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You may have seen the amazingly popular Epic Meals videos on YouTube.  If not, here’s a sample:

Awesome stuff. As over-the-top as a meal can get. But why should the vegans be left out of the fun? They shouldn’t. Here’s one for them:


27 thoughts on “Epic Meals

  1. Sofia

    I wonder how many grams of carbs that was. It was certainly epic!!

    Enough to send me into sugar-shock, no doubt.

  2. Auntie M

    No, seriously. I checked them out on YouTube, and there are three videos. I still have no idea if they’re messing with vegans or if they are actual insane vegans.

    That’s part of the fun, I guess.

  3. Joe Dokes

    Ironically the pig looked really good. The tofu turkey looked disgusting. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I hang out here.

    The real irony though is that the tofu turkey is more likely to cause type II diabetes than the pig.


    Joe Dokes

  4. Be

    I’m not sure what “meat gloop” is, but leave that and the stuffing out and the first one looks like a typical “paleo lunch” – it certainly qualifies with enough different meats.

    But the Vegan parody was hysterical! Thanks – I needed a good chuckle!

    I wouldn’t mind trying that first one if someone else prepared it.

  5. Andrea

    The first video made me slaver, it was looked so delicious. I imagine that meal could easily have run over $100 for ingredients.

    The second one – man, some of the ingredients looked like they could have been appetizing if they had been prepared together with some thought, but that was… just… repulsive. Blarg.

  6. Sierra

    Just skip the stuffing and Dr. Pepper and add some asparagus on the side and the top one is the perfect meal!!! Well few dozen meals anyway. It was the second one that made me want to vomit. Gross.

  7. Jason Sandeman

    The Epic Mealtime boys come from here in Montreal. I think the Christmas fortress is the best one by far, followed by the meatball deathstar. I believe the vegan video is a parody. Great share Tom!

    So you won’t be serving these in your restaurant?

  8. April

    Be: It’s meat glue. From the video, sounds like theirs is basicly meat & fat ground to a pasty substance. Good for making things stick together.

  9. Musty

    The first video left me thinking I’d probably want a side of vegetables with all that meat.

    The second video left me thinking I never want to see a vegetable again.

    Good find.

    I’ll still eat vegetables, but I never want to see tofu again.

  10. Natalie

    Pasty vegan boys panting over tofu, spaghetti and seaweed strips and licking rabbits, huh? Is it wrong that I found that kind of hot?

    I’m so ashamed…

    Hey, we all have our strange little buttons …

  11. H

    Pretty funny… all that’s missing from the vegan one is a dramatic looking carb counter in the lower right hand corner, haha.

  12. Kate

    Oh my God. Funny and a little disturbing! This was my first intro to Epic Meals. I totally agree with Musty. I would eat some of the meat carnage in the first video, as long as I had a pile of veggies to go with it. That probably defeats the purpose, though. The vegan video was gross… “the peanut butter glaze” with “flower power”… I’ve never met a vegan. Is that really how you make a Tofurkey? Holy plant estrogens, Batman.


    I’ve never seen an actual tofurkey being made and hope to keep it that way.

  13. Laura

    The second video was very funny – a great parody. The first one was weirdly repulsive, considering I’m a meat-eater. The sight of that guy punching the pig was disturbing (and I swear I am NOT a Peta member, lol).

    Punching an animal carcass is a little disturbing to see — unless it’s in a Rocky movie.

  14. Pam

    Did you see this recent article about a school in Chicago!? This is ABSURD! I’d be taking my kids out of that school! It sounds like a school in Tucson seems to be on the right track…

  15. eddie watts

    epic meal time videos are great, obviously over the top, but really funny. my favourite is the christmas one closely followed by meat salad.

    that vegan one made me feel sick though, did not look even remotely appealing

  16. Kat

    yuck! acutally the first one is the one which made me feel sick and I’m NOTa vegan! LOL if they just left our the spaghetti and the flowers( seriously, wtf) it wouldn’t be so bad. it’s all a terrible waste of food, though. that food could have been put to better use( i.e. given to a food pantry, soup kitchen, sent to third world countires where people are starving maybe? I don’t know, maybe it’s so much excess that disturbs me.

  17. LCNana

    Oh, Tom thanks so very much for the laugh – just loved the stuffed pig – fantastic, and I really needed the laugh tonight. I’ve sort of been trying to eat like a “normal” person over the past few days for a variety of personal reasons – but rapid gut emptying (sorry to be even that graphic) has left me with the simple fact: I digest meat. I do not digest most veggies and certainly not any grains. Period.

    So I’m back on the meat wagon. Back reading your funny and informative posts. I’ll just have to be the weirdo in the family.

    You’ll be the healthy weirdo in the family.

  18. Rahul

    Btw i dont think that vegan group are linked or related to the EpicMealTime guys that make all the bacon videos coz the originalt EMTs always has the beard guy as their speaker for all videos, and he’d hav probably put bacon in the vegan dish as well……


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