No post tonight.  Amy Dungan of Healthy Low-Carb Living and her family were passing through Nashville today, so we had them in for dinner.  (Okay, I know you want to ask, so the answer is:  low-carb moussaka and a side of creamed spinach.  You can find the moussaka recipe in Judy Barnes Baker’s excellent cookbook, Carb Wars.  For my version, I use extra meat, fresh garlic, and more cinnamon.)

And now it’s back to creating slides for my speech.  Can’t believe we’re leaving in just a few more days.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hey Tom, my wife and I are looking forward to meeting you on the Cruise! Only 5 more days!!!!!……Nick & Peggy

    See you then, Nick. My wife is joining me for this one too. I’m sure lots of people want to meet the woman who gets the biggest laugh in the film.

  2. c says:

    Wait…what’s the biggest laugh in the film? Where she asks if you’re a moron or…? Idk…I’m terrible at spotting humor, lol.

    When I’ve watched the film with a large group, that is indeed the line that gets the biggest laugh.

  3. Hi Tom.
    Glad you enjoyed the moussaka! Thanks for the mention–I noticed a spike in my blog traffic and I’m guessing I have you to thank for that.

    I saw that Joseph Mercola did an article (mostly favorable) about Fat Head vs. Morgan Spurlock. I’ve wondered why McDonald’s hasn’t sued Spurlock for defamation. You nailed him for falsifying his results–they should go after him. You could testify and it would generate some healthy discussions in the media.

    Judy BB

    McDonald’s probably doesn’t want to end up giving him free publicity.

    We use your cookbook frequently. Great stuff.

  4. Amy Dungan says:

    Thanks for the amazing dinner Tom and Chereva! We really enjoyed our visit and we are looking forward seeing you all again soon. And let me just say… you got John to eat spinach. I’m surprised the heavens didn’t open up there right over the table, because that was a miracle. He can’t stand the stuff. He asked me later “What was that spinach stuff? It was good!” I about keeled over.

    I hope you are having a fantastic time on the cruise! I’m there with you in spirit… but that’s only because I couldn’t cram myself in a suitcase and sneak on board. 😉

    We miss you already.

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