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Several readers alerted me awhile back that the Netflix instant-play version of Fat Head seemed to be missing some sound effects.  They were correct.

The production facility that encoded the film for Netflix has fixed the problem.  I checked last night, and the sound effects are back.  Whew … can’t imagine The Guy From CSPI without the doinks, whooshes and boings.  The crickets are back too.

Thank you all for letting me know.


14 thoughts on “Netflix Fixed

  1. Roby

    It’s been 3 months since I watched Fat head on netflix and my husband and I embarked on the low-carb train to happy town. I have lost 8lbs my fat % went from 40% to 38% and he has lost 11lbs!

    I can’t even begin to describe how you have changed our lives. Thank you. I can’t wait for that kids book you where talking about. We don’t have kids but it seems like it would be easier to hand it over to friends and family when they ask what’s our “secret”.

    Those are great results. Congratulations to you both.

  2. Tuck

    Nice! It was only playing on the right side, too. I thought maybe my headphones were going bad.

    Wow, that’s even worse. Glad it’s fixed.

  3. SnowDog

    It takes a dedicated – multi-time film watcher to catch something like this.

    I was flattered people pointed it out. First-timers certainly wouldn’t notice.

  4. Sarah

    I listened to an audio review of Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary “Greatest movie ever sold.” The reviewers said something I didn’t realize. “His whole gig is kind of being a hipster.” For adults over 25, this means being pretentious, anti-corportation, anti-mainstream, and trying too hard to be different and cultured. =P And I never figured it that way, but they’re right! Morgan Spurlock is a hipster!

    Can’t argue with that.

  5. Auntie M

    When I watched it on Netflix, I noticed that there were some sounds missing. I thought it was my imagination, but when I watched it a couple more times, it was still lacking in sound effects. I’m sorry it didn’t occur to me to say something at the time. Even though I have about 4 copies of the movie, it’s easier to watch it from Netflix, and I also noticed that the sounds were there the last time I watched. Thanks for taking care of that!

    I’m glad people let me know. I had to sit through the film so many times in post, I don’t exactly jump at opportunities to watch it again, so I got lazy and didn’t watch it on Netflix.

  6. Peggy Cihocki

    Strange. I didn’t have any problems either time I played it! Wonder why, but not complaining.

    Not sure. I’m just glad it’s fixed now.

  7. Laurie

    Off topic, I’ve been to Spain, but I have to tell you this.
    Had lots of nutritional epiphanies while away. On the flight home, I find when it’s time to leave, the return trip seems interminable (because since the vacation is over – I just want to be home already), I was treated to a profoundly weird person seated next to me. He was on one side of me and thank goodness my husband had my other side. I didn’t know anything about weirdman except for one thing. The steward asked him if he was named so and so, the vegetarian? You can pre-order your meals on Iberia. He did not say a word to me the entire trip, but I know one thing -he was a nutritional-cripple-vegetarian. He looked really unhealthy, coughed the entire 7 hours, so much so that I half expected he was going to bring up a lung. He was intent on working on his computer which I glanced at. It was some kind of alternative medicine thingy. At one point he had a diagram of a human brain on the screen. I looked at it and thought, that’s right, your brain is deficient in healthy animal fat and cholesterol and that pix on the screen is screaming at you. At one point the steward was trying to get his attention and looked at me for guidance. The guy was in his own little, brain degraded world if you ask me. More power to the meat.

    I think I’ve seen his twin a few times myself.

  8. Joanne

    I don’t know where else to ask but is Fat Head available dubbed or subtitled in Spanish? My parents need to see it. My dad has high cholesterol and is on medication for it and my mom discourages him from eating fatty food.

    I saw the documentary with my husband recently and he started to reconsider drinking non-fat milk and eating egg-white omlets. I’ve been eating the way that you suggest in the documentary for a few months now and my HDL jumped from 63 to 95 while my LDL stayed at 67. Thanks so much for the documentary!

    No Spanish version at this point. That would require a Spanish TV network or DVD distributor to pick it up.

    That’s a huge jump in HDL. Congratulations.

  9. Sarah

    I’d like to find some type of short and sweet LCHF pamphlet to give out to people too, when they say my fried turkey and eggs breakfast will give me a heart attack, and that I “need grains.” I do at least have thats readers digest article by Gary Taubes.

  10. Ruben Chacon

    I’m also interested in a Spanish Subtitle version. I’m a professional translator with subtitling experience and would be willing to volunteer my time to translate existing English or English (CC) subtitles so I can save on the syncing and transcribing. Would this be something you might be interested in? How could we get in touch to work something out?

    I’d have to ask my distributor to put those in the next version. I believe they’re working on subtitles.


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