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I’ve been meaning for awhile now to put together a list of sites that offer good recipes. After all, it’s much easier to keep the carbs in check if you can enjoy your meals while doing it. Here are a few suggested by readers, as well as some I’d already found:

Linda’s Low Carb Menus

Jan’s Sushi Bar

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Atkins Recipes

Hold the Toast Recipes (by Dana Carpender, who also wrote a low-carb cookbook we use all the time)

Atkins Diet Recipe Videos from Atkins Diet Geek

If you check the Helpful Links section on the left side of the page, you’ll find a few more.

Since readers regularly ask what we feed our girls, I’ve been threatening to start a recurring feature called Chareva’s Kitchen or something like that, with recipes for meals and snacks that are kid-approved.  I’ll get to that eventually, but in the meantime I think it’s important to mention that some kids enjoy coming up with their own concoctions.  Here are two videos with my five-year-old demonstrating her kitchen skills.  The first recipe was actually pretty good.  I didn’t try the second, but I’ll leave that up to you.


23 thoughts on “Recipe Links and Cooking Demonstrations

  1. Jeanie

    OMG, those were totally funny. Your girls have acting down cold. Kudos to Chareva for letting them experiment in the kitchen. Alana even put the stool away after she used it! You guys are GREAT parents! Looking forward to more Cooking With Alana!

    Thank you. Alana loves to try her hand at cooking, and some of her concoctions have actually turned out pretty well. She told me she’s going to become a world-famous chef.

  2. Jan

    I do believe Alana has invented Awesome Sauce. And everybody knows pumpkin seeds don’t taste good if they only have salt and butter on one side!

    And thank you SO much for the link! You’re almost as awesome as Alana’s sauce.

    She’s no doubt correct about the seeds, but I didn’t have the courage to try her sauce.

  3. Walter

    Is the main stream media reporting getting better? No, not really.

    Nope, and I’m not holding my breath waiting for them to get better.

  4. Jo

    Lovely vids – I do believe she will be the world’s greatest chef. Don’t think I’ll be trying Alana’s special sauce anytime soon though. LOL.

    If she does become the world’s greatest chef, I don’t think the sauce will be on the menu.

  5. mezzo

    Your girl is so bright!! And she has a tremendous way of being organised, amazing! The sauce, I think, qualifies as “cross-over” cooking…

    Cross-over … that’s one way of putting it.

  6. Elenor

    God help yah Tom, she’s gonna turn out to be an ACTRESS! Then what will you do?!? Maybe it’ll just be on Food TV, but boy, she’s on her way!

    Try to interest her in chemistry — then she can support you, when you’re old (oops… OLDER! {wink}), in the style to which you’d like to become accustomed!

    I’d best start telling her horror stories about Los Angeles before she decides to she wants to move there and look for an agent.

  7. Anne

    Thanks for the links and love the “Cooking with Alana” videos. With her imagination and creativeness, no doubt she will become the world’s greatest chef. Looking forward to more of “Alana’s recipes”.

    She’s already concocted some good soup recipes.

  8. Jane

    The prob I have is that I don’t use artificial sweeteners. Most low-carb recipes and cookbooks seem to rely heavily on those. Oh well!

    That can be an issue. I don’t have a problem using Truvia, so when I need a sweetener, that’s it.

  9. tracker

    How cute! She should be on Food Network, I’d watch her show. The stuff they have on there now is boring as hell for the most part.

    She’d certainly add some flavor to their programming. How many chefs dare to use chocolate, lemon and tomato sauce in one recipe?

  10. Anon.

    Tom, have you lost all interest in politics and economics?
    I ask because you havent posted anything regarding those topics in a long time.

    Lose interest? Never. I just like to step away from writing about them now and then.

  11. Be

    How adorable! Move over Rachel Ray, Alana is in town! BTW, she makes “sauce” like I make marinades and rubs: “a little bit of THAT can’t hurt”! Too cute.

    She definitely likes to experiment when she’s in the kitchen.

  12. Dave

    Thanks for the links Tom.

    Slightly off topic but I was amazed (and delighted) to watch a ‘low fat bashing’ program on TV last night It’s the first program I’ve ever seen that totally rips to shreds the “low fat is good message” and actually states that we need fat to function healthily. I’m sure the processed food industry must be enraged!

    TV presenter Zöe Salmon went ao a month long low fat “healthy diet”. She got constipation, nails started to break, became lethargic, brain fog, very emotional & over sensitive and put ON 3lb in weight. Report here

    Good article. The video wouldn’t play here. Apparently it’s region-restricted.

  13. Amy Dungan

    These were awesome! Alana is a doll. Can’t wait to see you guys in April! Her sauce didn’t sound too bad, until she brought out the chocolate. LOL Love her creativity though. Rachel does the same thing. She loves to come up with recipes. She even tried to run a restaurant for us from our kitchen. Of course she expected to be paid for the food and tips for waiting on us.
    I have a few recipes on my site, but not a lot. I mostly leave the kitchen creativity to the experts. 🙂

    The ingredients looked okay to me one by one. But somehow I couldn’t bring myself to taste chocolate, tomato sauce, lemon and ranch dressing all at the same time.

  14. Nick S

    Thanks for these… I’ve struggled to find good low-carb recipe sites. Linda’s has been a go-to for a while, though – try the jalapeno poppers… I’m making some tonight; they are so delicious.

    I wish there was a low-carb site of the quality of something like Serious Eats. I love reading about and discussing food, but it’s challenging when most of the places to do so are 90% off-limits recipes.

  15. eddie watts

    just wanted to say thanks to Dave above for the Zoe Salmon piece, have posted it on my facebook.

    also got the mrs to watch the big fat fiasco bonus tracks on the UK fathead, they are great and have now lent the film to family.
    can sense some birthday presents for most of the family this year too 😀

    I will of course be delighted to end up as a birthday present.

  16. Tracy

    One I just discovered: All paleo stuff, so not always low carb (but mostly). All recipes are submitted by people woth paleo/low carb blogs, and clicking on the recipe takes you to the actual blog. Mel from The Clothes make The Girl has a few on there that I have lined up to try.

    They also have a very cool tool (in Beta) that collects recipes for you and makes your itemized shopping list!


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