5 thoughts on “Interview on Voice of Radical Dissent

  1. Gerard


    You mentioned in this interview you don’t eat alot of fruit. I dare say there is no right or wrong amount to eat.

    I have around two serves a day. Eg today a peach & punnet of black berries. Do you think this is excessive?

    How much would you eat in a given time frame?

    That doesn’t sound excessive to me. I could easily blow past my carb tolerance with bananas and other high-sugar fruits, which is why I don’t eat them.

  2. Gerard O

    Another Gerard here. Been low carbing over 12 years. Lost 55 pounds, kept it off and dramatically improved lipid numbers. HDL was over 130 several times.
    Agree with Lori, Fruit is over rated. I have none of it or almost none.

    I eat very little fruit and don’t seem to be any worse for it.

  3. Gerard O

    Actually,to tell the truth, i don’t eat many veggies either. Canned green beans and green salads are about all I eat. All taste issues. I try to eat mostly eggs, meat, fish, and fowl. (the fatter the better)

    We eat vegetables, but the idea that we need five servings of fruits and vegetables per day is hogwash.


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