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As you may already know, Jimmy Moore has created another podcast show.  Apparently, Jimmy realized that in spite of his daily blogging, bi-weekly podcast interviews with doctors and researchers, YouTube shows, TV appearances, books, and Low-Carb Cruise preparations, there were a couple of hours left at the end of each week he hadn’t actually filled.  To fix that problem and maintain his reputation as a human machine, he started producing Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends.

I was a guest on the second episode, which went online yesterday.  I was pleased that one of the other friends participating in this week’s conversation was Amy Dungan of Healthy Low-Carb Living, because we actually are friends.  Our families are getting together for a little vacation time later this spring.  Those of you who were on last year’s Low-Carb Cruise may remember Amy’s husband John doing his Willie Nelson impression in the karaoke bar  — I was Waylon to his Willie.  Way big fun.



4 thoughts on “Jimmy Moore & Friends

  1. Auntie M

    I enjoyed listening. I completely agree with your stance that nothing will change the dietary guidelines in the near future, due to conflict of interests and an inability to admit that the government gave bad advice. One-size-fits-all isn’t a great idea for anything, especially diet, but you won’t get the government to admit it.

    I also recently watched Penn & Teller’s Bullsh!t episode on Obesity, and they interviewed Eric Oliver, just like you did. They didn’t get too into the meat of the controversy, but were clearly unhappy about the connections between the obesity industry and the drug companies.

    I was pleased to see them cover that topic as well.

  2. Be

    You know how wrong this sounds: “I was Waylon to his Willie”? Too bad I couldn’t have been there for that!

    Sure … we had fun telling John how much everyone loved seeing his Willie on stage.

  3. Will

    So you talked about how health is more important than losing weight; but I’ve seen a lot of hype in the media about how ‘dangerous’ visceral fat is (the fat around your organs and abdominal area). Is it really that much of a problem? Or does it happen to burn off quickly with a low-carb diet?

    Yes, the proper diet can help burn away that kind of fat too. Visceral fat is a problem because it produces inflammatory substances.


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