18 thoughts on “We Made the Cartoons

  1. Lori

    I’d think the Weston A. Pricers would be tastier and more nutritious (since they eat lots of nutrients, plus some grain), but whatever floats your boat.

    Several replies occur to me, but I should keep this family-friendly.

  2. Picky

    Wow. I’ve been telling everybody to watch Fat Head on Netflix. Now I can tell them they can watch it for free on Hulu!

    Netflix is the better option for people who have Netflix. Hulu inserts a few advertising breaks.

  3. Ellen

    I live in a cohousing community where I regularly cook dinner for forty. A proud Texan, I made my theme last time Texas Independence Day, and planned a menu exclusively of Texan food — most of which is either centered on beef (like chili, which God never intended to have beans) or contains copious amounts of bacon.

    But that left me with the problem of alternatives for the non-carnivores in our midst. I eventually came up with a few solutions (leave bacon out of the pintos and cornbread, serve a large pot of queso with chips), but was stumped for what, other than beans, to serve the vegans.

    “Just tell them,” said my spouse, “that in Texas, you’re what dinner eats.”

    Love it.

  4. Laura Freed

    So glad I checked in today. I’m linking to you AGAIN in a blog and to know that Fat Head can be seen on Hulu is freaking AMAZING. I will spread the word (NetFlix no interruptus noted). I rarely watch movies more than once but I watched FH three times in 2 weeks. I talk it up constantly. If you want to set me up with a commission, I’ll take bacon.

    Bacon it is, then.

  5. Auntie M

    Wow. The comment section at that site reminds me of the comment section at this site, complete with the obligatory vegan troll. Who was smacked down with facts, I might add. I’m happy to see rational thinking on other sites. It’s refreshing.

    Also, some vegans eat a lot of sugary foods, and they would probably jack up my blood sugar levels. I’ll stick with grass-fed beef, thanks.

    If you don’t have some vegan trolls showing up, you’re just not popular.

  6. Elenor

    I keep chuckling — an hour after I read this cartoon. In fact, I’ve still got a Firefox window open to this page, just cause I keep stopping by to laugh…

    (And I’m reminded of my decades-ago feminist self — with NO sense of humor at all — about the entire topic of feminism…. Which is how (the poor) vegans all seem to be — defensive and aggressive about not-even-particularly-mean jokes about them.)

    Way to go, Tom! (And look! A whole ‘nother avenue of approach for a new demographic for your movie!! Whoo hoo!)

    So if you told a joke to a feminist vegan …?

  7. Felix

    Again, I call dibs on the nutella-and-cookie vegans. I like bacon. The stick figures aren’t worth hunting, I think.

    You can still make soup out of them.

  8. Angel

    Of course I eat vegans … vegan cows and vegan pigs. (Although if a chicken gets too close to the pigs, the pigs may lose their veganity.) 😀


  9. eddie watts

    i’m loving the aggressive responses from vegans on that site!
    hmm going to facebook that tonight i think 😀


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