That Virus Alert …

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In the past 24 hours, I started getting emails from readers informing me that their anti-virus programs were flagging this site as a possible threat.  I called our web provider, and it turns out some anti-virus programs automatically flag older versions of WordPress as a possible security threat.

So I updated.  It should all be fine now.


4 thoughts on “That Virus Alert …

  1. Jan

    The nice thing about upgrading to the latest and greatest (version 3.1) of WordPress is that it has an “automatic upgrade” feature, making plugins or manual upgrades unnecessary. Just click a button and you’re done. You just need to make sure your theme is compatible; obviously, yours is.

    Why, yes, I AM a WordPress geek – why do you ask? 😛

    I tried upgrading a few months ago, but the upgrade failed halfway through. For one heart-in-throat moment, I thought the blog was gone. It came back and I decided not to mess with it.

    Turns out I had to monkey with the permissions on the web site before upgrading. It was easy this time.

  2. Nate

    See if you’d just play nice and say how McDonald is killing our kids, you too could get the latest version of WordPress!

  3. Thomas

    Got a virus from your site when i clicked “No bologna Facts” i was showing my supervisor your site when it happened. Please check.

    Our internet provider found some malware code and deleted it.


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