40 thoughts on “If They Do This, I’ll Never Drink Water Again

  1. js290

    Bureaucrats… finding new ways to waste the resources of the productive members of society. How about figuring out if fluoride is actually safe before putting more toxins in the water? Oh wait, that’d be a productive thing to do…

    I’d rather they just leave us alone. Scratch that … I’d rather they undo all their stupid programs, then leave us alone.

  2. Jason Sandeman

    Wow. That was some of the scariest stuff I have ever read. My grandfather used to be up in arms over fluoridation in the ’80’s, if he were alive today, he would just tell me, “I told you so”.
    What a sad state of affairs. I would probably just catch rainwater then, and use that instead.

    My wife wants us to buy a mini-farm type property. If we do, digging a well is looking smarter and smarter.

  3. Ina Gawne

    Honestly, I did not read the whole article. Why? It was too terrifying. I live in British Columbia Canada. They say we have some of the most purest water in the world. Which I do believe! Well….guess what?? I got super sick, major sick, when I once lived in a Townhouse complex. I had been warned there were drinking water issues from a previous tenant. Did I listen? I was sick for 3 months. I was in hell. Total hell. My neighbor had the exact symptoms. Only he went to the Dr. I did not dare. (highly allergic to anti-biotics) The Dr. asked, have you been traveling, or out of the country? He said no. They then said they would have to notify our local Capital Regional District, to notify them of possible toxins. Add to that, I have a nephew that works for our local Water Board. He maintains, our water is some of the purist in all the world! I believe him. However, I do recall some issues with our watershed that year..won’t go into detail, but lets just say there were some critters in that water! Ever since then, I have had a few bad experiences with tap water. (maybe this is the result of Beaver Fever?) I finally decided, no more tap water. Purified water is the only way I will go. I think what happened, is I contracted a virus, a bug, and so far as I can tell, I will no longer ever again be able to drink tap water. Too many experiences have show me otherwise. Thank you for this post, I would love to hear other peoples experiences.

    Our tap water has been fine, but if they do this, I won’t drink it anymore.

  4. Dave

    I hope this is just an ‘April fool’ type sick joke. But knowing how government and big business have behaved over the last few decades, nothing would surprise me.

    Let’s hope this isn’t a serious proposal.

  5. Jeanne

    I already have a filter on my kitchen tap, but I don’t think it would help in this case. Time to start buying bottled (in glass) water.
    I think I’d be justified in putting it under my medical writeoffs for taxes.

    I think this proposal is probably a joke, but if it did happen, buying bottled water wouldn’t necessarily help. A lot of the big-name brands of bottled water are just filtered water from municipal water systems.

  6. Olga

    I can’t believe this could be true, for the simple reason that pregnant women are told to go off their statins by their doctors as soon as they find out they’re pregnant. This would effectively put all pregnant woman on statins.

    I suspect this is an exaggerated old story, that is being recirculated. Or at least I certainly hope so!!!

    If someone did float the idea, it probably wasn’t taken seriously. But by the way, one of my Facebook friends is pregnant and her doctor wanted her to go on statins anyway.

  7. mrfreddy

    If memory serves me right, Dr. Eades mentioned this once.. some doctor with a ridiculous name (can’t remember it?) at some prestigous meeting or conference actually suggested this. Pretty sure that’s where this started, and ended.

    I’m not sure it was ever a serious proposal. Going from requiring a prescription to putting the stuff in the water is one heck of a big leap. You’d think there’d at least be the intermin step of going over-the-counter, as in Britain.

  8. Amanda

    Awful! The more I learn about biology, the more horrified I am that the ‘experts’ know so little. I have just read Zoe Harcombe’s book ‘The Obesity Epidemic’, which is a very excellent book. She actually got in touch with various UK ‘expert’ institutions, and asked what evidence they had that their advice was the correct advice. None of them could answer! (She has also written a very good article in The Daily Mail which I just had to copy onto my blog.)

    I need to order her book.

  9. Caitlin

    Just a wild guess, but it could be arising from this January 2011 editorial at MedPage: http://www.medpagetoday.com/Columns/24259

    It seems a meta-analysis has found statins useful in reducing the odds of developing venous thromboembolism, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism. If I am reading this right, the editorialist, Dr. Lundberg, feels this fuels a hands-on call for the polypill, and yes, possibly statins in the drinking water.

    I’m with you Tom, that’s just unacceptable.

  10. Debra

    Speaking as a former reporter, this looks like a totally bogus report. There is no attribution to any individual or agency and no attempt to verify the information. May I respectfully suggest that before these things are posted that they be checked out and possibly debunked? Otherwise, it just adds to the rumor mill, people are needlessly scared, and it could undermine the credibility of your Web site and message. Furthermore, who is Kathy Jones, and what is MD India? Credible media or bogus?

    I’ve never heard of them, so I’m still wondering if this is a joke.

  11. Mojo Yugen

    “…digging a well is looking smarter and smarter.”

    Check out the documentary “Gasland” before you do. If it’s a choice between some statins in the water and being able to light my tap water on freakin’ fire I’ll…well, look for option ‘C’.

  12. AP DUBYA

    The article is pretty weak, don’t you think? Citing “US Health authorities”. Who is that exactly? Sounds like a hack writer trying to drum up readership by perpetuating rumors and unsubstantiated resources.
    Furthermore, is it even physically possible to dissolve a statin in water & have it keep the same properties? This study, found in Web of Knowledge database, seems to suggest otherwise: Piecha, Sarakha, et.al. “Stability studies of cholesterol lowering statin drugs in aqueous samples using HPLC and LC-MS” ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 8 (2), pages 185-191. 2010.
    Statins seems to degrade w/ acidity in water & exposure to UV and sunlight. Honestly, I know nothing about chemistry, but being a librarian I’m able to find information quite easily. This search took 5 minutes; took me longer to write this message than to find this article.

    Shame on the writer of the article for her irresponsibility & lack of research!

    There actually was a proposal in Britain to put statins in the water, but I believe it was only half-serious.

  13. Galina L.

    Well, they have to do something. When not every adult is smoking, too many people are still alive after retirement age. Grains enriched with iron and HFCS didn’t do the job good enough.

    There you go … a plan to save social security.

  14. logar

    Don’t believe it. They don’t specify the source of their information, other than “government reports,” so I’ll believe it when I see the “reports” she’s talking about. Piss-poor journalism, in my opinion.

  15. Jo

    My neighbour filled in a well in his back yard a few years back – I might go and suggest he digs it out again! Oh dear. I suspect it is sloppy journalism (or maybe someone in the pay of bottled water manufacturers.

    Glad I’m moving to New Zealand in a couple of months where my mum has rainwater – so long as the animal life in the water tank is alive I guess it’s safe. LOL.

    I’m thinking the reporter probably took a proposal that wasn’t serious and ran with it. A few doctors have suggested putting statins in the water, but I don’t believe they serious. More along the lines of “Why, these drugs are so fabulous, maybe we should put them in the water.”

  16. Dan

    I’d just revert to what people did in the 18th century–drink beer all day.

    Shhh! They’ll start putting statins in beer!

  17. Kate

    There’s reverse osmosis filters that aren’t terribly expensive. I’ve had good luck with the ones at freedrinkingwater.com. (Two in three homes. They seem to filter better with water pressure at the higher end of the recommendations, though.)

    This statin thing seems like a joke, though. At least, I hope it is!

  18. Marilyn

    Good grief! If that actually happened, it would only be a matter of time before kindergarteners developed Alzheimer’s.

    Wouldn’t do much for our national academic ratings.

  19. Paul B.

    I too am skeptical. The article does not name an agency or official which is enough for me to dismiss it. I think this was something that some pointy headed academic speculated aloud about at a conference.

    Let’s hope.

  20. Ken

    Check out the Frontline episode Poisoned Waters (free to stream at their website).

    It goes into how endocrine disruptors have found their way into the water supply, resulting in frogs and fish with ambiguous genitals. So what does that mean for the next generation of people?

    It means dating will be even more confusing than it is now.

  21. Tracey Butler

    Yikes – it must be a joke but I can also see that it;s bizarre enough to end up a reality in a few years….

    Move to NZ Tom, specifically Christchurch – we don’t even have flouride in our tap water (and it tastes great!). Sure, we have a few earthquakes but I think it evens outs 😉

    Mother Nature can kick our butts no matter where we live. In California, we had earthquakes. In Tennessee, we get tornadoes. At least with the tornadoes, we usually get some warning.

  22. KD

    Legit or not, I don’t see how this would be feasible unless they made statins OTC medications (unless my google-fu failed and they already are). So at least there’s one more step before the possible nightmare happens?!

    Statins are OTC in Britain.

  23. Richard Tamesis, M.D.

    I guess my Lifesource water purifier system will definitely come in handy if those fools decide to put statins into our drinking water.

  24. Amber

    The major problem is that wastewater treatment systems are only designed to rid the water of certain constituents. They are not designed to remove drugs such as antibiotics or statins. Therefore, you take the drugs whatever passes through your body unaltered ends up in drinking water as well as surface waters. While it is certainly in smaller quantities than it would be if they intentionally added it to the water, you are probably consuming statins, antibiotics, and who knows what else on a daily basis. This is, also, why you are encouraged not to throw expired drugs in the trash or flush them down the toilet.

  25. Liz Downunder

    The clever legislators here in Oz recently mandated that wheat flour (read: bread) must be fortified with folic acid. Why? Because pregnant women need more of it otherwise their baby might be born with birth defects. Never mind that the chances of this are so low as to be laughable, but now the entire population (even, er, men) get extra folate. At best unneccesary, at worst linked to a host of health problems. Another win for the chemical corporations, and another reason to avoid bread…

    I guess if we give them another decade or so, they will have legislated us all into perfect health.

  26. Elenor

    Heard on TV tonight (there’s a good source, eh?), that they’re finding caffeine in fish! So many coffee bars, so many coffee drinkers/addicts — and the sewage plants aren’t able to filter (or interested in filtering) out caffeine! So we’ve got *wide-awake* happy fish!! (Wonder if they taste better?)

    Wow, that means eventually we’ll be able to drink water to get a little caffeine buzz in the morning.

  27. Dana

    Tom, they’re already selling caffeinated water. I saw some at Kroger a while back. Did a double-take.

    I would imagine caffeine in fish would make them taste bitter.

    What is the point of caffeinated water? I guess some people really don’t like the taste of coffee or tea.

  28. C

    I think all statins and formulas for creating statins should be tossed in a huge bonfire then buried under a nuclear power plant.


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