twice per day.  We will of course take orders for the Fat Head DVD while we’re gone, but won’t be able to fill them until we get back.  I made sure we won’t run out of stock while we’re gone this time.

I’ve asked my brother (who shows up as Older Brother in comments) to write a guest post or two while I’m gone, and he said he’s got a couple of ideas.  I’ll probably ask him to approve and reply to comments on his posts as well.

I know at least a few regular readers will be on board for this year’s cruise.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Happy trails …



12 thoughts on “Soon We’ll Be Cruisin’

  1. GHarkness

    I’m all packed….hubby, well, he’s still looking for his suitcase. Men.

    See ya onboard – can’t wait!

    Suitcase … oh yeah, I should think about packing.

  2. LCNana

    Have a wonderful vacation, Tom. Looking forward to your talk once you get it posted. We promise not to give your dear brother too hard a time while you’re away. Bon vacance!!!!

    I appreciate you taking it easy on the Older Brother.

  3. Peggy Cihocki

    Have a great trip. I, too, look forward to seeing and hearing your talk when you get back. Meanwhile, I’m still working my way through your archives and enjoying all the information and humor. I sent a copy of Fat Head to a friend who is a personal trainer and has many clients who would benefit from knowing the only way to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve been sharing with her for years what I’ve learned from the books by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, Gary Taubes, Uffe Ravnskov (if only I had known how valuable “The Cholesterol Myths” would become–I might not have so blithely given it away!), etc., but your movie puts it all together in a really understandable, humorous presentation that I hope she will watch and share. My husband teases me that I have become a “missionary”. My parents were missionaries of a different kind, so I guess I come by it honestly.

    My copy of The Cholesterol Myths is all marked up with notes and highlights. If only I’d known, I might’ve taken notes and kept the book pristine.

  4. Joanne

    Have a wonderful cruise! Wish we could join all of you for this trip, just bad timing for us this year. Been passing around my two copies of the DVD and continue to research, read and search for local organic, healthy food sources. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this information to our family, it all just “feels” so right to be eating in this way.

    Happy cruising…..

    Thank you. Maybe we’ll see you next year.

  5. Peggy Cihocki

    Nevertheless, the fact that “The Cholesterol Myths” comes at such a high price is a good sign, no? I need to get “Saturated Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You”. I’ve read “Ignoring the Awkward”. Very sad and shameful state of affairs.

  6. Kim Birch

    I so wish I could go and meet you, but I will actually be on another cruise!

    Have a great time, and watch out for that shipboard internet. It’s very slow and very pricey!

    That’s why I only check email and comments once per day or so while cruising. It was nice when I worked the cruise ships as a comedian — I got the crew rate, which is pretty cheap.

  7. C

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SPEECH!!!!!!!!! I love giving speeches. Also, if you’re nervous, I have a tip with a 100% success rate: pretend you’re not nervous. Act totally calm and collected and you’ll feel calm and collected. And remember: ECGVC. Eye contact, gestures, volume, and clarity. i have no clue how it’s supposed to help you remember anything but with any luck thinking about it will make you less nervous!!!


    After years of standup comedy, nervousness isn’t much of a problem anymore.


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