There Will Be A Slight Delay …

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I’m blown away by the number of DVD orders that have rolled in this week.  Thank you all very much.  In fact, the orders rolled in so quickly, we ran out of stock.  I got on the horn with the distributors as soon as I saw it coming, and their shipments to me should arrive by Wednesday.

Just wanted to inform those of you waiting for DVDs that they will go out the door later this week.  I ordered far more units than I have in the past, so we should be able to avoid this problem (which is kind of a nice problem to have, in a away) in the future.


18 thoughts on “There Will Be A Slight Delay …

  1. Elenor

    Bravo! Glad they’re selling like crazy! (Ever think you’d be going into the packing and shipping biz?! {wink}

    I was just telling my wife we’re apparently in the shipping business now. We’re going to start shipping the international version ourselves as well. Too many have shown up way late and some have gone missing, so I’m taking a couple of loops out of the chain.

  2. Erik Marty

    I’m a big fan of Sally Fallon so seeing her in your film gave me a lot of respect for your work! My only complaint, why didn’t you tell us your weight after going on the high fat diet for 30 days? Did you gain, lose, or stay the same?
    I grew up on a farm and ate high fat foods and was healthy and strong until my parents divorced and we moved into the city. Now I struggle with my weight and am looking forward to return to the foods of my youth.
    My sister is going to watch your movie in her high school health class!

    I was interested in how the high-fat diet affected my cholesterol and didn’t think to mention the weight. I lost two more pounds that month.

  3. tracker


    I was hawking your movie to people praising Spurlock on threads about that McRunner guy LOL Hopefully some of them will watch it and realize what a pack of lies they’ve been fed.

    Well, perhaps. I’ve found that his die-hard fans are capable of jumping through amazing mental hoops in order to avoid admitting he’s a fraud.

  4. Adam

    Hi Tom.

    I’m just wondering, for international orders like mine, how long should it take for the DVD to arrive before sounding an alarm bell? It’s been more than a week since my order (March 5th) and other than a Paypal receipt, there’s been no update regarding the shipping status.


    The fulfillment center said 10 business days to process, mail, and arrive overseas. Some have taken much longer, which is why I’ve decided to start mailing them myself — at least that way, I know exactly when they were mailed. A couple of overseas orders never showed up, but most have.

    Give it awhile longer, but if it’s not there in another week, let me know. Sorry for the delay. We plan to fix that.

  5. A Steward

    I watched this last night and want to say BRAVO! I have been eating the “Atkin’s way” for 3 years now. I had my blood work done 6 months into eating this way, eating only veggies, certain fruits and of course protein. I rarely cook with any other oils, other than olive oil, and butter. Everything is natural. My cholesterol is excellent. Triglycerides, LDL and HDL are right on. I had received a letter from my dr telling me it’s perfect! There isn’t any other way to eat then eating lower carbs. Unless you’re a runner or athlete.
    Thank you so much for doing this documentary! It just proved what I have been telling people for the past 3 years. 🙂


  6. Torstein

    Hi there Tom.

    Did you see this article in NYT in february?


    “Today’s Lab Rats of Obesity: Furry Couch Potatoes (Monkeys)

    Dr. Grove and researchers at some other centers say the high-fructose corn syrup appears to accelerate the development of obesity and diabetes.”

    “It wasn’t until we added those carbs that we got all those other changes, including those changes in body fat,” said Anthony G. Comuzzie, who helped create an obese baboon colony at the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio.

    Still, about 40 percent do not put on a lot of weight.

    Barbara C. Hansen of the University of South Florida said calories, but not high fat, were important. “To suggest that humans and monkeys get fat because of a high-fat diet is not a good suggestion,” she said.

    Dr. Hansen, who has been doing research on obese monkeys for four decades, prefers animals that become naturally obese with age, just as many humans do. Fat Albert, one of her monkeys who she said was at one time the world’s heaviest rhesus, at 70 pounds, ate “nothing but an American Heart Association-recommended diet,” she said.”

    I haven’t seen this one yet. Thanks for the link.

  7. JH

    question: Would the ‘overseas’ version work in my dvd player? I live right here in USA and just have a standard sony blu-ray/dvd player.


    Yes, it’ll work.

  8. Bullinachinashop

    Off topic, but don’t you think it’s annoying to still be sending DVDs? It seems to me we’re overdue for a process where I can just download the movie directly from your website and burn it on my own disk if I want to. Not just you specifically, but there are old fashioned regulations that were made to control media pre-internet that just need to go away.

    I agree, but licensing and a few technical issues still stand in the way.



    Was your stomach upset at all when you started eating such a high fat diet? I had gone on a non specific diet and lost around twenty pounds but when I went back to eating out a lot and consuming a lot of fat I started having very upset stomach all the time. I also gained about 35 pounds in the process. Any suggestions? Loved your movie and I’m going to watch it for a second time. Thanks

    No, my stomach gets upset when I eat sugars and grains. When you regained the weight, was it just a high-fat diet, or a high-fat diet with a significant portion of carbs?

  10. monasmee

    Ever since Fat Head’s Netflix debut, Amazon feedback has been growing considerably both pro & con. However, Fat Head is no longer available on Amazon (except from third-party sellers).

    Possibly you can include yourself in that list of sellers for Amazon shoppers who may not be familiar with your website.

    Knowing this, Amazon has individual websites in various countries.

    Morningstar was acquired by another company and everything went a little haywire. They’ve revamped their operation somewhat and assure me the Amazon situation will be resolved soon.




    I hopee I don’t chock on a Big Mac, but when I receive critiques from people who are clearly so rational and intelligent, I certainly pay attention.

  12. tracker

    @Victor, carbs with fat = bad idea. That’s probably why there’s an increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Well part of the problem anyway. It’s multifaceted. Too much glucose, too much fructose, a lack of magnesium, too much gluten, not enough saturated fat, too much poly-unsaturated fat, I could go on.

    I personally feel soooooo much better since restricting my carb intake, and have lost a lot of weight too. I keep eating this way whether I lose any more weight or not (I could stand to lose another twenty pounds) because I feel so much better. And in the last few weeks, my mood has improved greatly since I started eating extra saturated fat, in the form of butter (that Kerry Gold is delish Tom). Hubby’s been eating coconut butter, but I don’t like coconuts.

    LOL@youasuck. That comment is brilliant, on so many levels. {/sarcasm}

    Tom, you know you’ve hit the big-time when the crazies leave silly messages 😀

    For reasons no one has been able to explain to me, high fat and high carbs together seem to accelerate the negative effects of the carbs.

    Well, I knew the crazies would show up when the film went on Netflix. Goes with the territory. I guess it beats being ignored.


    If there was any doubt that a deficiency of animal fat in the diet made people stark raving insane, that myth was put to rest on March 14, 2011 at 1:53 pm.


  14. Lorri Miller

    I just thought I’d let you know that it was your wonderful film that led me to “Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes which led me to the information that freed me from decades worth of guilt and shame over my weight. Your film and that book have quite literally changed my life and I will be forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Naughton.

    I’m pleased the film inspired you to read the book. A film can only cover a fraction of the information presented in a book.


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